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3F Filippi S.p.A

Via del Savena, n. 28

40065 Pian di Macina - Pianoro (Bo)

Tel: +39 051/6529611

Fax: +39 051/775884

Email: 3f-filippialtalt@3f-Filippi.toaltalt




Our company

We have worked for fifty years into the light to understand, enhance and redirect it via our luminaires. We began by seeking to fulfil the demands in fluorescent lighting from our area. We are now present worldwide, working for our customers with the same enthusiasm as when we were craftsmen, willing to make customized light fittings in order to solve all their lighting problems. Our product lines have covered every lighting application for indoors and outdoors, creating luminaires which have combined the best results in illumination with energy saving. Luminaires made with high quality raw materials and assembled to a standard which meets the strictest European and international safety standards. Luminaires with a crafted design which enables lines intended for industry to be reintroduced for homes and art galleries. These fifty years in business have flashed by as if they were only one day, and now we are looking to the future with renewed energy and creativity.


A&O Lighting Technology GmbH

Arberger Hafendamm 22
28309 Bremen

Tel: +49 (0)421/5966090
Fax: +49 (0)421/59660966

Email: inaltfoalt@aoalt-technologyalt.com




Our company

A&O Technology is an internationally active full service provider engaged in the manufacture, sale and rental of high-tech products for the architectural and entertainment lighting sectors. A worldwide network of partners, international collaborations, high-quality equipment from in-house manufacturer alpha one, the FALCON range, and a team of employees with many years of experience have raised A&O Technology to the status of a global player providing lighting equipment for the widest variety of applications and individual lighting solutions of the greatest diversity for customers worldwide. With branches in Germany as well as the UAE, USA and UK and highly efficient partners all over the world, A&O Technology designs and plans individual complete solutions and delivers the necessary know-how with respect to state-of-the-art lighting equipment.

A&O Technology is increasingly transforming itself, along with the focus on entertainment, into one of the leading suppliers in the field of architectural lighting. From accentuation and emphasis to XXL lighting, LED technology is gaining ever greater acceptance and a growing share of the market with its energy-efficient solutions. In consequence, A&O Technology is a partner with the expertise and experience to deliver the right concept and professional implementation in the fields not only of entertainment but also of architectural lighting, in both of which – thanks to its assiduous and astute further development of the FALCON range – it is well positioned worldwide.

A.A.G. Stucchi S.r.l. Unico Socio

Via IV Novembre 30/32

23854 Olginate (LC)

Tel: +39 0341653111

Fax: +39 0341653250

Email: inaltfoalt@aagstucchialt.it




Our company

A.A.G. STUCCHI is an historical presence in the lighting field. It was founded in 1944 in Olginate (Lombardy) where it still has its main base and all the production department. Since form the beginning the company has been managed directly from Stucchi family members. During all these years the company has developed a very high knowhow in terms of lighting components production and sale all over the world. Nowadays A.A.G. STUCCHI operates through a worldwide sales network. Although the Company is leader in the domestic market, it exports the most part of the production. A.A.G. STUCCHI is provided with a Quality (ISO 9001 certificate) and Environmental (ISO 14001 certificate) Management Systems. The company is an active Member of Zhaga Consortium since its foundation in February 2010.

Our spectrum of services

A.A.G.STUCCHI is an Italian specialist in the production of LED Components, Lampholders, Connectors, Terminal Blocks and Accessories for lighting. All A.A.G. STUCCHI products are made in Italy.

A.L.S. GmbH & Co. KG Architektonische Lichtsysteme

Mastorterstr. 29
88069 Tettnang

Tel: +49 (0)7542/9344-0
Fax: +49 (0)7542/9344-30

Email: inaltfoalt@alsalt.de




Our company

A.L.S. is supplier and manufacturer of lighting systems as well as service provider of lighting concepts. Our strenghths are the wide product range, the ability to deliver promptly (6000 sqm warehouse), an excellent cost-performance-ratio, and a high flexibility in customized lighting systems.  We make high demands on the design of our products and concepts. At moment we are engaged with future technologies (solid state lighting, energy saving solutions) and we extend our degree of vertical integration. Since 2008 our pick-and-place machine offers opportunities in the LED-business regarding technology, flexibility and price. We invest high amounts in the capabilities of our team - we are up to date in current topics of the industry and in light planning.

A2S doo

Mariborska Cesta 140

3000 Celje

Tel: +386 (0) 34254000 

Fax: +386 (0) 35416216

Email: ALJosaaltalt@A2s.sialt






Our company

Situated somewhere between  Vienna and Venice and also called " the city of the counts ", Celje is the hometown of A2S company, where the brand C-STARS was established. This is where LED lights are made, handcrafted to perfection with attention to detail and modern design. Traditional materials (clay, crystal,...), modern LED technology and artistic touch result in eye-catching lights which trigger your emotions. We are always different, always special and always unique.

Abacus Lighting Ltd

Oddicroft Lane

NG17 5FT Sutton-In-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1623/511111 

Fax: +44 (0) 1623/552133

Email: markaltetingalt@abacuslightingalt.com






Our company

For over 50 years we have lead our industry for innovation and creativity combined with proven and reliable engineering. Our in-house design, manufacture, installation and maintenance ensures we deliver to you our promise of technically brilliant lighting solutions, on time, every time.

Our spectrum of services

Abacus Lighting provides full turnkey capabilities for the exterior lighting market from small Local Authority community schemes through to world class Stadium lighting.

We offer:

Full consultation
Bespoke lighting and structural design
In-house manufacture
Installation by our own teams of qualified and experienced engineers
Long term maintenance solutions to ensure the continued outstanding performance of your installation.

Abalight GmbH

Josef-Suwelack-Str. 3

48727 Billerbeck

Tel: +49 (0)2543/23300

Fax: +49 (0)2543/233039

Email: paulalt.bergalt@abalightalt.de




Our spectrum of services

Decorative lighting and accessories
Institutions, authorities, organisations, publishers, associations, training and further education
LED lighting
Technical lighting and accessories

Abraxus Limited

Unit 4, The Grainstore

RH13 8GR Coolham, West Sussex
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1403/741742

Fax: +44 (0)1403/741743

Email: inaltfoalt@abraxuslightingalt.coalt.uk




Our company

Abraxus produce innovative lighting solutions for the commercial display market - designs used by professionals requiring contemporary style and simple elegance, together with value for money. DMX colour change with wireless control takes centre stage on the ABRAXUS stand for 2012, alongside established and proven products such as the Antares range and pro-LED electronic candles.  The company has developed a whole variety of lighting designs that can be easily programmed to provide amazing effects and dynamic scene-setting possibilities – including synchronisation with music.  A full demo can be experienced on the stand

Our spectrum of services

Our lighting is used in towns & city centres, shopping centres, department stores, hotels & restaurants,  retail outlets, garden centres, office & business parks, theme parks, leisure centres, airport terminals, stations and Christmas markets/ice rinks and winter trails.


Junostraat 3

6468 EW Kerkrade

Tel: +31 (0)455468566

Fax: +31 (0)455468599





Our company

ACCLAIM LIGHTING was founded 2003 in Los Angeles, California and immediately made an impact on the market with an impressive portfolio of innovative and advanced lighting technology, including high performance controller units for entertainment and architectural lighting demands. ACCLAIM LIGHTING is worldwide established key supplier for prestigious architectural and urban lighting demands as well as for challenging unique appearance of cultural venues, luxury hotels, theme parks, cruise ships, TV-studio sets and clubs. The experienced and well trained ACCLAIM team covers an integral service offering extensive consulting leading to individual and distinctive lighting solutions. Profound technical knowledge combined with the ability to create reality for the customer’s vision is our expertise. ACCLAIM LIGHTING – Your project is our challenge to enlighten a dream!

Our spectrum of services

project consulting
project support
design development
technical consulting
business development



Innovation Works, Gisburn Road
BB9 8NB Barrowford, Lancashire
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)845/8626400

Fax: +44 (0)845/8626401





acdc are based in Barrowford, Lancashire, UK and the company designs and manufactures specialist long-life LED and Cold Cathode lighting solutions. Our professional team offers technical and design advice to architects, engineers and lighting designers worldwide.

ACL Lichttechnik GmbH

Hans-Böckler-Str. 38A

40764 Langenfeld (Rheinland)

Tel: +49 (0)2173/9753-12

Fax: +49 (0)2173/9753-97

Email: inaltfoalt@reflektoralt.com




Our company

ACL-Lichttechnik was founded in 1981 by Hans-Joachim Schurig on a simple concept: A comprehensive standard range of freely available reflectors and louvres offers customer solutions to meet many varied requirements, thus saving expenditure on tools. Since 1991 ACL-Lichttechnik GmbH has been located in larger business premises in Langenfeld. In order to meet with logistical requirements, production and marketing were brought together. To support continued growth and better serve customers, ACL-Lichttechnik GmbH in 1998 expanded the existing production grounds by another 2,500m² building for warehousing, tool manufacture and assembly. With a reputation for excellence, quality and outstanding lighting engineering skills, ACL-Lichttechnik GmbH is one of the largest and most diversified reflector designing and manufacturing companies worldwide. Reflectors made by ACL-Lichttechnik GmbH stand for maximum quality and technical perfection „Made in Germany“. Since 2005 ACL-Lichttechnik GmbH has been designing, manufacturing and selling products according to the quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 resp. 9001:2008. We only use high-quality aluminium which is converted into a technically perfect reflector with excellent photometric properties and high functionality using state-of-the-art manufacturing methods. When designing new products we rely on the latest developments in the fields of lamp technology and surface refinement. Our own CNC-based tool manufacture guarantees short prototyping and high precision.

Our spectrum of services

Building on its success with a wide and steadily growing range of nearly 2,000 standard reflectors for nearly all types of lamps and LEDs, ACL-Lichttechnik expanded into the field of custom-built reflectors. Nowadays, a big portion of the total sales are custom-made products. Furthermore, ACL-Lichttechnik GmbH posseses an outstanding 30 years expertise in the design of reflectors which has consequently been extended during the past years by a comprehensive knowledge about the LED technology. We design reflectors for you based on your specifications with high efficiencies, homogenous, accurate light with no color appearances and no multiple shadow effects as well as optimised glare control. Reflectors and louvres from ACL-Lichttechnik GmbH are used by many of the world’s leading luminaire manufacturers. ACL’s long-standing success is built on its innovative corporate culture and skilled employees. With its focus on innovation, ACL-Lichttechnik continues to reinvent how light can be efficiently directed.

Adolf Schuch GmbH

Mainzer Str. 172
67547 Worms

Tel: +49 (0)6241/4091-0
Fax: +49 (0)6241/4091-171

Email: inaltfoalt@schuchalt.de



Our spectrum of services 

LED lighting
Technical lighting and accessories

AEC Illuminazione s.r.l.

Via A.Righi, 4

Zona Ind.le Castelnuovo 
52010 Subbiano (AR) – C.P. 63
Tel. 39 0575 42151
Fax 39 0575 420878


Our company

AEC has been working in the public lighting sector for 60 years and now represents a significant example of the industry worldwide. Always attentive to technological innovation and to the concepts of  eco-compatibility and sustainable development, the Company invests a great deal in new planning and production technologies, in order to guarantee the best quality standards. AEC products are entirely developed within the headquarters of the Company in Arezzo and are the result of a multidisciplinary project which takes place within the modern workspaces dedicated to the productive units and in the sophisticated laboratories where security and performance are tested by qualified and constantly up-dated staff. Investment on the technological up-grade of the product coincides with the care dedicated to the research of shapes and aesthetics and the concept of quality is blended, with no exceptions, to those of functionality and exclusiveness and with the care for detail typical of products Made in Italy.

Our spectrum of services

AEC Illuminazione has always designed products for outdoor lighting. With over 50 years of experience, today AEC Illuminazione is leader in street, tunnel, urban, architectural and decorative lighting.

Agabekov S.A. Lighting Company International

Route de Compois 6
1222 Vesenaz, Geneva

Tel: +41 (0)22/7524744
Fax: +41 (0)22/7523708

Email: inaltfoalt@agabekovalt.com



Albani Electric Lamps SpA

Via Frisia, 4
20092 Cinisello Balsamo (MI)

Tel: +39 02/6184418
Fax: +39 02/66010463





Our company

Albani Spa is an Italian Lighting company present in the decorative and contract lighting market since 50 years. The company have recently focused the new technologies into a new brand WIRED LED LIGHTING whose main target is developing the led technology for the widest application for hotels, shops, offices and houses. The company is operating directly in Europe and through sole distributors outside Europe.

Albrecht Jung GmbH & Co. KG

Volmestr. 1
58579 Schalksmühle

Tel: +49 (0)2355/806-0
Fax: +49 (0)2355/806-204

Email: kundenaltcenteralt@jungalt.de



Our company

100 years of progress as a tradition

Albrecht Jung GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1912 in Schalksmühle in Sauerland. With a successful company history spanning 100 years, the company has become a specialist for switches and systems under the guiding principle “Progress as a tradition”. With its own subsidiaries and numerous representatives all over the world, JUNG is also firmly established on an international scale. JUNG relies primarily on an extensive product palette to fully meet the requirements of the market. Teamwork and innovative strength are the pillars of this success. JUNG has created many innovative products using this philosophy which have become classics nowadays. This includes the LS 990 range: with its large switch surface, there is sufficient space to implement technically sophisticated tasks. For this reason and thanks to its timeless, square design, it is equally popular today with architects, electrical installers and clients. Technical developments at JUNG are often also given additional benefits: the company was the first manufacturer for example to introduce the SCHUKO socket with an integrated LED orientation light onto the market.

Our spectrum of services

Made in Germany

Under the company’s guiding principle “Progress as a tradition”, JUNG offers a comprehensive selection of devices and systems which are persuasive due to their modern technology, sophisticated design and extraordinary functional versatility. On the one hand, the range incorporates switches, sockets, dimmers and detectors in a wide variety of models for every purpose. The portfolio also consists of innovative systems which take over management tasks in houses or apartments: the extensive range includes lighting, blind and temperature control via radio technology as well as KNX technology, door communication and multimedia control. In addition to comfort and security, the demands for economic efficiency and energy efficiency are always met. JUNG’s manufacturing is carried out in Germany. The company manufactures its products at the production plants in Schalksmühle and Lünen with a consistently high level of quality which customers all over the world can rely on. JUNG was rewarded for this in 2011: the company was the first manufacturer in North Rhine-Westphalia to be given the certificate “Made in Germany” by TÜV NORD. You can rely on German quality!

Album S.r.l.

Via Cavallotti 19
20853 Biassono (MI)

Tel: +39 039220041
Fax: +39 0392200444

Email: alaltbumaltatalbumalt.it




Our company

Album is a company born in 1987, it has its own identity and is different form other lighting companies because of its creative design which suggests emotional lighted landscapes thanks to the beauty and variety of its lighting bodies. Other than the creative side Album concentrates its philosophy on a very important concept ‘Place light exactly where it is needed’especially with the use of the two lighting systems Orbiteand Radiale, which express correctly the intentions and will of the designer Pepe Tanzi regarding energy saving. The use of lighting sources at safety extra low voltage (12 Volts)allows to design nice looking lighting bodies and to make different types of light, different from normal lighting, allowing to have a visual comfortin the environment. The opportunity to use more than 30 different lighting bodiesallows to achieve an architectural solutionfor the area to light which is unique and custom-made, always different from others. Technology and high craft are other two important points in Albums philosophy, on one side is the use of safety extra low voltage technology which is harmless and safe. At the same time lighting bodies are mainly made in handmade blown borosilicate glass, making so that each piece is different from the other. Recently, in 2009, ALBUM has wanted to strengthen its ‘energy saving’ philosophy by developing the new ‘Universo LED’ programme based on LED technology (at 24 Volts).

Alcom Elettronica s.a.s.

Piazza Crocifisso, 26
84012 Angri (SA)

Tel: +39 081/5131704
Fax: +39 081/5138084





Our spectrum of services

Electric lamps
LED lighting

Aldabra s.r.l.

Via Europa 12
20863 Concorezzo (MB)

Tel: +39 039/6908061
Fax: +39 039/6908666

Email: aldaltabraalt@aldabraalt.it




Our company

Aldabra is an innovative manufacturer of lighting fixtures with LED technology born in 2000 and based in Milan area.

All our products are 100% Made in Italy, exported worldwide and covered by international patent. Special attention is given to design and cutting edge solutions.

Our spectrum of services

Aldabra is a unique company that believes in the concept of “Made in Italy” by bringing new quality products in the rising markets. “Made in Italy” means that all the production stages have been entirely managed in Italy: prototyping, research on materials, lab tests, assembly, storage and shipping are fully supervised in Aldabra’s Italian headquarters. Moreover, after setting the products design, all the electronics are developed and produced by Alphatronik, a brand of the Aldabra group.

Alexander Weckmer Licht und Mediensysteme GmbH

Lindhbergstr. 15
86343 Königsbrunn

Tel: +49 (0)8231/957870
Fax: +49 (0)8231/9578729

Email: inaltfoalt@lichtundmediensystemealt.de



Our company

Architecture and Entertainment blend into Architainment, the staging and experiencing of the surrounding architecture in different contexts and applications. Alexander Weckmer Licht und Mediensysteme GmbH offers solutions and products for the creation of multifunctional spaces and environments. Purposefulness, reliability and sustainability stand in the focus of every new creation.

Our spectrum of services

Our emphasis lies on the distribution of LED light fixtures and media systems, as well as all-encompassing control systems.

Almeco S.p.A.

Via della Liberazione 15
20098 S. Giuliano M.se - Milan

Tel: +39 02/9889631
Fax: +39 02/98896399

Email: almaltecoaltatalmecogroupalt.com




Spectrum of services

Daylight technology
LED lighting
Technical lighting and accessories 


Via Michelucci 1
50028 Tavarnelle V. Pesa, Firenze

Tel: +39 0558059336
Fax: +39 0558059338

Email: expaltortaltataltatensioneitaliaalt.com



Our company

Altatensione proposal comes from a consolidated experience. Our work tends to prefer quality and aesthetics aspects with due consideration of the final costs of our applications. We are a well-organized and dynamic company that proposes itself to all specialists of the sector as a strategic partner for interior and exterior lighting. We aim to deal with all interlocutors, attentive to innovation, quality and environmental compliance: our services will interpret your requests at the best as we trust we can offer the most suitable and convenient solution. Technology, reliability and aesthetics are the basic concepts that define Altatensione applications for the world of high-power LEDs. The wide range available is characterised by high qualitative standards, high performance and lighting efficiency at the top of its category.

Our spectrum of services

A practical and highly versatile offering for the use of alternative, high-performance light sources; the ideal solution for environmentally-friendly energy savings. Altatensione High-Power LED is the natural result of essential lines, attention to detail and the definition of the product’s functional and construction characteristics. Altatensione technical office is the partner of reference for lighting-sector designers, technicians and professionals. Our staff will provide the necessary support for the development of internal and external lighting projects, recommend the most suitable Altatensione product and do everything necessary to satisfy your requests.

Alteme Licht AG

Gysulastrasse 21
5000 Aarau

Tel: +41 (0)62/8328000
Fax: +41 (0)62/8328001




Our company

We are a young Swiss company specialising in the development, design and manufacture of high-quality long-life lighting tools for high-spec lighting solutions. We specialise in lighting solutions for architecturally designed buildings and retail premises. Thanks to our clear focus on customer requirements, we are in a position to provide innovative luminaires and lighting systems that offer great user value. At our headquarters in Aarau, Switzerland - which are located in the former Bally shoe factory - we develop and manufacture high-quality architectural luminaires in an inspiring atmosphere. In all our activities, we are guided by the great Swiss traditions of hard work, precision, reliability, durability and safety. By applying our know-how, the use of high-quality materials and close cooperation with component manufacturers and other partners, we are able to guarantee excellent functionality and operational safety of our products. The attractive look gives our luminaires and lighting systems their unique personality. On the other hand, they can be easily and pleasingly integrated into any contemporary architectural design.

Our spectrum of services

Floor luminaire
Pendant luminaire
Wall luminaire
Surface-mounted luminaire
Recessed luminaire
Lighting system
Spot lighting
Ambient lighting
Profile luminaire system

AMB Electronic GmbH & Co. KG

Neumühlstrasse 8
85088 Vohburg / Donau

Tel: +49 (0)8457/9275-0
Fax: +49 (0)8457/9275-25

Email: konalttaktalt@ambalt-electronicalt.de




Our company

AMB Electronic GmbH & Co. KG that was founded on July 1rst, 1995, is an experienced and reliable partner in the field of PCB assembly. In the client base there are well-known companies with whom AMB Electronic has been working together successfully for many years. AMB Electronic GmbH & Co. KG is DIN EN 9001:2000 certified.

Our spectrum of services

The range of services includes development, layout, design, and assembly of PCBs and complete subassemblies. In order to meet our customer‘s quality demands, permanent electric and mechanic functional tests are run parallel to the production processes. Modern production facilities ensure flexible and environmentally friendly production of the products, while specialised staff monitors all production steps with most modern measurement equipment.

Ambiance Lumiere

65 Quai Blanqui
94146 Alfortville

Tel: +33 (0)143684522
Fax: +33 (0)143757501





Our company

Ambiance Lumière is a Paris - France based manufacturer and wholesaler of lighting products. We specialize in LED lighting and fibre optics for indoor, outdoor that can be used for marking, decoration, highlighting as well as for ambiance or architectural lighting. We manufacture a wide range of recessed or surface mounted luminaries for general or specific uses: from façade lighting to bridges, from stair or steplighting in dark public areas (cinemas, theatres) to highlighting the architectural details of a special indoor or the outer details of a building. Our lights can be discrete, spot shaped or linear depending on the project’s needs. In addition to our standard lights that are already available in custom made shapes or dimensions, we are able to design and manufacture special fixtures or lights on request. With more than 33 years in lighting business, we are proud to be one of the most experienced companies in our field. In addition to our experience, inside of the company we include both the technical and artistic know-how to understand the specific requirements of an architect or lighting designer. Among our most innovative products that have marked their time, as originators of this kind of products, we can remind the first LED fitted fixtures for indoor and outdoor in the 1990s, years before any other company. Later, special LED fixtures for safety marking in tunnels or other LED fixtures for safety marking in parking lots have made life much easier for professionals of those business sectors. More recently, our innovative and patented fountain and water jet lighting system, called SIRIUS improved considerably the efficiency of lighting in monumental fountains where no separate and visible projectors could be admitted and also opened a new era for so-called “dry” fountains where water jets comes out of ground where light fixtures must be hidden under the ground, behind metal grills. After having used “Light” for all its secondary functions like decoration, marking, ambiance or safety, Ambiance Lumiere are now also innovating in the sector of primary function of light, that means general (direct) lighting. At the opportunity of Light+Building 2012, we are launching a completely new range of cost-effective and world-record-class energy-saving LED light fixtures, EXAE, for office and building-indoor lighting for all purposes. All commercial and distributorship proposals from all parts of the world are welcome. We would be glad to consider any specific inquiries for one time projects also. For all questions, I remain at your disposal,

Bahadir SARIAN
Int’l Sales Director

Anglepoise Ltd.

A10 Railway Triangle, Walton Road
PO6 1TN Farlington
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)2392224450
Fax: +44 (0)2392385445

Email: inaltfoalt@anglepoisealt.coalt.uk




Our company

For over 75 years, Anglepoise has designed and manufactured desk, wall and floor standing lamps, many of which have become British design classics. The company has redefined the function of a desk lamp and how it should work. Whilst incorporating modern features, such as energy saving bulbs and LED modules, all our lamps remain true to George Carwardine’s original design ethos. His concept was simply that smooth movement and balance in a lamp were most important – this is why an Anglepoise has always set the standard others try to emulate.


Hazovice 2090
75661 Roznov Pod Radhostem
Czech Republic

Tel: +420 (0)571/751500
Fax: +420 (0)571/751503

Email: inaltfoalt@anolisalt.eu




Our company

Robe lighting is the fastest growing and most ambitious moving light manufacturer in the world. The company is based in the Czech Republic and produces high quality inteligent lighting projectors for the professional entertainment, architectural and themed environment markets. Embeded in the company philosophy is the practise of working as closely with our business partners and end users as possible, listening to their needs, thoughts and wishes and understanding thein markets. The Robe bran dis still expecting rekord growth in all sectors and our products can be found on stages, in concert halls and TV studios all over the world.

Ansorg GmbH

Pilgerstr. 11
45473 Mülheim

Tel: +49 (0)208/4846-0
Fax: +49 (0)208/4846-1200

Email: inaltfoalt@ansorgalt.com




Our company

Ansorg harnesses various forms of energy. For the development of innovative light systems. For the manufacture of high-quality light fittings. For the planning of cogent lighting schemes. Work with architects, designers, engineers and scientists gives rise to inimitable interpretations of light. Light that serves to dramatise displays of merchandise, bring the best out of architecture, or create a fitting ambience for workstations. Every technological advance that is made presents Ansorg with a fresh challenge. And each new product sets fresh standards. A pattern stretching back fifty years. 

Anthologie Quartett

Schloß Hünnefeld
49152 Bad Essen

Tel: +49 (0)5472/9409-0
Fax: +49 (0)5472/9409-40

Email: inaltfoalt@anthologiequartettalt.de




Our spectrum of services

Decorative lighting and accessories
LED lighting

Apleton Papagiannopoulos Bros S.A

Kapodistriou 20
14671 Nea Erithrea, Athens

Tel: +30 (0)210/8000567
Fax: +30 (0)210/6204769

Email: paaltpagalt@apletonalt.comalt.gr




Our company

apleton Papagiannopoulos Bros S.A.was established in 1991 at Nea Erithrea of Athens, Greece. This was the result of many years of exclusive study of light and its applications in various projects. From then on apleton has developed steady cooperation with renowned architects and lighting designers, leading to successful lighting projects. The high reputation gained for apleton inside the Greek market has been its greatest reward. Continuous projects and new customers has given us the opportunity to intensify our efforts, to provide construction companies with precious support and to offer quality lighting fixtures of high aesthetics to the end-user.

Using light as a powerful tool for rich highlighting of an architect’s project, has always been the significant goal for apleton. The customers’ need for innovative and easy-to-use products has led us to create a whole series of lighting systems, according to the rules of architectural design, easy installation and good price-quality value. This is how apleton can light each space in a way that the way of lighting is the dominant feature and not the lighting fixtures themselves.

Archilight s.r.o.

Prazska 636
25241 Prague
Czech Republic

Tel: +420 731172018
Fax: +420 (0)241/402783

Email: archialtlightalt@seznamalt.cz




Our company

Archilight company was founded in 2004 as producer of illuminating engineering based on years of experience. Main operation is production of energy saving fluorescent and LED luminaires with focus on high quality and modern design. Since the company was founded Archilight has had a strong position on the domestic market and exports successfully their product to customers from around the world.

Archimede Elettronica srl

Via Dolomiti 15
20027 Rescaldina (MI)

Tel: +39 0331/466695
Fax: +39 0331/468273

Email: qaltltalt@qltalt.it




Our spectrum of services

LED lighting


Via Simone Schiaffino 11/19
20158 Milan

Tel: +39 0236591961
Fax: +39 0236591979

Email: inaltfoalt@wearchigroupalt.com




Our company

Architech is a relatively new italian brand with an high level of expertise provided by years of experience of all our employees and collaborators. All our luminaires are designed by us, in compliance with the european and international standards. We use the best materials and the most advanced light sources. Lighting is our mission: research, technology, quality and service are our beliefs. 

Our spectrum of services

Led Lighting Manufacturer


Via Caberardi 3
24012 Brembilla (BG)

Tel: +39 0345/52111
Fax: +39 0345/52355

Emai: venaltdesalt@arditialt.com




Our company

Arditi is able to draw on 50 years of experience to design, produce and market worldwide a wide range of electric lighting components such as lampholders, cables, suspensions, switches, dimmers, accessories, electronic transformers and ballasts, LED modules, power supply units and advanced LED controllers. 


Via Svizzera, 12/14 
46042 Castel Goffredo 

Tel: +39 0376/782411 
Fax: +39 0376/780973

Email: comme rcialealt@arenaluci.toalt




Our company

RELIABLE solutions with low environmental impact.Arena Luci design and realize high performance solutions for indoor and outdoor lighting systems with LED technology. Innovation and style represent the philosophy of Arena Luci which has over 20 years of experience in the lighting industry.Each product combines together technology, versatility and efficiency.From the italian premises extended on an area of 8000 m2 in Castel Goffredo (MN) Arena Luci respond promptly to requests from the Italian and foreign market with professional and high quality products.

Our spectrum of services

Arena Luci activity includes production of Theatre and Architectural projectors and sales of Led products like Spot, Strip, Downlight, Floodlights, for indoor and outdoor applications with Led technology. In our factory in Castel Goffredo, Italy we have facilities also for punching, laser cutting, bending, paint shop; we can produce a vaste scale of part worked items. Arena Luci provides consulting for the selection of the items and customized solutions.

Ares s.r.l.

Viale dell´Artigianato 24
20881 Bernareggio

Tel: +39 039/6900892
Fax: +39 039/6901855

Email: waltebalt@aresillalt.it




Our company

ARES - lighting systems

ARES starts its activity in 1994 and it comes from the natural evolution of an existing manufacturing company of outdoor luminaires, present on the international market since 1980.   

Our spectrum of services

From the very beginning Ares stands out for its strong commitment and great creativity and deals with the constant innovation of the outdoor lighting market by offering quality products, manufactured with pure materials: aluminium, stainless steel and glass. High attention is given to light sources as Ares’ aim is to offer high efficient fixtures: a reduced energy consumption turns into an increased environmental protection. Each creation is a challenge: understanding, analyzing and projecting to reach harmony and fusion of structure, light, architecture and setting. A strong wish for improvement is the very reason why Ares is now one of the leading companies in the outdoor architectural lighting market, with medium/high-profile customers. This means having a consumer which is more and more aware of the many advantages of an efficient and effective lighting and has a superior feel for design. By Ares beauty and functionality are in compliance with ethic and moral, it is our honour and duty to meet, with our products, the needs and tastes of our customers in their everyday life. In 2010 the Aresled department opens with a complete assembly line for led modules. Ares now has a 12000m2 surface including a research and development office, a technical laboratory and a renewed painting facility at the forefront of technology and environmental protection. Ares Italia and the recently born Ares Iberica are our commercial partners for the Italian and Spanish/Portuguese market.

Arianna S.P.A.

Via Nona Strada 23 Q
35129 Padova

Tel: +39 049/7389920
Fax: +39 049/7389924

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Our company

Arianna spa is an Italian manufacturer of LED street lighting solutions based on our internationally patented total reflection principles.  We manage to drive light through our reflecting devices so that:  

• they eliminate glaring (TI less than 5% in street applications);

• they generate high efficiency (we are targeting 80 lm/W);

• they achieve the maximum uniformity through a perfect control of the photometry (with luminous profile ranging from 10° for very collimate products up to 140° for street products).  

Every time we install our LED lamps, we are contacted by people living in the streets enlightened by our LED lamps who express their happiness and even gratitude because they have a better light, without glaring, with a massive uniformity in the streets.  And maybe some of them don’t know that they’re saving up to 70% of the energy, that those lamps are studied to last for 25 years and that they don’t cost much more than yellowish lamps.   Arianna is light looking forward.


Calle N, P.I. El Oliveral
46394 Ribarroja del Turia (Valencia)

Tel: +34 96/1667207
Fax: +34 96/1667054

Email: luisdealtlmoralalt@arkoslightalt.com




Our company

O-ARKOSLIGHT, S.L was founded in 1984 by José Luis Latrás Laguna. At their early stages, the company produced classic lamps until 1990, when the company made a U-turn and started the manufacturing of halogen recessed spots, adding some years after a well-known range of low energy recessed appliances.

In June 1999, the company opened their new premises in El Polígono Industrial El Oliveral in Riba-Roja del Turia (Valencia). In this new location, Oscaluz occupies a 15.000 m2 surface, including the production plant, warehouse, offices and showroom, having other 16.000 m2 annexed surface for a possible future expansion.

In 2001 and under the trademark Arkoslight (Architectural Oscaluz Light), the company made its way to the manufacturing of, what is actually, a wide range of technical appliances for professional Lighting, which has allowed us to settle our company in a very good position in the local market and to have presence, nowadays, in 53 countries all over the world. From the beginning, O-ARKOSLIGHT, S.L have always known its priorities, QUALITY and SERVICE. Therefore, we work under ISO9001/2000 quality system since 2000 and under ISO 14001 environmental quality since 2008.

Regarding the Service, it is already stated with our customers the satisfaction with our delivery time, being for our standard product a maximum of 48 hours delivery for the local market and one week for the international one. 

Arnold Houben GmbH

An der Wachsfabrik 3a
50996 Köln

Tel: +49 (0)2236/966310
Fax: +49 (0)2236/966319

Email: houaltbenalt@netcolognealt.de




Our spectrum of services

Cable and leads/cable routing systems/distribution and joining material
Electrical and electronic components and accessories for lighting systems
LED lighting
Operating, storage and erection equipment

Aromas del Campo, S.L.

Ctra. Valencia-Ademuz, Km. 23
46160 Lliria (Valencia)

Tel: +34 962737953
Fax: +34 962737954

Email: aroaltmasalt@aromasdelcampoalt.com




Our company

AROMAS is a Lighting products experienced designer and manufacturer company, founded in 1986 and based in Valencia (Spain). Our proposal covers different styles: contemporary, design, modern. Quality, both on products and service is our principal objective, every detail is carefully considered to reach the excellence. Some of our collections are in line with Contract market requirements and expectations.

ARTECTA Highlite International bv

Vestastraat 2
6468 EX Kerkrade

Tel: +31 (0)45/5667701
Fax: +31 (0)45/5667709

Email: saaltlesalt@highlitealt.nl




Our company

Highlite International BV in Kerkrade is a Dutch company, that supplies professional audio- and light equipment, e.g. for concerts, festivals, TV shows, theatres, discos and other events. At the Pro Light and Sound fair, Highlite will present new products in the area of light equipment and audio-visual presentation media. More than 16 years ago the owner of a rental business in light and audio equipment , bought his first stack of show-equipment. He did not know that this would grow out to be an internationally operating firm in the future. More than 16 years later, Highlite has established itself as one of the biggest suppliers in the audio- and lighting branch. With more than 6000 products and  with a warehouse of 20.000 square meters , the company now employs ± 160 highly skilled and trained professionals, all enthusiastic in becoming one of the biggest suppliers of show and audio equipment in Europe. Highlite International BV established to build an excellent business relationship with customers worldwide. Highlite gets ready for the future! From our 18.000m² high-tech warehouse with a capacity of 37.000 pallets and 40.000 containers, we are able to quickly supply our products to dealers / distributors around the world. As manufacturer of 4 brands we can offer you a complete range of professional products.

Artemide GmbH

Hans-Böckler-Str. 2
58730 Fröndenberg

Tel: +49 (0)2373/975-0
Fax: +49 (0)2373/975-209

Email: inaltfoaltatartemidealt.de




Our spectrum of services

Decorative lighting and accessories
LED lighting
Technical lighting and accessories

ARTmos GmbH

Schwerter Str. 319
44287 Dortmund

Tel: +49 (0)231/9612926
Fax: +49 (0)231/9612927

Email: inaltfoalt@artmosalt.de




Our company

ARTmos stands for innovative branding and new ways to set the spotlight on your company‘s name, slogan or signet. Become unforgettable - at fair trades, events and presentations. Since our team combines the imagination of artists and the inventiveness and craft of engineers the development and performance of ARTmos‘ creative heads overshoot any expectations.

Our spectrum of services

Whether as LE3D-Installation or as LED-Show on stage - your brand is the center of interest. Unforgettable moments of magic and light, LED technology and innovative presentations - that‘s the mission of ARTmos.

as - Schwabe GmbH

Hummelbergstr. 6
72184 Eutingen im Gäu

Tel: +49 (0)7457/94853-13
Fax: +49 (0)7457/94853-30

Email: inaltfoalt@asalt-schwabealt.de



Our spectrum of services 

Cable and leads/cable routing systems/distribution and joining material
Decorative lighting and accessories
Electric lamps
Electrical installation equipment/systems
LED lighting
Technical lighting and accessories

Asetronics AG

Freiburgstrasse 251
3018 Bern

Tel: +41 (0)31/3293219
Fax: +41 (0)31/3293122

Emai: inaltfoalt@asetronicsalt.ch




Our company

Asetronics AG is one of Europe’s leading companies in the development, production, installation and testing of optoelectronic sub-systems andoptoelectronic products/systems. The foundations for a successful product are laid during its development. Asetronics engineers possess the necessary know-how with which to develop and produce the functionality required by the customer for the market price with the optimal technology. 

Our spectrum of services

Our own internal IMS production enables the generation of complex technologies (rigid, flexible, multilayer…) with the most appropriate heat management (material selection) in the shortest turn-around time. The component placement is carried out using state-of-the-art systems, either as encased components (access to the product ranges of the leading LED manufacturers) or bare die (access to the product ranges of the leading chip manufacturers) in COB technology.  The installation in products/systems takes place in product-specific installation cells within which the customer-specific test is integrated. With Asetronics, you get the complete service package not only from one source but rather from one production. As customer you profit from short turn-around times, market-driven prices, the latest technologies and all that with only one point of contact.

Associazione Nazionale Produttori Illuminazione

Via Monte Rosa, 96
20149 Milano

Tel: +39 02/97373352
Fax: +39 02/97373468

Email: segrealtteriaalt@assilalt.it




Our company

ASSIL, National Lighting Manufacturers Association, has about 80 member Companies manufacturing Components, Lamps and Luminaires. Objectives of the Association are the protection and representation of  member Companies’ interests. These targets are achieved by giving technical support to promote good lighting practice. The purpose is to enhance the quality and performance of lighting products placed on the market, respecting individuals’ visual comfort, energy efficiency requirements and environmental safeguard, and to create business opportunities for these products. In its Mission, ASSIL offers to member Companies high value services to ensure a constant and prompt update on major topics for the Lighting Industry. Particular attention is dedicated to standardization and legislative development that the Association, through a dedicated Technical Area, follows both at a national and international level through all steps: development, emanation, enactment and application.

Our spectrum of services

ASSIL is a qualified representative of the lighting industry on the Italian market, both at a national and at an international level. A key objective of the Association is to bring the positions of our Industry at a EU level, where all the decisions influencing industrial strategies are taken.

Astro Lighting Ltd.

G2 River Way
CM20 2DP Essex Harlow
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1279/427001
Fax: +44 (0)1279/427002

Email: saaltlesalt@astrolightingalt.coalt.uk




Our company

Founded in 1997 by John Fearon and James Bassant, Astro Lighting has quickly grown into a leading British designer and manufacturer of contemporary lighting, with a multi-million pound turnover and around half of sales exported to all corners of the globe. A large 3,200 metre premises just north of London, houses Astro’s head office and warehouse where orders are dispatched for next-day delivery. An established choice for the hotel sector, Astro has a reputation for innovative design, high quality manufacture and great customer service.  Astro offers the largest range of IP44 rated products anywhere in the world, together with a wide choice of contemporary wall lights, pendants, lamps and down lights, with an extensive use of LED designs throughout the ranges. Astro’s in-house design team is continually working on new innovations aimed at allowing interior designers to let their creative talents run free, especially when it comes to designing a scheme for the hospitality sector. One such innovation has been developed to address the trend for integrating bathrooms into the overall bedroom scheme. Astro has introduced for 2012 several ranges of light fittings which can be used in both the bedroom and the bathroom, allowing  a co-ordinated lighting scheme to run throughout both rooms, whilst still complying with bathroom safety regulations.

Our spectrum of services

Product range:
Bathroom Lighting: wall lights, ceiling lights, illuminated mirrors, magnifying mirrors, pendants, spotlights, downlights, shaverlights.
Interior Lighting: wall lights, floor lights, table lights, pendants, shades, spotlights, downlights, picture lights.
Exterior Lighting: wall lights, bollards, pendants, ground lights.

AT&S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik AG

Fabriksgasse 13
8700 Leoben

Tel: +43 (0)3842/200-0
Fax: +43 (0)3842/200-15525

Email: saaltlesalt@atsalt.net




Our company

AT&S is European market leader and one of the world’s strongest-performing printed circuit board manufacturers. AT&S is especially well positioned worldwide in the high-tech market segment for HDI microvia printed circuit boards, which are chiefly used in mobile devices. The company is also highly successful in the automotive, industrial, and medical sectors. AT&S supplies eight of the ten largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, more than 500 industrial customers and is key supplier to the automotive industry. As an international growth enterprise AT&S Group has approximately 7,500 employees and has a global presence, with production facilities in Austria, in India (Nanjangud), China (Shanghai) and Korea (Ansan).


16 Avenue Stendhal
92140 Clamart

Tel: +33 (0)141/360770
Fax: +33 (0)141/360780

Email: atalteaalt@ateaalt.fr




Our spectrum of services

LED lighting
Technical lighting and accessories

Aurora Ltd.

16, Alban Park, Hatfield Road
AL4 0JJ St. Albans
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1727/836611
Fax: +44 (0)1727/836622

Email: inaltfoalt@auroraalt.co




Our company

Aurora Lighting is a dynamic, International Manufacturing Distribution, Sales and Marketing Organisation employing over 600 people at our International Offices and Manufacturing Facilities. Since 1999 the Aurora Group has provided innovative lighting solutions under the Aurora, A2, Luna, Sola and Aura brands directly through our group companies in the UK, Scandinavia, Europe, USA, UAE, South Africa, Taiwan, China and on a worldwide basis through our expanding networks of approved distributors. The Group also continues to develop and manufacture power, control, luminaires and lamps on an OEM basis for customers in more than 35 countries.

Autarke Straßenbeleuchtung

conlux GmbH

Franz Kollmann Str. 4
3300 Amstetten

Tel: +43 (0)7472/93012-0
Fax: +43 (0)7472/93012-99

Email: offalticealt@conluxalt.at





Our spectrum of services

Technical lighting and accessories


Carl-Reichstein-Str. 8
14770 Brandenburg an der Havel

Tel: +49 03381 8043630
Fax: +49 03381 8043635

Email: inaltfoalt@autevalt.de




Our spectrum of services

  • LED lighting

Avago Technologies GmbH

Herrenberger Str. 130
71034 Böblingen

Tel: +49 (0)6441/92460
Fax: +49 (0)6441/924646

Email: inaltfoaltatptworldwidealt.de




Our spectrum of services

LED lighting
Miscellaneous electrical engineering equipment and components


Werderstr. 17
75173 Pforzheim

Tel: +49 (0)7231/650228
Fax: +49 (0)7231/650118

Email: maaltilalt@ayalalt-rosinalt.com




Our company

Ayal Rosin stands for functional yet superbly designed lightings, made of high-end materials. We believe in a continuing dialogue with architects, interior professionals, and end-users. Regardless the sizeof your project, we always offer a transparent lighting philosophy and a brilliant solution. Some encounter lighting as a problem, we only see the challenge. Are you ready to start a dialogue about the ideal lighting for your project ? We invite you to contact us at our head office or through one of our main agents in your area.


B&M Optik GmbH

Am Fleckenberg 20
65549 Limburg

Tel: +49 (0)6431/9860-0
Fax: +49 (0)6431/9860-20

Email: inaltfoalt@bmalt-optikalt.de



Our company

We, B&M Optik GmbH are a medium-sized company (founded 1991) and have established ourselves as a reliable and fair supplier of optical components. We have productions sites in Pirna and Zaczernie/Poland. At the moment we have 85 members of staff in production and administration.

We continuosly invest in our production facilities to improve our efficiency and to be able to offer an even larger selection.

Our spectrum of services

Our product range includes, amongst others, spherical and aspherical lenses, planed optics and filters of all kinds, framed and unframed. We also manufacture according to customer specificaions; flexibly, fast and cost efficiently.


Polígono Eitua 70
48240 Berriz (Vizcaya)

Tel: +34 94/6827272
Fax: +34 94/6824902

Email: inaltfoalt@grupobluxalt.com


Our company

At the B.Lux Group, we are working to ensure a more human, more ecological and more sustainable future. These values, which have been present throughout our 30-year trajectory, have enabled us to grow and consolidate our business culture. The B.Lux Group emcompasses the companies B.Lux S.A. and Vanlux S.A., organisations which are geared to meeting the designer lighting requirements of its customers, with a view to improving their quality of life. Our lamps are created by prestigious designers. Our product differentation, along with the quality of the finish, forms the foundation of our business. After 25 years dedicated to manufacturing decorative lamps for the home and certain key groups (DECO collection), in 2005 we launched 2 new collections on the market. The TECH collection encompasses technical-decorative lamps with a clear technical function, but endowed with a strong aesthetic personality. The URBAN collection features outdoor lamps and lighting solutions, both for private and public use. These products have been technically designed to survive outside, but are made to look like lamps for the home, thereby helping to humanise public spaces. For the past 30 years, we have been committed to innovating in order to meet the needs of the market. Looking to the future, our aim is to continue working to apply new forms of lighting, which combine technology and sustainability, such as the LED, without losing the essence of our project: the human experience and the environment. At the B.Lux Group, we are committed to gender equality; we recycle all the waste generated by our manufacturing activity and strive to create wealth in our immediate surrounding, since 90% of our raw materials come from Spain, mainly the Basque Country, where we are based. The timber we use to manufacture our lamps comes from controlled forests, which comply with the sustainability criteria established by PEFC. Ever since we first started trading, we have been working with various NGOs.

Our spectrum of services

Unlike design editor companies, the B.Lux Group has its own manufacturing plant, which allows us to incorporate the highest manufacturing processes into our products. This flexible production makes it possible for us to customise our lamps and our service, and offer our customers and immediate delivery schedule. Collaboration with top external designers has always been a cornerstone of our trajectory and growth. This strategy, which is widespread today, was not so common in the early 80s, when we embarked on our first collaborative experience with Guillermo Capdevilla, who designed the successful Belux System. Since then, we have focused on channelling the creative wealth of established professionals and talented up-and-coming designers with a view to offering a coherent, innovative and up-to-the product range. At the B.Lux Group, we manufacture lamps for the home, along with equipment for projects and installations. We understand that lighting is an essentical element of architecture, which is why we strive to create lighting solutions that can be integrated into all kinds of architectural projects. In many cases, these are custom-made lamps. As manufacturers of bespoke solutions, we have collaborated with leading architects from the national and international scene, such as Frank O. Gehry and Francisco Mangado, who have enriched our experiences in the worls of lighting.

BAG electronics GmbH

Kleinbahnstr. 27

59759 Arnsberg

Tel: +49 (0)2932/9000-9800
Fax: +49 (0)2932/9000-9796

Email: inaltfoalt@BAGelectronicsalt.com


Our company

Wherever high quality electronic control gear for lighting applications is required, customers worldwide place their trust in BAG. The company offers technically mature and innovative solutions for the operation of fluorescent and discharge lamps, igniters and LED applications and the intelligent control of lighting systems. BAG electronics Group is an internationally active corporate group with modern production facilities in Germany, China, India and on the Philippines, as well as development and sales locations in Europe and Asia. 

Our spectrum of services

The BAG product portfolio
A comprehensive range of control gear and igniters provide energy efficiency in today´s lighting applications. The PRIMUS range achieves the energy efficiency classification A2 BAT: best in class among switchable control gear for fluorescent lamps. The compact, standard housing measuring only 280x30x21 cm and BAG´s strict platform strategy across product families enable the luminaire manufacturer to switch easily e.g. from dim to non-dim applications.

Electronic control gear for fluorescent lamps

  • DALI, 1-10 V, non-dim
  • Multi-Lamp and Twingle Technology
  • T5, T8, compact

LED Solutions for professional applications

  • Electronic control gear
  • LED modules

Electronic control gear and Igniters for HID lamps

  • Digital igniters (TriLogic)
  • Hot restrike igniters
  • ECG for HID lamps
  • LED light engines 

Bailey Electric & Electronics bv

Everdenberg 21
4902 TT Oosterhout (NB)

Tel: +31 (0)162/522446
Fax: +31 (0)162/522501

Email: inaltfoalt@baileyalt.nl


Our company

Bailey - Specialist in light

Since 1985 Bailey is a specialist in distributing light sources throughout the world. Bailey is all about light and lighting. Our knowledge of products and applications is extensive. Bailey is the right address for all questions about lighting, lamps and special light applications. Besides expertise, Bailey carries over 25,000 different types in its program of which over 15,000 are in stock. As a Bailey customer you can count on lightning-fast delivery of the lighting you want. Our products are listed on this site. If you have any questions, please contact one of our specialists. 


No matter which lamp you are looking for, there is an extremely good chance that Bailey can supply it from stock. Bailey knows the market and maintains excellent contacts with manufacturers. We offer our customers choices - in quality, product life and atmospheric experience. The contacts we maintain with brand manufacturers serve as a guarantee that we can give our customers expert advice about products and applications.

Ready for the future

Bailey invests a lot of time and money to be prepared for the future. One of the projects is ETIM, the European product classification. This system establishes one standard for the electro technical, mechanical and sanitary industry. Suppliers and wholesalers see a strategic option to standardize the flow of data and exchange the article information between countries through centrally administrated databanks for all available products.We continuously update and ameliorate our own database to make it easier in future to find products in our ever growing database for light sources.

Bals Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Burgweg 22
57399 Kirchhundem

Tel: +49 (0)2723/7710
Fax: +49 (0)2723/771178

Email: inaltfoalt@balsalt.com



Our company

Family-owned company with more than 50 years of experience

Quality that you can count on: for more than 50 years, Bals Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG has been the partner for secure connections. Our products prove themselves tens of thousands of times over every day, around the world and in a wide variety of applications. For Bals "Made in Germany" stands for a quality standard that guarantees the user security. Since the time the company was founded in 1957 to today, we have manufactured our products exclusively in Germany. Today, the company is led by managing directors Wolfgang Bals and Dr. Gerald Sondermann. Our 175 employees, who are both dedicated and tightly connected to the company, have only one goal: to satisfy you, our customers, one hundred percent. Each of the more than 22,000 products that leave our assembly lines every day is subject to the highest quality standards.

The headquarters are located in Kirchhundem-Albaum, where product development, marketing and sales, as well as administration are located. Manufactured in the Kirchhundem-Albaum factory are primarilyplug and socket systems and special products. The Freiwalde (Brandenburg) factory, constructed in 1994, is equipped with highly modern manufacturing systems for CEE assembly, as well as with a highly modern logistics centre, which was constructed in 2007. In Germany, a comprehensive sales network of 17 commercial agencies and 8 field representatives ensures close-knit and competent customer support. Abroad, we are present in strategic countries such as France, Switzerland, England, the Netherlands, Poland, Finland and China with sales subsidiaries of our own. Furthermore, we cooperate in many countries with committed partners on an exclusive basis in a spirit of trust. In countries in which there is an extended, three- or four-level distribution channel, Bals fully supports this distribution channel. What applies for Germany likewise applies internationally. As a family-owned company, we are well aware of our special responsibility. For this reason we have, as a medium-size company, created more than 40 apprenticeships in the past years to train qualified young people for careers as industrial clerks, plastic injection moulding technicians, warehouse logistics specialists, technical draughtsmen/women and toolmakers. We support numerous local events and employ an above-average number of people with disabilities.

Our spectrum of services

As an independent, medium-sized, family-owned company, we produce standardised industrial plugs and sockets acc. to IEC 309 1-2 as well as plug and socket systems and distributors for the global market. The export rate in excess of 50 percent shows: Bals products are highly valued around the world. We are at home in more than 80 countries with our products.

Expect more from us – more performance, more quality and more service. The ISO-9001-certified production process in all factories ensures the high product quality typical for Bals. Flexibility, customer proximity and the ability to quickly respond to short-term requirements are a matter of course for us. For this reason, our integrated production - from the product idea and design to tool makingand production to the shipment of the products – is optimised for short processing paths and the fastest response times. A fact on which distribution partners and end users alike can depend. Patents, certificates from German and foreign testing institutes, as well as the specification of Bals products by highly renowned and important companies bear testimony to this.

Baltensweiler AG

Luzernerstr. 75
6030 Ebikon

Tel: +41 (0)41/4290030
Fax: +41 (0)41/4290031

Email: inaltfoalt@baltensweileralt.ch



Our company

The company Baltensweiler is located in Ebikon, on the boundary of Lucerne, Switzerland. Design, manufacture and marketing of the lamps illustrated in this catalogue all take place here under one roof. The lamps are produced in batches of  
100 - 1000 units and sold through specialist retailers in Switzerland and abroad.
Our experienced team of about 35 persons as well as the production in Switzerland allow a high product quality.

Design, materials and production methods are chosen to give a long service life. For lamps that have already been in use for a long time we offer an inexpensive repair service, even for our oldest models dating from when our studio was established in 1951.

Bankamp - Leuchten GmbH

Hüttenstr. 4
59759 Arnsberg

Tel: +49 (0)2932/9688-0
Fax: +49 (0)2932/9688-44

Email: inaltfoalt@bankampalt.de




Our spectrum of services

Decorative lighting and accessories

BÄRO GmbH & Co. KG

Wolfstall 54-56
42799 Leichlingen

Tel: +49 (0)2174/799-0
Fax: +49 (0)2174/799-799

Email: inaltfoalt@baeroalt.com


Barthelme LED Solutions

Oedenberger Str. 149
90491 Nürnberg

Tel: +49 (0)911/42476-0
Fax: +49 (0)911/42476-66

Email: inaltfoalt@barthelmealt.de



Our company

We offer you professional all-round service and consulting. Barthelme stands for customer service, quality, sustainability and innovation. We react to trends of the market and customer needs with an extension of our product range and development of new, innovative products.

Why LED lighting?

There are various possible applications of LEDs: whether as interior decoration, furniture installation, architecture, advertising technology or at the point of sale LEDs open a variety of new possibilities for design. Every day there are new buildings and constructions planned and finished, most of them already with the focus on high energy efficiency. Modern LED technology enables us to reduce energy consumption significantly. Cost savings are also very effective due to the low power consumption and considerably longer maintenance cycles of the LED. The very small and compact design of the LED makes it possible to find the perfect solutions for inaccessible areas.

Barthelme LED Solutions® offers a wide product range – from components to individual LED linear lighting. Contact us, our competent sales team and numerous national and international trade representatives are always on hand for your support to find the right illumination. Experience light – individual and perfectly fitting to your needs.

Basalte bvba

Hundelgemsesteenweg 1a
9820 Merelbeke

Tel: +32 (0)93857838
Fax: +32 (0)93296695

Email: inaltfoalt@basaltealt.be



Our company

Home automation should be simple. It should be a way to add comfort to the complexity of the modern home. Home automation systems are often still designed from a tech-nical point of view, while we believe that one should be able to switch lights on and off in an intuitive way, without thinking about which switch to press. Our light switches go beyond what light switches are today. We believe that our products can add comfort, by simpli-fying the user experience in the modern home. Because simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication. All basalte products are developed for KNX/EIB home automation systems.

Baulmann Leuchten GmbH

Selscheder Weg 24
59846 Sundern (Sauerland)

Tel: +49 (0)2933/847-0
Fax: +49 (0)2933/847-100

Email: inaltfoaltatbaulmannalt.com




Our spectrum of services 

Decorative lighting and accessories

LED lighting


Fabriekstraat 16-04

7005 AR Doetinchem

Tel: +31 (0)314/392348
Fax: +31 (0)314/392564

Email: inaltfoaltatbbalt-lightconceptsalt.nl




Our company

BB-Lightconcepts is a company which uses low-energy LED Technology and durable materials in an innovative manner. This is translated into practical products which illuminate the society. Lightpipes® are extremely suitable for shopping centres, office buildings, sports- and factoryhalls, parking garages, tunnels, etc.

Our spectrum of services

Producer of LEDlightfixtures for business to business

BEG Brück Electronic GmbH

Schlosserstr. 30
51789 Lindlar

Tel: +49 (0)2266/901210
Fax: +49 (0)2266/9012150

Email: inaltfoalt@begalt.de




Our spectrum of services 

Decorative lighting and accessories
Electrical installation equipment/systems
House and building automation
Industrial controls
LED lighting
Safety systems/devices
Technical lighting and accessories


58708 Menden

Tel: +49 (0)2373/966-0
Fax: +49 (0)2373/966-216

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Beghelli SpA

Via Mozzeghine 13/15
40050 Monteveglio (BO)

Tel: +39 051838411
Fax: +39 051838444

Email: estalteroalt@beghellialt.it




Our company

Founded in 1982 by Gian Pietro Beghelli, the Beghelli Group is an Italian and European emergency lighting leader – with a market share higher than 50% - that also operates in the fields of energy saving lighting, photovoltaic systems and electronic domestic, industrial and urban safety & security systems. A precise strategy based on development of products featuring technologically advanced functional characteristics and cutting-edge design, on a widespread distribution network and on considerable investments made in production capacity, marketing and communication. This has lead the Group in a few years of considerable grouwth to reach the current position with a consolidated turnover of 203,9 millions of Euros in 2010. The maintenance of Beghelli leadership is based on its ability to interpret the marketrequirements; over theyears investments in product quality and Beghelli brand name recognition have contributed to establishing the Group’s name in its traditional business guaranteeing the success of new product launches. Beghelli Group, quoted since 1998 on the Milan Stock Exchange, currently consists in various companies, operating in R&D, manufacturing and marketing. The Group’s international development is represented by its subsidiaries in Germany, USA, Canada, Czech Republic, Mexico, China and Hong Kong. All Beghelli acquisitions abroad, besides meaning direct access to that market, have enabled the Group to achieve its present 32,4% export share. Beghelli products are sold in 60 different countries worldwide.

Our spectrum of services

Beghelli Group operates in the field of emergency lighting, energy saving lighting, photovoltaic systems and electronic domestic, industrial and urban safety & security systems. Familiar to the Italian population for their consumer products due to the television advertisements, the Beghelli Group’s core business is in the emergency lighting sector, but the company is fast consolidating its position in the fields of energy-saving lighting and safety systems. The Beghelli with its social-driven philosophy has developed its activity on the security needs, starting from workplaces and througha costant growth expanding its activity to person and home. The same philosophy has led the Company to develop a new line of energy-saving lighting products, that is the natural extension of Beghelli core business, the emergency lighting. Beghelli is now a leading company on the market that offers energy saving and safetyproducts that are also ‘intelligent terminals’ through which assistance and services can be offered too.


Avenida de la Pista, 40
46470 Massanassa (Valencia)

Tel: +34 96/1251566
Fax: +34 96/1251803

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Our company

BEJORAMA,SL. was founden in 1964 and since that year we continue betting for the high quality and desing in our produts and we exert ourselves day by day to keep the best service for all our costumers.

Our spectrum of services

Thanks to our high quality and exclusivity of our products we have clients all over the world. Also we are employed with architects and designers at projects to the measure of the client. We work hard to serve the goods in the date for that there asks us the client in order whom esten contentments with us. 


Kluenenfeldstrasse 20
4127 Birsfelden

Tel: +41 (0)61/3167401
Fax: +41 (0)61/3167599

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Our company

BELUX develops and manufactures lights for office and home, combining state of the art lighting technology with functional design. The products are made of durable and energy-efficient components. BELUX maintains long-term relationships with designers, retailers and suppliers. 


Volmestr. 161
58566 Kierspe

Tel: +49 (0)2359/669-0
Fax: +49 (0)2359/669-186




Our spectrum of services

Electrical and electronic components and accessories for lighting systems
LED lighting

Beneito & Faure Lighting, S.L.

Pol. Ind. Can Buscarons de Baix, Nave 1
08170 Montornés del Vallès, Barcelona

Tel: +34 93/5684045
Fax: +34 93/5683345

Email: benalteitoalt@beneitoalt-faurealt.com




Our company

Beneito & Faure Lighting,S.L is an innovative company in the lighting technology; We are leaders in energy-saving lighting systems and LED. All our products are developed in Spain and in accordance with the applocable European standards. For more details about our products and to view our complete assortiment consult also our webpage please.


Via Ausetania 11
08560 Manlleu (Barcelona)

Tel: +34 93/8521000
Fax: +34 93/8521001

Email: ecaaltmpsalt@benitoalt.com




Our company

BENITO URBAN, a leading name in the global urban equipment industry, has as its principal objective to foster the well-being of the people in the urban environment by meeting the street furniture needs of every project with the best products at the best prices.

BENITO URBAN designs, manufactures and distributes site furnishing products, covers and grates, playground equipment and public lighting according to criteria of quality, safety, design, functionality and sustainability.

We at BENITO URBAN are manufacturers and therefore control the whole production process, from the product design until manufacturing and the sale. We stand out for our commitment towards innovation and introduction of new technologies in order to ensure production processes which are both more efficient and more environmentally responsible.

BENITO URBAN is globally present. Integrated logistics management and an extensive sales and support network ensure efficient service and personalised advice to customers across the five continents.

Our spectrum of services

BENITO URBAN provides a wide range of street furniture designed to fully equip the urban landscape and improve the quality of life of every citizen. All the products are manufactured according to our high quality standards and considering aesthetic and functional purposes for a fair price. Design is a key differential value for BENITO URBAN, this is the reason why our company actively collaborates with architects and prestigious Our aim is to offer high quality street furniture to meet the current market needs and the most diverse architectural requirements.BENITO URBAN is a leading company within the public lighting industry that stands out for being a pioneer in applying the LED technology to street lighting products, which allow to achieve the following advantages: energetic efficiency, durability, maximum visual comfort and environmental-friendly materials. BENITO URBAN designs and manufactures a wide range of street lighting to fulfil all the different market demands and lighting sustainability. The playground range produced by BENITO URBAN offers an enormous variety of different play equipment and modular sets easy to combine and visually attractive that favour children’s imagination of all ages. All our products are manufactured according to strict security parameters and innovative materials friendly to the environment. BENITO URBAN also supports a sporty and healthy lifestyle. To this end, we offer a wide range of sports equipment to promote the outdoor leisure activities with full security. BENITO URBAN is a leading company within the drainage industry that designs and manufactures a whole range of cast iron manhole covers and grates under strict quality and security standards in accordance with the current regulations. Moreover, we are the first European company that has a double product certification (BVQI and AENOR).  

Benwirth licht

Volkartstr. 63D
80636 München

Tel: +49 (0)89/95477633
Fax: +49 (0)89/95477632

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Our company

benwirth licht was founded in Munich in 2006, and is headed by the architect Ben Wirth. We design and produce high-quality luminaires and lighing systems (both in series and as one-offs) with a special focus on the new illuminants LED and OLED which require a new use of light. With its luminaires and lighting systems, benwirth licht takes new and exciting approaches. Come take a look at the collection and let yourself be convinced by its aesthetics, as well as by its efficiency and technical finesse – it’s worth it!

Our spectrum of services

Design and production of luminaires and lighting systems (series lights and one-offs). Project planning (illumination and interior design).

Bergquist Company GmbH

Haderslebener Strasse 19 

25421 Pinneberg 

Tel: +49 04101-803-0 
Faks: +49 04101-803-100

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Bilton International GmbH

Loferer Straße 2
5760 Saalfelden

Tel: +43 (0)6582/71164-62
Fax: +43 (0)6582/71164-10

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Our company

The world is changing - and the world of light with it. At BILTON we strongly believe in the European ideal and in the international future of lighting, i.e. LED lights and the corresponding equipment. We manufacture this cutting-edge technology in collaboration with our partner MICROSYSTEME for the fields of architecture, trade and industry. Our focus is therefor on constant research and development. This enables us to quickly satisfy special requests and develop targeted solutions that are functional as they are unique. Ever since Patrick Müller founded BILTON in 2009 an increasing number of clients has come to value the highly specialised company`s choices. BILTON now employs 30 staff and collaborates with MICROSYSTEME in 15 countries.

Our spectrum of services

BILTON aims to enthuse and inspire people - worldwide.

This, through intelligent and innovative lighting solutions that combine unique quality, technology and design. Our lofty goal: when people think of LED lighting and LED monitoring they should think of BILTON, by achieving absolute customer satisfaction and trust through high quality lighting and corresponding monitoring. This is the opposite of combining different parts from different manufactures, this is a one-stop SOLUTION. What we are selling is absolutely compatible, easy to program, install and use.

Some build LEDs, we create emotions.

It is easy nowadays to develop new LED technologies - and then have them produced somewhere else. At BILTON, we research, develop and produce everything in-house. This, and our modern SMD production, enables us to quickly and reliably respond to individual requests. Our designs are built from the ground up in Austria in accordance with quality certificate ISO 9001 - and are more than competitive on the global market. This guarantees your absolute satisfaction and enables you to create lighting sceneries which never fail to achieve emotional impact.

BJB GmbH & Co. KG

Werler Str. 1
59755 Arnsberg

Tel: +49 (0)2932/982-0
Fax: +49 (0)2932/982-8201

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Our spectrum of services

Cable and leads/cable routing systems/distribution and joining material
Electrical and electronic components and accessories for lighting systems
Electrical installation equipment/systems
LED lighting
Technical lighting and accessories


35 rue Pasteur
83211 La Farlede

Tel: +33 (0)494646384
Fax: +33 (0)494338425




Our company

OLED, a clean and energy saving technology, is used to produce screens, clever packaging, luminous displays and lighting solutions. According to market studies, by 2027, up to 11% of OLEDs will be used for lighting applications.
As a result, companies are taking interest in this technology and are investing in research, in Asia as well as in Europe and the United States. BLACKBODY provides flexibility and boldness, essential to the development of this new market and to the exploration of the OLED technology potential applied to lighting. The production site located in Toulon offers a production capacity suited to this growing market demand, making the mass production of OLED technology both possible and affordable. In 2010, 6,000 m2 of OLED panes were produced on-site thanks to an international team who pushed technology forward on a daily basis and integrated their innovations into everyday products. 

BLACKBODY applies its expertise to serve inventiveness by offering light as a material for creative uses in architecture and design. By letting imagination run free, BLACKBODY OLED participates in the exploration of endless possibilities for lighting and also encourages a new philosophy within the industry. As part of this partnership, BLACKBODY applies the potential of technology to the world of design, manufacturing the final product at the Toulon production site.

Bopp Leuchten GmbH

Tannenweg 6
74838 Limbach

Tel: +49 (0)6287/92060
Fax: +49 (0)6287/920652

Email: traltunkalt@boppalt-leuchtenalt.de


Our company

Already since the year 1912  the company BOPP Leuchten GmbH is producing indoor lighting products and is selling them at the German and international market. In the course of time the small rural commune Limbach (about 5000 inhabitants) located in Baden-Württemberg/Germany had proved to be a center of the lighting industry in Germany with meanwhile 4 lighting manufacturers. Due to a lot of different influences the company BOPP Leuchten with its subsidiary ESCALE meanwhile is the only one of the lighting manufacturers remaining in the whole commune. As mid-sized third generation family owned enterprise - with about 60 employees at present - we are producing indoor lighting and lighting objects in a manual based production.

Our spectrum of services

Against the business trend in the German lighting branch which predominantly switched production to other countries in the previous years we see our future precisely in producing our products at our ancestral seat in Germany!

The main reasons therefor  are:

- quality demand of our customers at the goods “MADE IN GERMANY”

- Quality assurance

- Short ways to our suppliers

- Fast delivery time

- Good service

To maintain the jobs in an economically underdeveloped surrounding and the therewith associated responsibility for our employees is seen as a basis of our entrepreneurial acting. We are sure to be at the right path and so to be up to the future challenges of competition!

BOVER il Luminacio, S.L.

Avda. Catalunya, 173, P.I. Sud
08440 Cardedeu-Barcelona

Tel: +34 93/8713152
Fax: +34 93/8462089

Email: inaltfoalt@boveralt.es



Our company

BOVER was created at the end of 1996 as a result of an illusion, an effort and a sensibility to the beautiful and non-temporal things that bring us comfort. Our ideology is born day-to-day, from our way of being and thinking. 

BOVER is the result of the professionalism and interest of a team that lives and feels the cultural world surrounding them.    Bover is committed to offering contemporary products of high quality and design, whilst constantly maintaining the balance between innovation, manufacturing capacity and entrepreneurial spirit. Our aim is to define and maintain a balance between quality, form and function, giving as a result, a contemporary style, which adapts without ever becoming dated.

Our spectrum of services

outdoor lighting
led lighting
contemporary lighting
lighting design
decorative lighting
contract lighting

BPM Lighting

Partida Saladar 4-461
03760 Ondara (Alicante)

Tel: +34 965781218
Fax: +34 966431266

Email: bpmlialtghtingalt@bpmlightingalt.com



Our company

BPM Lighting is a company created in 1992 which manufactures and sells recessed halogen spotlights and downlights. We are located in Ondara, Valencia, Spain. BPM product is middle-high quality and our prices are very competitive. Since 2011 we have created registered new range of products for architectural lighting with the trademark Crismosil.

Our policy focuses on the design and innovation; we are continually creating new models that are perfectly suited to the demands of the international market and the European standards.

Our spectrum of services

We are leaders in our domestic market and also have a presence in the international lighting market. At European level, we have customers in all European countries  . We also have strong presence in the lighting market in Morocco, UAE and Qatar. Recently our company supplied all the lighting for the new Sofitel Hotel in Dubai.

To provide superior service to our customers in Central and Eastern Europe, we have created a warehouse in Poland near the city of Lodz.

Our Company attends international lighting Fairs as “Light and Building” in Frankfurt and “Interlight” in Moscow.

Brandmaier Informative Leuchtanzeigen

Liststr. 1
72160 Horb am Neckar

Tel: +49 (0)7451/5569880
Fax: +49 (0)7451/55698811

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LED lighting

BRAUN Lighting Solutions e.K.

Lankwitzer Str. 45-54
12107 Berlin

Tel: +49 (0)30/7007763-123
Fax: +49 (0)30/7007763-101

Email: saaltlesalt@braunalt-lightingalt.com




Our spectrum of services 

LED lighting

Technical lighting and accessories


E. Bekaertlaan 53
8790 Waregem

Tel: +32 (0)56/604090
Fax: +32 (0)56/608726

Email: inaltfoalt@brickinthewallalt.eu




Our company

‘BRICK IN THE WALL®’ developed it’s own CALCYT® plaster with amazing characteristics. CALCYT® is a high density, heat and fire resistant, next generation plaster, with optimal hardness and light reflexion properties. Our continuous research results in the production of CALCYT® fittings without air holes, assuring no cracks after installation. Our range of light fixtures offers a truly trimless solution. The absence of a metal frame is not only aesthetically pleasing. Since CALCYT® plaster fittings share the same thermal expansion characteristics as regular plaster or plasterboard, it also ensures stable, high quality installations that remain free of plaster cracks. You should come and look at some of the installations that we did 17 years ago! Due to it’s thermal resistance, CALCYT® fittings are suitable for many different light sources. The snow white CALCYT® fittings can easily be painted in the colour of your wall or ceiling! But at the same token, you could try a finish with wall paper, gold leaf, or tadelakt. This facilitates the seamless integration of our borderless CALCYT® fittings into each and every interior. And if you decide to redecorate the place in a number of years, our light fixtures will just adapt to your new desires.

Bridgelux, Inc.

Portola Avenue 101
94551 Livermore, CA
United States

Tel: +1 925-583-8400
Fax: +1 408-990-7501

Email: ginaaltkatzalt@gmailalt.com



Our company

Bridgelux is a light-emitting diode (LED) manufacturer focused on bringing innovation to light by providing high power, energy-efficient and cost-effective LED solutions. Bridgelux actively supports its customers by delivering value-added, application-specific solutions that will open up new markets in solid-state lighting (SSL). Customers leverage Bridgelux’s technology to replace traditional lamp and luminaire technologies (such as incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lighting solutions) with solid-state products that provide high performance and energy-efficient white light for the fast growing interior and exterior application areas such as street lights, track and downlights. Bridgelux’s current and future-generation products support global clean energy initiatives by reducing energy consumption and offering environmentally friendly solutions for general lighting applications.

Brilliant AG

Brilliantstraße 1
27442 Gnarrenburg

Tel: +49 (0)4763/89-0
Fax: +49 (0)4763/89-171

Email: domesticalt_salesalt@brilliantalt-agalt.com



Our company

Light through passion

Light creates life – this has been the reason for our passion to bring light in people´s life all over the world for almost 60 years. Within our mission we emphasise international trend scouting as well as the development of market orientated, modern and innovative light designs.

As one of the leading brands for light fittings in Europe we supply our customers with a complete and unique assortment of indoor and outdoor light fittings for living areas and gardens. Together with our partners we have in total more than 8.000 light fittings.

Sustainable handling of resources of our nature is becoming more and more important - of course also for us. Since a couple of years we have established not only a wide spread assortment of energy saving lights but also a future orientated assortment of energy saving bulbs to set constantly new impulses.new impulses.

You can find Brilliant products in light sections of our trading partners such as do-it-yourself stores, specialist stores, and furniture stores.

With our new OEM and point-of-sales concepts we set together with our clients new impulses to the dynamic market in each country. For us, customer proximity and service are elementary parts of our success.


Zu den Hohlwegen 1
58513 Lüdenscheid

Tel: +49 (0)2351/672737-0
Fax: +49 (0)2351/672737-27

Email: inaltfoalt@brilumalt-lichtalt.de




Our spectrum of services 

LED lighting
Technical lighting and accessories

Brumberg Leuchten GmbH & Co.

Hellefelder Str. 63
59846 Sundern (Sauerland)

Tel: +49 (0)2934/9611-0
Fax: +49 (0)2934/9611-96

Email: inaltfoalt@brumbergalt.com




Our company

Since five generations already, BRUMBERG Leuchten deals with light at the highest stage.

Based on innovation, flexibility and service as well as a wide product range, BRUMBERG Leuchten has strengthened its market position year by year.
Latest lighting techniques in combination with premium materials provide a basis for success.

Our wide range of products leaves nothing to be desired as we offer a complete assortment.
Resulting from an average participation in more than 60 exhibitions national as well as international annually, BRUMBERG Leuchten is already well known in the position.
Due to these participations, we are able to get a very fast feedback by our customers.

However, for some years it has become more and more important to develop new innovations and designs more rapidly. To fulfil those expectations we already increased our investment and strengthened our cooperation with creative people. A world of ideas is turned upside down…


Cambridge Display Technology, Ltd.

2020 Cambourne Business Park
CB23 6DW Cambourne
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1954/713600



Our company

Cambridge Display Technology (CDT) is the leading developer of technologies based on polymer light emitting diodes (P-OLEDs). P-OLEDs are designed for use in the latest generation of electronic displays and in lighting products, offering many advantages over the liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and plasma displays now used in flat panel televisions. CDT is the originator of polymer based OLEDs and has a heritage with a direct line back to the original discovery of organic electroluminescence from polymers at Cambridge University. Today part of the Sumitomo Chemical Group, CDT has seen significant investment in developing its expertise and infrastructure. It is a globally respected organization running collaborative projects with many of the global consumer electronics companies.Today part of the Sumitomo Chemical Group, CDT has seen significant investment in developing its expertise and infrastructure. It is a globally respected organization running collaborative projects with many of the global consumer electronics companies. CDT supports its partners in their scale-up from materials know-how through to device development and manufacture, and has built an unrivalled knowledge of the practicalities associated with P-OLED technology.

Our spectrum of services

Develop and sample materials – light emitting polymers, interlayer, organic semiconductors Develop proprietary technology: Advanced OLED materials for displays and lighting Complementary device structures targeted at enhanced efficiency Manufacturing process definition and scale-up Strengthen CDT infrastructure for in-house materials and process development capability invest in displays manufacturing development line in Japan Develop corporate relationships into collaborations with established display and lighting manufacturers License P-OLED technology. Following the acquisition of CDT by Sumitomo Chemical in 2007, CDT’s business model sees value driven by:

  • Scale up of manufacturing processes
  • Licensing to leverage IP and manufacturing know-how
  • Establishing close partnerships with major display and lighting manufacturers


Düsseltalstraße 51
42781 Haan

Tel: +49 (0)2265/98108-20
Fax: +49 (0)2265/98108-30

Email: inaltfoalt@candeledalt.com




Our company

Founded in 2011, Candeled is a young German company. We are experienced in many different fields of applications, ranging from high-level systems and communication technologies with according graphical user interfaces to dedicated embedded hardware and software designs for low-level systems. Candeled provides engineering and development of systems and solutions, focusing on the lighting industry. In the near future, Candeled will also concentrate on own innovative products, offering different business models such as OEM relationships.
Our spectrum of services

CANDELED offers services in the field of software and hardware development for embedded systems. After a client’s request acceptance we supervise him from the compilation of a detailed specification to the point of the final product. Here the focal point is currently the lighting industry. Such high-quality product can be set up in medium-produce by our partners. As a ZigBee participant member CANDELED also focuses on the ZigBee technology. We offer advisory service as well as the specification and management of projects. Therefore timelessness of information as well as cooperation in divers working groups of the ZigBee organization is very significant in order to offer our clients specification fulfilling, interoperable and active devices. CANDELED also focuses on projects around DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) technology. We designed user-specific DALI controls for DALI electronic ballasts within several projects. At this stage those controls are ready for sale.

Candelux SA

Ch. des Maladieres 22 
2022 Bevaix 

Tel. +41 (0) 32/8470606 
Fax: +41 (0) 32/8470609

Email: info@candelux.chalt




Our spectrum of services

Decorative lighting and accessories
LED lighting
Technical lighting and accessories

Carclo Technical Plastics

103 Buckingham Avenue
SL1 4PF Slough, Berkshire
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1753/610825
Fax: +44 (0)1753/811359

Email: saaltlesalt@carcloalt-opticsalt.com



Our spectrum of services

LED lighting
Technical lighting and accessories


Via della Tecnica 19
23875 Osnago (LC)

Tel: +39 03995211
Fax: +39 039587812

Email: saltevalt@carillalt.com



Our company

CARIBONI group was founded in 1908, with a precise aim: energy transmission. In the early 70s, the group decided to enter the field of lighting as CARIBONI ILLUMINAZIONE (renamed CARIBONI LITE in 2003) founded following the incorporation and the transformation of F.I.R. FABBRICA ITALIANA RIFLETTORI GARIBOLDI. In 1993 Cariboni group incorporated FIVEP, founded from the amalgamation of two  eading brands: FIDENZA VETRARIA and POLLICE ILLUMINAZIONE. FIVEP’s history began in 1921, as Società Italiana Isolatori Folembray; this company represented, in Italy, the first example of the conversion of a craft activity in the glass sector to industrial manufacture. Afterwards, it became FIDENZA VETRARIA and became known for the high quality of its fixtures, produced for external lighting in both urban and extra-urban contexts.Pollice Illuminazione, founded in 1933 and particularly strong in the production of high technology fittings, joined the group with an important history in this respect. Finally, the last company to join the group was SOLDI & SCATI, a leader in the field of street lighting and tunnel lighting. In 2003, FIVEP changed its name and its go, and enriched its range with new series of roducts specifically designed for the new  ield of urban furniture and architectural lighting. In addition to this, it consolidated its presence in the fields of street lighting, area lighting and tunnel lighting. FIVEP became FIVEP LITE and its slogan became: Light, Design and Technology. CARIBONI GROUP is present all over the world, with its branches in France, Spain, Portugal and Tunisia with a series of worldwide well distributed commercial partners. This constant growing into the Italian and international market has been mostly  possible thanks to the high value collaborations on human and professional level, which our company could always count on for its activities’ development; CARIBONI GROUP looks forward, thanking for what it received, and with an entrepreneurial spirit towards next challenges.

Our spectrum of services

Cariboni Group beliefs are founded on the concept of the sustainable development of its industrial activities. A lighting fixture and hence the lighting industry, plays a leading role in modern society; that’s why it has to be the result of a responsible activity of research and development, which takes care of the needs of customers, consumers and the environment.


Over a few years there has been an incredibly rapid evolution of LED technology, which has made LED sources the new drivers of the lighting technology scene: as is well testified by the innumerable products which have been developed, the installations which have been realized and the involvement of manufacturers, designers and customers. There are many features and equally as many applications:the main aim of Cariboni Group is to identify existing and future requirements in order to plan the research and development of new products.

Carl Stahl GmbH

Tobelstraße 2
73079 Süssen

Tel: +49 (0)7162/4007-2600
Fax: +49 (0)7162/4007-8840

Email: carlaltstahlalt@carlstahlalt.com



Our company

Still a family business

Carl Stahl started out in 1880 as a small rope maker specializing in agricultural products. Today it has become a global enterprise with 1,385 employees operating from 52 subsidiaries all over the world. To this day the company has remained a family business with five General Managers: Willy and Gerda Schwenger, son Wolfgang Schwenger, son in law Andreas Urbez and Wolfgang Funk.

Our spectrum of services


This category covers product areas outside the main business lines of Carl Stahl:

  • Handling Systems
  • Retractors and Balancers 
  • Patented bowden cable system „nokon“ for racing and mountain bikes
  • TENNECT, the standardised fastening system for a point or linear fastening and tensioning of load bearing structures
  • X-LED, the combination of stainless steel mesh X-TEND with an LED light module system
  • Training

Carniaflex S.r.l.

Via Nazionale 8
33026 Paluzza (UD)

Tel: +39 0433/775164
Fax: +39 0433/775856

Email: carnialtaflexalt@carniaflexalt.com



Our company

Carniaflex started its activity in 1972 in Paluzza (UD) and with more than 35 years of work, constant commitment and attention to technological innovation, it developed a reality which is actually employing more than 30 people. 

A company able to understand the market needs in advance offering more services and assuring the best performances.

Carniaflex got good results on the national and international market thanks to: 

  • Top quality  products
  • Constant evolution and innovation  of the production technologies
  • High added value services for customers (design-prototyping, preserial production, technical support)
  • Product diversification, ranging from flexible gooseneck arms to medical devices

Quality System is TUV certified ISO 9001:2008 and  EN ISO 13483:2003/AC2009

Our spectrum of services

Carniaflex business activity is addressed to the manufacturing and product selling divided into three different sectors:

CARNIAFLEX – FLEX & STAY . Production of high quality flexible gooseneck arms from 4mm  to 21mm of external diameter for different applications :

  • for any kind of lamps (interior, technical, industrial and medical)
  • for microphones
  • for fibre optic systems (interior and courtesy lighting, museums, microscopes, instruments)
  • for automotive uses (handies, fans, lamps, microphones)
  • for medical and electromedical devices (for instruments and positioning of medical devices)
  • for multimedial aids (computers, webcams, videocams, cameras)
  • for machine tools and welding machines (magnifiers, instruments, lamps, fibre optic systems)
  • for safety devices (protective screens, sensors)
  • and many other applications …

The Carniaflex flexible gooseneck arms can be bent into the desired position, which is then maintained without yield or vibration.
They are made of a steel or stainless steel spring surrounded by an external covering in brass, aluminium or steel.

CARNIAFLEX – HI-MEC. High precision machining of stainless steel and titanium turned parts for medical devices (i.e: Dental Implantology; Orthopaedics; Fusion surgery; etc).

CARNIAMEDDesign, production, assembling and packaging of flexible accessories for digestive endoscopy.

Castaldi Lighting S.r.l.

Via Benvenuto Cellini 08
21012 Cassano Magnago (VA)

Tel: +39 0331/70691
Fax: +39 0331/706999

Email: inaltfoalt@castaldilightingalt.it



Our company

The Castaldi brand has been present in the lighting market for over 70 years. It is a point of reference for those who are not willing to compromise quality or reliability. Castaldi offers a broad product portfolio characterized by elegant design, high performance and technological innovation. These factors have established Castaldi as leader in the market thus allowing us to work in conjunction with the most important architectural firms worldwide. The drive for quality and reliability has led Castaldi to devote a large portion of its resources to understand the needs of our customer requirement.drive for quality and reliability has led Castaldi to devote a large portion of its resources to understand the needs of our customer requirement.

Catellani & Smith S.r.l.

Via A. Locatelli, 47
24020 Villa di Serio (BG)

Tel: +39 035/656088
Fax: +39 035/669063

Email: estalteroalt@catellanismithalt.com



Our spectrum of services

Decorative lighting and accessories
LED lighting

Century - Italia S.r.l.

S.S. 156 Dei Monti Lepini, Km. 50,900
04010 Borgo San Michele (LT)

Tel: +39 0773/242708
Fax: +39 0773/242709

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Our company

Historic company operating since 18 years in the field of lighting ranging from traditional energy saving lamps CFL and Halogen up to the most technologically advanced LED systems. Innovative lighting solutions made with the new "Century Technology COB" the latest generation of Led technology projected by CENTURY to assure the best performance lamps.

CeramTec GmbH

CeramTec-Weg 1
95615 Marktredwitz

Tel: +49 (0)9231/69-0
Fax: +49 (0)9231/62409

Email: electronicalt-applicationsalt@ceramtecalt.de



Our spectrum of services

Electrical and electronic components and accessories for lighting systems
LED lighting
Miscellaneous electrical engineering equipment and components
Technical lighting and accessories

Ceravision Lighting Ltd.

Sherbourne DriveDrive
MK7 8HX Tilbrook, Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1908371463
Fax: +44 (0)1908370792

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Our spectrum of services 

Electric lamps
Electrical and electronic components and accessories for lighting systems
Electrical installation equipment/systems
Technical lighting and accessories


Margarethe-Danzi-Straße 6
80639 München

Tel: +49 (0)89/17119014
Fax: +49 (0)89/17119015

Email: inaltfoalt@chameledeonalt.com




Our spectrum of services

Decorative lighting and accessories
LED lighting
Technical lighting and accessories

Champ Licht GmbH

Seiboldsdorfer Muehle 2-12
83278 Traunstein

Tel: +49 (0)861/9096760
Fax: +49 (0)861/90967676

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Our company

Champ Licht GmbH.... we focus on light.

Experience, quality and flexibilty are characteristic for Champ Licht GmbH, which look back on more than 40 years of Lighting experience. Founded in 1968 in Munich, Germany, Champ Licht GmbH operates todayin Traunstein and serves an international clientele. They are proud to be a most innovative and well-known manufacturer of decorative and achitectural lighting products. In order to respond to customers desire for flexibility and spontaneity, Champ Licht place high value on production "Made in Bavaria«. The same high quality control pertains also to components produced by third-party performance.

Christian Tuermer - minimal lighting

Lindenallee 70
50968 Köln

Tel: +49 (0)221/9854900
Fax: +49 (0)221/9854901

Email: poaltstalt@christiantuermeralt.de



Our company

Christian tuermer has been working as a lighting designer since 1993. his co-operation with internationally renowned architects has produced a number of successful and spectacular projects. At the beginning of 2004, christian tuermer started designing a collection of luminaires under his own name. the various product lines are inspired by architectural design principles. The high-quality finish and excellent construction make the luminaires a versatile collection for any design environment. It is like music. As soon as you leave a single note out, the fugue suffers discord. In this sense, light compositions are no different, they strive for harmony. These compositions become amazing, when they are performed by a well-tempered orchestra for an audience of lovers. This architectural orchestra is performing on instruments of light. We would like to present these lighting instruments to you...

Cini & Nils S.r.l.

Viale Certosa 138
20156 Milano

Tel: +39 02/3343071
Fax: +39 02/38011010

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Our company

Cini&Nils was established in 1969, when two designers began to feel the need to offer their projects directly to the market. A variety of products weere developed by the combined efforts of Mario Melocchi and Franco Bettonica, many of which have since been acquired by the New York Museum of Modern Art. Luta Bettonica and Luca Melocchi joined the company at a later stage, the former as a designer and art director, the latter as a manager and co-designer.

Our spectrum of services

In 1972, an idea by Franco Bettonica, led to the creation of the Cuboluce, a link in the chain between décor accessories and lighting, the forebear of a new generation of products that first saw the light of day in 1982 with the Aureola Collection, the first fittings to take the Cini&Nils name into the lighting market. These were soon followed by other innovations: Gradi, Tenso, TensoClic, the new connector for the Tenso system, miniTenso and Componi.

CinnoteC GmbH & Co. KG

Industriestr. 9
33184 Altenbeken

Tel: +49 (0)5255/9356890
Fax: +49 (0)5255/932743

Email: inaltfoalt@cinnotecalt.de


Our spectrum of services 

Decorative lighting and accessories
LED lighting
Technical lighting and accessories


Via Trattori, 23
31024 Roncadelle di Ormelle (Treviso)

Tel: +39 0422/205811
Fax: +39 0422/205855

Email: citydaltesignalt@citydesignalt.it




Our spectrum of services 

LED lighting
Technical lighting and accessories

CIVIC S.r.l.

Via C. Goldoni 50
20090 Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI)

Tel: +39 02/4843501
Fax: +39 02/48435051

Email: paaltolaalt@civicalt.it




Our company

CIVIC, is company located in Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI) operating on the market since many years, and specialized in the production of lighting fittings for indoor and outdoor. The product range of Civic includes a very large variety of models, such as profiles, downlights, several types of outdoor fittings (recessed floor fixtures, pillars for gardens, etc.), LED systems, spots and many other solutions for lighting. In Italy as well as abroad the offered fittings can be used in several places: offices, showrooms, big environments, exhibition areas, malls, industrial sheds, theatres, meeting areas, etc. One of Civic’s argument of strength is the high product customizing and the production of custom made fittings in order to satisfy even the requirements of the more demanding customers. The Civic productive site is based in Montagnana, close to Padova, where also the offices for the suppliers management have place, but the Civic “core business” is in the main office in Trezzano sul Naviglio, where it is possible to find the business management, the technical department and the marketing office. The main office in Trezzano sul Naviglio includes also a large warehouse which cares about logistics and distribution of the products to Italian and foreign customers. Sales Network Civic can rely abroad on a well established net of distributors and also on a strong network of agents. For what concerns the export, the company operates not only on most of the European countries but also all over the world.

Our spectrum of services

The sale of high quality products and the before-after sale service makes Civic a continuously growing reality with esteemed and selected customers. Communication Civic handles a complete internal communication network and press agency which yearly programs advertising campaigns and editing articles on some pres

tigious magazines specialized in the lighting market and design. Certification & marks All Civic lighting fittings are made in accordance with the European standards EN60598-1 and their second parts EN 61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, EN61547, EN55025 and to the community directives 2006/95/EC and 2004/108/EC, they are complete with CE mark that distinguishes the product conformity to the safety requirements that are necessary for the introduction of the product on the European market. Some products are going to receive the IMQ certification that guarantees the quality and the safety of the product. Having a feeling also for the basic theme of the environment, Civic has introduced the PurePower brand that means certified and granted energy by renewable sources, for a concrete help to the sustainable development.

Code Mercenaries Hard- und Software GmbH

Karl-Marx-Str. 147a
12529 Schönefeld

Tel: +49 (0)3379/2050920
Fax: +49 (0)3379/2050930

Email: saaltlesalt@codemercsalt.com



Our company

Code Mercenaries is a supplier for the industrial input devices and peripheral manufacturers since 1998. In 2008 Code Mercenaries started to develop and manufacture products for LED lighting applications. Our design philosophy for LED lighting drivers is to deliver maximum efficiency and maximum life cycle to enable the potential of modern LED technology. The keyboard and combined keyboard/mouse controller family KeyWarrior, and the mouse controller family MouseWarrior serve as basis for a large number of industrial input devices. A small but vital customer base are the manufacturers of products for the disability market and other speciality input devices. The joystick controller family JoyWarrior serves a broad range of customers from industrial machine/vision control, professional and semiprofessional simulator control, to hobby and model building. A good option for front panel design are the joystick/mouse hybrid controllers MW24J8 and MW24H8 which are switch selectable to work as a mouse or joystick allowing both cursor control and data input via a joystick. JoyWarrior24F8 is a low cost three axis acceleration sensor. With its small size and simple connection via a USB interface it opens a lot of new application options. The MouseWarrior24F8 variant of this sensor is a mouse replacement that needs no surface for operation. Applications for the IO-Warrior universal USB I/O controllers are very diverse. Basically only the number of pins and the data rate limits the use of IO-Warrior. It is used in laboratory setups, test equipment as well as in hobby projects or full scale device production either as the core of a device or "just" the interface to USB. IO-Warrior chips control robots and telescopes, do quality control on production lines, take measurements in labs, control switches and displays in front panels or simulator cockpits, or work as the USB interface in many kinds of products. SpinWarrior is a family of rotary encoder controllers with USB interface. Various models allow from 3 to 6 encoders to be connected to the USB and are suitable for motion control, measurement or human interfacing applications.

Coemar S.p.A.

Via Inghilterra, Zona Industriale Est 2
46042 Castel Goffredo (MN)

Tel: +39 037677521
Fax: +39 0376780657

Email: inaltfoalt@coemaralt.com




Our company

Founded in 1933, Coemar is a developer, manufacturer, and seller of lighting products and industry innovation for entertainment, architectural, and commercial applications, guaranteeing unique professional pre-sale and post-sale services.   Coemar products create and display light emotion through the development of innovative and unique fixtures, which are meant to be tools with which our customers, around the globe, can transfer their creativity and excitement to others. Coemar is recognised as one of the leading brands on the market for the production of top-range projectors in terms of performance, quality and technological innovation.   Coemar was among one of the first companies in the world to truly understand the potential of using LED lights in a fixture. A true pioneer, it has invested the economic and human resources needed to develop this state-of-the-art technology. Coemar is one of the few companies in the world today that can boast more than a decade of experience in LED lighting.   The company’s management offices are situated in Castel Goffredo (Mn, Italy), as well as the Administrative, Research & Development, Sales & Marketing, Purchasing, Logistics and Technical Assistance offices.   The sales organisation in Italy consists of the direct channel for management clients and the indirect channel through agents to cover the entire market. Internationally, the company is present in five continents by means of a network of approximately 50 distributors.   Since October 2011 Coemar has a new ownership. Salvatore Grillo, a young 37-year old, is the new Sole Administrator as well as shareholder of Coemar.today that can boast more than a decade of experience in LED lighting.   The company’s management offices are situated in Castel Goffredo (Mn, Italy), as well as the Administrative, Research & Development, Sales & Marketing, Purchasing, Logistics and Technical Assistance offices.   The sales organisation in Italy consists of the direct channel for management clients and the indirect channel through agents to cover the entire market. Internationally, the company is present in five continents by means of a network of approximately 50 distributors.   Since October 2011 Coemar has a new ownership. Salvatore Grillo, a young 37-year old, is the new Sole Administrator as well as shareholder of Coemar.

Our spectrum of services

Coemar operates internationally in the dynamic and “intelligent light” segment of the lighting industry. They are used to obtain special and stage lighting effects in the staging of performances, shows in the world of entertainment in general and architectural installations.   Given the strength of its image, the company is positioned in certain niche segments, in particular the staging of shows in television studios, concerts, exhibitions, corporate events and theatre performances.   The company boasts a long, established relationship with lighting designers in these fields. The completeness of the range, the quality of the products and the assistance offered are acknowledged as critical factors of its success.   Coemar is a leader in LED entertainment lighting and has produced ground-breaking and patented products which has set them apart in the industry.   “Made in Italy”, Coemar’s products are synonymous withinnovation, efficiency, design and quality.Always exceeding industry standards, Coemar prides itself on durability, fixture assembly and hardware design and advanced software.   Over the years, LED technology has rapidly evolved. Coemar continues to break new ground by creating diverse and more energy-efficient products that meet the demands of today’s consumers. As a result of this dedication,the award-winning and patented Reflection LED Technology has created the base for the Reflection LEDko the most versatile and innovative lighting fixture available on the market today.

Coloprint tech-films GmbH

Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 4
67227 Frankenthal

Tel: +49 (0)6233/872111
Fax: +49 (0)6233/872449

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Our company

Coloprint tech-films is a medium-sized company specialized on customer-specific and application-specific solutions. On our site in Frankenthal / Pfalz we have about 100 employees on an area of more than 8.000 sqm. We are distributing the products of several well-known film producers and will choose the right film for your application. If required, we are well experienced in offering tailor-made solutions for industrial customer, especially in the field of converting and coating.

Our spectrum of services

Our  focus is on technical films for demanding and specialized applications. We have a wide selection of films, with different surface structures, flame retardant, scratch resistant or light-diffusing. We also offer films with high temperature resistance or multi-layer films. Additionally, we can offer you die-cut parts, films with adhesive coating or laminates.

Comatec snc

Via Aldo Manna, 98/M
06132 San Andrea delle Fratte (Perugia)

Tel: +39 075/5288541
Fax: +39 075/5287946

Email: galt.lelyalt@comatecalt.it




Our company

Comatec is a leader in developing and producing class II power supplies, chargers and transformers for all applications in domotics and automation. Comatec is founded in 1988 with the intention to design and produce energy conversion systems such as power supplies and transformers for the industrial as well as the home automation. Many years of international experience of the two founders and the quality of the products allow the company to grow quickly and be immediately competitive on the national and international market. In 1996, in answer to the steadily growing request of the market, Comatec builds a new production site of approx. 1500 m². The new site is equipped with modern automated production systems and has a highly qualified research and development department. Meanwhile the first product families of transformers and power supplies for Din-rail mounting , for example the range of TBD2, are born and their international success contributes to the company’s strong growth and final breakthrough. In 2000, due to the strong growth of the French market, the new distribution company Comatec France is founded near Paris. In 2002 Comatec files the international patent for the first products, with particular emphasis on the miniature power supplies “OTTO” and “ORBIT” for mounting in trunking boxes. In 2006 Comatec presents its new product range of power supplies for DIN rail mounting with integrated battery. In 2008 Comatec presents for the first time a new range of uninterruptible DC power supplies named MODUSV at the trade fair “Light & Building” in Frankfurt.  " For us, the first 20 years of our work is a big “future behind us” which gives us the possibility to trustfully face the new challenges that technology and human mind will reserve for us."

ComParLux GmbH

Mastorter-Str. 29
88069 Tettnang

Tel: +49 (0)7542/93881-0
Fax: +49 (0)7542/93881-30

Email: inaltfoalt@comparluxalt.com




Our company

Comparlux is located in the south of Germany. Our main goal is to provide good products to reasonable prices. Our decision to start with our own production and assembling was the first step to our success. It enabled us to be more flexible and to be closer to the requirements of the lighting business market.

Conchiglia S.p.A.

Via A. Corelli, 5
42124 Reggio Emilia

Tel: +39 0522/387211
Fax: +39 0522/302803

Email: coaltncalt@concalt.com




Our company

Conchiglia has been providing components for Public Lighting systems, Low Voltage
distribution and active Road Sign systems since 1949.
Thus, a long history of entrepreneurial development directed towards improving the quality of life for by guaranteeing safety thanks to products that remain reliable over time.

This is why all the parts that make up a Conchiglia product stand out for their strict compliance with the safety standards envisaged by the Italian and European laws.
A past, a present and a future project that testify to the company’s dedication to first-class research, dialog with its partners plus the ability to pin-point, anticipate and propose solutions for both users and customers.

Our spectrum of services

• Nodal, multiple, linear connector and isolating terminal boxes.
• Junction boxes: for industrial installations, for public lighting and for powering distribution switchboards with single-multiple pole cables.

• Built-in junction boxes, wells and inspection points: for assembling
socket holders and branches; for high-power junctions installed in trunking, for telephone line and electrical branches and junctions.
• IP55 cubicles and pillars: for underground energy distribution networks and installations with single-multiple pole cables, metering, control, monitoring and signalling panels, telephone connections.
• Road cubicles in fiberglass-reinforced plastic: for installations in the electricity, gas and water sectors.
• Covers, doors and grids: for civil and industrial constructions.

• Electronic power controllers: for stabilizing and reducing the voltage in public lighting systems, tunnels, parking lots and service
areas. Allow the operating conditions and energy saving levels to be monitored by remote control.
• Post-mounted doors and terminal boxes:
Conchiglia has been proposing a vast range of top quality products as
to safety, easy installation, maintenance and long life.
• General switchboards for P.L. installations.
• Post-mounted junction boxes in fiberglass reinforced plastic and aluminium.
• Junction boxes in plastic material: for industrial installations, public lighting and for powering distribution switchboards.

with LED lamp powered by photovoltaic solar energy.

• Road markers with leds gay porn used as guiding pilot lights and for signs
in the case of fog or as warnings in areas that precede the zones
concerned; in the case of accidents or road works.
• Led road signs to indicate junctions, roundabouts, and traffic
• Additional signs for pedestrian crossings in the absence of traffic
• Safety signs in tunnels: point to escape routes in the case of fire
outbreaks or other emergencies, towards bypasses or special protected
• Guardrail signs: designed for installation on guardrails so as to
indicate curves or exceptional situations on the roads, such as road
works and accidents.

Conlux GmbH

Franz Kollmann Str. 4
3300 Amstetten

Tel: +43 (0)7472/93012-0
Fax: +43 (0)7472/93012-99

Email: offalticealt@conluxalt.at






Our spectrum of services

Technical lighting and accessories

Consorzio Elettrimpex

Via Console Flaminio 19
20134 Milano

Tel: +39 02/2101111
Fax: +39 02/210111222

Email: inaltfoalt@elettrimpexalt.it



Our company

The Elettrimpex Consortium represents the interest of small and medium companies based in Italy in the electronics and lighting field.

Its aim is to promote the interests of SMEs that export abroad and to facilitate their internationalization.

Our spectrum of services

The Elettrimpex Consortium carries out activities aimed at internationalizing member companies and their products in Europe and abroad:

• FAIRS: The Consortium’s presence in technological events and in the main exhibitions in the electronics sector in Europe and abroad. Exhibitions represent the most important meeting point for operators of a specific sector.

• MISSIONS: Market surveys on specific countries. Missions can be of two types:

- missions to evaluate new business opportunities in emerging countries;

- missions to collect information on the leader countries of electronic sector as a major point ofreferen ce for the Italian market.

• FORUMS: In-depht meetings devoted to technicians on specific subjects. Forums and technical conferences represent the inverted flow of information of missions.

• DOCUMENTATION: Guides and directories, online and paper publication and magazines, technical documentations etc.

• INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM: The international program is aimed at creating new business opportunities and partnership in Europe and abroad.


Via Schiavonesca Nuova N. 7
31040 Volpago del Montello (TV)

Tel: +39 0423/622067
Fax: +39 0423/878189

Email: expaltortalt@contemporaneaalt.eu




Our company

Contemporanea, now become one of the most important reality in the illumination trade, born from a wise tradition and from simple, but determined, goals. The pride of the Italian Company and the Italian project, always the most estimated, was developed according the logic to overcome itself, to present products that could defy time and mode, separately supported by an extraordinary businesses organization, by an estimated technological heritage and especially by the immense passion of each of us for their work.

Our spectrum of services

Contemporanea is a forefront Company in the illumination field. With innovative and actual proposals represent a point of reference for all those who are looking for quality products. Thanks to our strong and organized sales network, we can guarantee an excellent customer service.

Cree, Inc.

4600 Silicon Drive
27703 Durham, NC
United States

Tel: +1 919/4075300
Fax: +1 919/4075943

Email: LEDLamaltpsalesalt@creealt.com






Cree is a market-leading innovator of lighting-class LEDs, LED lighting, and semiconductor solutions for wireless and power applications

CROSO International GmbH

Rönkhauser Str. 9
59757 Arnsberg

Tel: +49 (0)2932/477162
Fax: +49 (0)2932/477106

Emai: inaltfoalt@crosoalt-internationalalt.de



Our spectrum of services

Decorative lighting and accessories
LED lighting

CurveLED GmbH

Ackerstr. 11
40233 Düsseldorf

Tel: +49 (0)211/8604980
Fax: +49 (0)211/86049829

Email: inaltfoalt@curveledalt.com




Our company

curveLED® - Lighting technolgoy you can experience

Based in Düsseldorf the curveLED GmbH is a young and ambitious company, that was founded in 2008 by Thomas Tennagels and Stefan Arens. Thomas Tennagels is acting in the field of event technology for 15 years and as creative head of the company placed an innovative and modular LED-curtain system on the market: curveLED®. Infinitely high and infinitely wide: the new LED curtain is the right solution for all those who need something special at big events, concerts, TV productions, trade fair exhibits, or as an architectural element. With this new technology, we became one of the few providers worldwide even able to realize LED curtains on this scale. As one can already assume from the compound of the English words "curve" and "LED" this is one of the most flexible LED-systems on the market. Many companies specialized to lighting technology did notice that and began to sign in our worldwide distribution network. We develop, produce and market the patented curveLED®-system under the hallmark of excellence "Made in Germany".

Our spectrum of services

Light compositions with LED is a young technology, which develops fast. When it started a few years ago, we already had a name as a creative niche provider. In the meantime the LED market has grown immensely. To find your way about, has become a difficult task, even for specialists. CurveLED® distinguishes itself from the mainstream by having a passion for the extraordinary. We think of ourselves as having the right ideas. We not only use our products curveLED® and curveLED® flex but also let us inspire to new inventions.


DALI - AG ZVEI Division Luminaires

Lyoner Str. 9
60528 Frankfurt am Main

Tel: +49 (0)69/6302-350
Fax: +49 (0)69/6302-400

Email: daaltlialt@zveialt.org



Danese S.r.l.

Via Canova 34
20145 Milano

Tel: +39 02/349611
Fax: +39 02/34538211

Email: inaltfoalt@danesemilanoalt.com



Our company

Danese presents an innovative Light collection, the result of a constant technological and material research, deriving from an anthropological approach. The opportunities offered by the evolving technology support this experimentation, that brings to an innovation recognized by invention patents and to the development of products, that are concentually new in the relationship that create between light, man and the environment. The experience gained in the lighting field is conveyed in products where light is central and light performances are technologically monitored and put in relation with emotions and perceptions. A good balance between energetic commitment and space performace dynamic is sought, focusing on men needs and behaviours. Danese consolidates its own design path, which for years has been focused on evironmental quality: it creates an innovation which interprets values giving voice to the “Manifesto” and expresses them by producing high quality products. Danese light is characterized by essential qualities such as a very long durability of the material and semantics, against the dictactorship of the short term. This is achieved thanks to the use of an elementary form of communication of the shapes, ample performance flexibility, versatily, choice of materials, quality productivity and easy maintanability. The whole life cycle of a Danese product is planned on the basis of a substraction principle and foresees conscious choices concerning productive and logistic processes. The simplest and the least expensive technologies in terms of energy consumption and use of renewable resources are favoured. The choice of a selective and strong collaboration with local productive factories establishes a strong bond with the territory to empowered the resources and reduce transport fluxes and emissions in general. Each product is designed while strongly considering energetic efficiency aspects, with a particular emphasis on use consumption: from low consumption and long lasting sources to the study of appliance efficiency in projecting them. Choices of shape and material are not made on the basis of purely aesthetic criteria but on efficiency to optimize emited flux and the quality of light.

Our spectrum of services

Through value sharing and cultural exchange with a team of international designers, Danese offers a new generation of products that allows a different perspective of spaces, creates open sceneries that go beyond any standardization and invites the user to consciously take part in his own environment. Danese has always adopted a basic linguistic code that is recognizable on the principle that substraction and simplicity traslate into intelligent expressionistic design and not formalism. Danese therefore unites the principles of quality design and eco-sustainability and make conscious choices concerning productive, logistical and energetic processes throughtout the whole life cycle of the product. The Light catalogue goes alongside with a Space collection that interpretes the same values. This provides a complete and trasversal offer not only of light appliances, but also of accessories and furniture that fit every environment – from homes to offices to public spaces- and that allows the user to modify and qualify his environment with a flexible and personal approach.  

Danlers Limited

Danlers Business Centre, Vincients Road
SN14 6NQ Chippenham, Wiltshire
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1249/443377
Fax: +44 (0)1249/443388

Email: saaltlesalt@danlersalt.coalt.uk



Our company

DANLERS Limited design and manufacture a range of energy saving controls, lighting controls and controls for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Energy saving, security and convenience are among the many benefits brought by DANLERS controls. The products are straightforward to install and generally use existing wiring, making them suitable for retrofitting or for new installations. All products are manufactured by DANLERS in the UK except for the radio remote controls which are manufactured in Austria and the UK.

DANLERS Limited received the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation in April 2010. The award was given in recognition of the continuing development of their range of energy saving products.April2010. The award was given in recognition of the continuing development of their range of energy saving products.


• PIR occupancy switches including NEW remote programmable version.
• PIR with daylight linked dimming
• Time lag switches
• Daylight linked dimming
• Security switches
• Photocell switches
• Dimmer switches including LED Dimming
• Manual high frequency dimming
• HVAC controls
• Radio remote controls
• OEM products

David Morgan Associates

10 Broadbent Close, 20-22 Highgate High Street
N6 5JW London
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)2083404009
Fax: +44 (0)2083486478

Email: jobraltownealt@dmadesignalt.coalt.uk



Our company

David Morgan Associates specialises in the design and development of luminaires and lighting systems and works with manufacturers, lighting specifiers and end users. With over 1,000 luminaire design programmes completed in 29 years for clients around the world, DMA has the experience and expertise required to develop commercially successful technical lighting products for a wide variety of applications and markets. DMA clients include Targetti Poulsen, Kreon, Holophane Europe, Beta Calco, Designplan, Lightolier, Cooper Lighting, Belfer, Ardee, Panasonic Nashop, Daiko, NEC and Thorn. DMA handles the complete luminaire design and development process, from consumer and technical research through optical design, thermal analysis to production.  DMA provides unique creative design solutions and offers a comprehensive engineering, testing and project management service including sourcing with suppliers. The DMA development system, which blends creativity with technical and market testing, rapidly produces profitable results for both small and large companies. The Radiant Architectural Lighting range of LED systems, designed by DMA, will be presented at Light and Building 2012.  This range is marketed directly for specification by lighting designers for use in architectural projects and includes both standard and custom designed luminaires.  

Dedo Weigert Film GmbH

Karl-Weinmair-Str. 10
80807 München

Tel: +49 (0)89/35616-01
Fax: +49 (0)89/3566086

Email: inaltfoalt@dedoweigertfilmalt.de



Our spectrum of services

  • LED lighting
  • Technical lighting and accessories

DEG Light GmbH

Lange Meile 22
61352 Bad Homburg

Tel: +49 (0)6172/9898-513
Fax: +49 (0)6172/9898-479

Email: deglaltichtalt@deglichtalt.de




Our spectrum of services

Technical lighting and accessories

Deko-Light Elektronik Vertriebs GmbH

Auf der Hub 2
76307 Karlsbad

Tel: +49 (0)7248/9271 0
Fax: +49 (0)7248/9271 10

Email: dealtkoalt@dekoalt-lightalt.com


Our spectrum of services 

  • Decorative lighting and accessories
  • LED lighting
  • Technical lighting and accessories

Derksen Lichttechnik GmbH

Sauerlandstr. 5
45889 Gelsenkirchen

Tel: +49 (0)209/980700
Fax: +49 (0)209/9807060

Email: inaltfoalt@derksenalt.de



Our spectrum of services

  • Decorative lighting and accessories
  • Institutions, authorities, organisations, publishers, associations, training and further education
  • LED lighting

Detas S.p.A. DLEDS Division

Via Treponti 29
25086 Rezzato (BS)

Tel: +39 0302594120
Fax: +39 0302792864

Email: inaltfoalt@dledsalt.com




Our company

DLEDS is the DETAS SPA division designing and producing LED lighting for indoor, outdoor and streetlights.

Detas SpA starts its activity long time ago, around 1896, in a very beautiful peninsula named Istria selling the first electrical stuff such as wires and luminaires.During the next decades, Detas SpA is active in industrial automation (DETASbrand), in traffic safety (DPOWERbrand) and finally in LED Lighting (DLEDS brand).

Detas SpA is a ISO9001 certified company.

Our spectrum of services

The DLEDS division takes advantages from the long time experience in electronic and optics of the other two divisions. In our factory in Rezzato (BS) we design and produce our LED lights.

Several instruments are used in our facility, including a goniophometer specially designed for the led lights analyse. In our 100sqm showroom it is possible to see several products for indoor and outdoor application. The led streetlights are visible all around our facility.

DLEDS design and realize solutions for streelighting with very high optical efficiency and limited led numbers. Thanks to our patents we are normally cheaper then chinese competitors. DLEDS can make freefeasibility studies, lighting analyse and custom solutions.

Detas SpA is a TREND Certified company.

DLEDS is expanding its business in Europe, Asia and America. Two years ago Detas open a commercial office in Nice, France.

DGA S.r.l.

Via Pietro Nenni 72/B
50010 Campi Bisenzio (FI)

Tel: +39 055/8986235
Fax: +39 055/8986243

Email: inaltfoalt@dgaalt.it




Our company

DGA designs and produces Led lighting fixtures in the area of Florence in Italy.

Aiming both at the reliability and the good perfomances of the product, it is considered by the market as one of the most innovative company in its field, being a reference for designers and architects, but not only.

DGA provides customers with Led lighting solutions for indoor, outdoor and underwater applications.

DGA was one of the first companies in Italy to start with Led lighting. It has now more than 10 years of experience and growing success.

Our spectrum of services

design, research and development, production, sales of led lighting solutions for indoor, outdoor, retail and underwater applications.

Die Licht Leasing GmbH

Konrad Zuse Platz 8
81829 München

Tel: +49 (0)89/74118201
Fax: +49 (0)89/74118190

Email: inaltfoalt@dielichtleasingalt.de



Our spectrum of services 

  • LED lighting
  • Technical lighting and accessories


Via delle Magnolie, 4
36050 Sovizzo (VI)

Tel: +39 0444574066
Fax: +39 0444574600

Email: digaltimaxalt@digimaxalt.it


DigitaLicht AG

Gewerbepark Birkenhain 9
63579 Freigericht

Tel: +49 (0)6051/828088
Fax: +49 (0)6051/828089

Email: LaltEDalt@DigitaLichtalt.de



Our company

DigitaLicht AG stands for over 40 years experience in the lightingmarket and for more than 12 years developer and manufacturer of LEDlighting systems.

Our specialty is the project-specific customization and development of LED lighting systems. We do not provide "off the shelf". Each project isunique.

As a partner of architects and electrical engineers and lighting designersand lighting artists, we serve the project from the idea to the first pencil stroke to the delivery and commissioning. And beyond: We are in the position to maintain and repair even our 12 year old projects.

Our spectrum of services

The developing and production of LED Light- and Controlsystems.

Own pic & place assambling roboter

Inhouse PCB design and layout

Dilitronics GmbH

Felsbachstr. 5
07745 Jena

Tel: +49 (0)3641/875757-0
Fax: +49 (0)3641/875757-9

Email: conalttactalt@dilitronicsalt.com


Our company

As a technological leader in the field of driver electronics for high-brightness LEDs, dilitronics develops control solutions for innovative LED applications. Furthermore the company acts as well since the beginning of 2012 as a supplier of complete Lighting Systems that are build on the established LED controlling solutions of dilitronics. The dilitronics products are used both outdoors for street lighting and indoors for energy-efficient lighting in e.g. hotels, offices and shopping centres.

Diodes Zetex GmbH

Balanstrasse 59
81541 München

Tel: +49 (0)89/4549490
Fax: +49 (0)89/4549490

Email: inquiriesalt-europealt@diodesalt.com



dot-spot GmbH & Co. KG Entwicklung-Produktion-Vertrieb

Industriestraße 1
90592 Schwarzenbruck

Tel: +49 (0)9128/722217-0
Fax: +49 (0)9128/722217-9

Email: seraltvicealt@dotalt-spotalt.de




Dr. Ing. Willing GmbH

Columba-Schonath-Str. 4
96110 Scheßlitz

Tel: +49 (0)9542/9225-0-24
Fax: +49 (0)9542/9225-28

Email: inaltfoalt@willingalt-onlinealt.com



Our company

Emergency lighting is not only required at night or in case of a power blackout. WILLING systems have been developed to provide security both by day and night. In particular, whenever people start to panic in brilliantly lit rooms it is essential that our systems guide the way, both brilliantly and clearly. Wherever people gather in large numbers safety is of first priority. Our entire research in new developments is focused on that vision. We are continuously developing systems which literally point the way to the future and which deserve to be classified as exemplary as far as human safety is concerned. In future, we will put particular emphasis on the fields of research relating to energy efficiency, LED and dynamic way guidance systems. Close contacts and co-operations with universities and research institutes for lighting engineering contribute to achieving our aims. WILLING was the first company to launch an emergency luminaire which allows the tool-free exchange of lamps, the WILLING CLICK. That was in 1989. In 1991 we introduced the CARAT luminaire on the market. The safety sign in the CARAT luminaire is illuminated by means of light injection into a crystal clear PMMApanel. This has marked the beginning of a new generation of luminaires. Since then the market of emergency lighting has been characterized by this new aesthetics of flat luminaires. SAFE-LED was the first standard compliant illuminated emergency sign to apply LED. When developing this product we had made it our task to break new ground also with respect to product design and the kind of material employed. This was in 2002. In 2003 SAFE-LED was awarded the if-design-award. Innovation looks back on a long tradition within the WILLING company. We have always been looking ahead in order to be able to present the best possible solutions to our customers. Nevertheless, in doing so we shall never forget to make even daily routines at work easier and more comfortable for our customers. Our planning manual for standard compliant emergency lighting systems allows the swift and easy implementation of projects.

Drees Lichttechnik GmbH

Zum Dümpel 4
59846 Sundern (Sauerland)

Tel: +49 (0)2933/97040
Fax: +49 (0)2933/970410

Email: inaltfoalt@dreesalt-lichttechnikalt.eu




Our spectrum of services 

  • Decorative lighting and accessories
  • LED lighting
  • Technical lighting and accessories

Dreipuls GmbH

Königsbrücker Straße 96 | Geb. 32
01099 Dresden

Tel: +49 (0)351/88826861
Fax: +49 (0)351/88826861

Email: inaltfoalt@dreipulsalt.com




Our spectrum of services

  • Decorative lighting and accessories
  • LED lighting


E.R.C. Highlight S.r.l.

Via dei Sassi 2
23801 Calolziocorte (LC)

Tel: +39 0341637311
Fax: +39 0341637300

Email: inaltfoalt@erchighlightalt.com



Our company

ERC HIGHLIGHT is a leading product developer and manufacturer in the lighting control gears and in the industrial transformers markets. Long known for outstanding technological innovation and the superior performance of its products, the company has been manufacturing high quality, reliable ballasts and lighting control gears for more than 50 years. The product range includes power supplies for LED systems, electronic and magnetic ballast for fluorescent lamps, emergency systems, magnetic chokes, ballasts and ignitors for HID lamps and trasformers for industrial automation. All the products are certified according to IEC and CENELEC standards and tested by the most important accredited European Asiatic and American certification laboratiories. The company  complies with UNI EN ISO 9001/2008 standard.

The products are made in house by professional technicians and bear the well known “Made in Italy” trade mark that is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship throughout the world. The headquarters are located in Calolziocorte, Italy on the shores of lake Como.

Our spectrum of services

CONTROL GEARS FOR HID LAMPS:ERC HIGHLIGHT offers a large range of eletctronic/magnetic ballasts and ignitors covering all types of HID lamps.

CONTROL GEARS FOR FLUORESCENT LAMPS: Tubular and compact fluorescent lamps solutions require electronic and magnetic ballasts. ERC Highlight manufactures magnetic ballasts, working at mains frequency, and electronic ballasts operating at high frequency (20÷40 kHz).

CONTROL GEARS FOR LED LAMPS: ERC HIGHLIGHT produces a wide range of power supplies and module control systems for LED . ERC HIGHLIGHT also develop custom products to meet customer specific requirements.

TRANSFORMERS: ERC HIGHLIGHT transformers covers various sectorsincluding industrial automation, medical applications, safety and security systems. Products are designed for high quality and great reliability.

EBV Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG

Im Technologiepark 2-8
85586 Poing

Tel: +49 (0)8121/774000
Fax: +49 (0)8121/774400




Our spectrum of services

  • Decorative lighting and accessories
  • LED lighting
  • Technical lighting and accessories

Eckerle Industrie-Elektronik GmbH

Otto-Eckerle-Str. 12a
76316 Malsch

Tel: +49 (0)7246/9204-24
Fax: +49 (0)7246/9204-43

Email: inaltfoalt@eckerlealt.com



Our company

The Philosophy of the Company...
... is inseparably connected with the entrepreneurial spirit of the founder: Otto Eckerle, holder of the Federal Cross of Merit. pioneer in oil hydraulics, he has successfully led his company, even in difficult times, by means of inventiveness, commitment and standing power, the courage to take risks, but also through hard work and modesty. He has always conceived the necessity for change and further development as a chance and used the latter in various ways. With revolutionary ideas and developments Mr Eckerle has developed new markets and customers, filling them with enthusiasm through a permanent high demand on the products’ quality. Since the company was founded, more than 200 patents have been applied for Eckerle, and this innovative power was, and still is, the decisive key to success and a good condition to survive in global competition. Today, too, the company Eckerle Industrie-Elektronik is marked by this spirit. In the meantime, the company is led by Mr Otto-Michael Eckerle, the son of the founder. He, too, put the innovation power of the company and, above all, the customer as being the most important factor in the centre of his entrepreneurial action. And he is convinced – as already Otto Eckerle was – that success can only grow through coexistence in partnership.
Our spectrum of services

Convincing standards and individual solutions
The Eckerle production program comprises a wide range of electronic ballasts for almost all fluorescent lamps from 4 to 100 W on the market. Besides standard devices, also individual designs in various types (both dimmable and not dimmable) are available for a broad spectrum of supply voltages (12 V,24 V, 42 V, 48 V, 60 V, 110 V und 230 V).
As can be seen from interesting solutions made to specifications of renowned lamp manufracturers, the Eckerle know-how provides the basis for successful implementation of innovative ideas.

LED Converter
Good Ideas for your application

Eckerle develops and manufactures electronic converters for LED. Plenty different shapes with or without casing are available, also with dimming function. Our devices are suitable for constant current or constant voltage applications. With our know-how, innovative ideas of well-known luminaire manufacturers were realized.

ECO-LIGHT Leuchten GmbH

Bücheler Weg 27
53347 Alfter

Tel: +49 (0)228/9691090
Fax: +49 (0)228/9691091

Email: saaltlesalt@ecoalt-lightalt.biz






Our company

ECO-LIGHTLeuchten GmbH is a joint venture created between one of the major manufacturers of outdoor lighting in china, Ningbo Utec Electric Co.LTD (Yaohua Holding), Yuyao City. Both partners employ about 1450 employees on their premises. The company is situated in Alfter, between Cologne and Bonn in Germany.


Unit 1 Finchley Ind. Centre
N12 8QA London
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)208/4920444
Fax: +44 (0)208/4920333

Email: sialtmonalt@cadischalt.com



Our company

ECOLED is the brand and registered trademark of Cadish GIGB Ltd who are LED lighting designers, suppliers and OEM manufacturers. Part of a company that is over 120 years old and includes Cadisch Precision Meshes and Cadisch MDA (Metal for De-sign & Architecture), a creative spirit abounds throughout and we specialise in the art and application of LED light technology for interior and exterior installations for illumination and decoration. Our modus operandi is to provide intelligent, well thought out design solutions as well as beautifully designed, innovative, high-quality LED lighting products, many of which are de-signed and assembled right here in London! Whether your project is large or small, domestic or commercial, we will enjoy helping you make the right choices and achieving the result you desire. If you are keen on saving energy, saving money and also reducing your carbon footprint then please feel free to call. You can be assured of our very best efforts at all times. For information on other energy saving alternatives, visit: The Energy Saving Centre. 


Industriestr. 154
50996 Köln

Tel: +49 (0)2236/33633-0
Fax: +49 (0)2236/33633-23

Email: inaltfoalt@econluxalt.de



Our company

ECONLUX-light up your dreams provides a huge variety of different LED sources, fixtures and T5 Retrofit solutions as well. We have our own development and manufacturing facility.

Our spectrum of services

We offer LED tubes t8 and T5 working with all kinds of ballast magnetic as well as electronic, powerful and flexible LED High Bays as well as our new LED linear light. We also manufacture LED spotlights, LED undershelf lights and T5 Retrofit adapters.

Ecotecworld Environmental Products GmbH

Kappenberghof 8
49843 Uelsen

Tel: +49 5942 9893110
Fax: +49 5942 9893125

Email: Holgeralt.Steginkalt@ecotecworldalt.de




Our company

EcotecWorld is a sustainable energy company dedicated to the development of green energy production and energy saving solutions.

Our offices in China, UK, HK and Germany are dedicated towards one single focus. To bridge the gap between green concerns and commercial interests. Modern sustainable technology can do just this. No longer does environmental responsibility have to be a ommercial burden to a company. Our technologies and solutions allow our clients to fulfill their corporate social responsibilities while at the same time lowering costs. Whether it is designing, integrating and installing a solar farm, or providing replacements for traditional energy hungry lighting systems, we have the resources and experience to lead a project from development through to installation.

EFFEKTA Regeltechnik GmbH

Rheinwaldstr. 34
78628 Rottweil

Tel: +49 (0)741/174510
Fax: +49 (0)741/1745122

Email: inaltfoalt@effektaalt.com



Our company

EFFEKTA is a German manufacturer of AC- and DC UPS with 400VA up to 650kVA power. All relevant product technologies as off-line, line-interactive, and double conversion are available as tower, rackmountable and custom cases. We produce custom solutions and DC supplies with 12, 24 and 48VDC and up to 220VDC for telecom and industry applications. Further we offer batteries of 0,8-200Ah and battery management systems with single block supervision. The newest business unit in photovoltaic sector is successful. It includes the on-grid solar inverters of ES-series and grows up while EFFEKTA develops a new range of solar chargers, island- and multigrid solutions, furthermore on-grid, 3-phase inverters up to 17kW. Besides that we offer newest LED illuminant technology.

Our spectrum of services

  • LED illuminants
  • Solar inverters
  • Line-interactive UPSs up to 3.2kVA
  • Online double-conversion UPSs up to 650kVA
  • Single- and three-phase standalone units
  • 19" versions and more special enclosures
  • Redundant systems, AC and DC up to 650kVA (KW)
  • UPS management solutions
  • Inverters / rectifiers
  • DC UPS systems
  • Power supplies
  • Batteries 2/6/12V, 0.8 ... 2000Ah
  • "BACS" battery control/-management
  • Custom solutions

EGLO Leuchten Handels-GmbH

Kleinbahnstr. 35
59759 Arnsberg

Tel: +49 (0)2932/6269-0
Fax: +49 (0)2932/6269-39

Email: infoalt-germanyalt@egloalt.com





Our company

EGLO Leuchten GmbH was founded in Pill (Austria) in the year 1969, and is now one of the leading global players in the lighting industry, operating worldwide. We design and produce most of our luminaires ourselves, relying on our experienced and innovative workforce.

Our spectrum of services

Our product ranges include indoor and outdoor lighting, solar lamps, illuminants, LED lamps, and more.

Eglosphere (member of Eglo Group)

Heiligkreuz 22
6136 Pill

Tel: +43 (0)5242/6996-0-0
Fax: +43 (0)5242/6996-938

Email: inaltfoalt@eglospherealt.com



Our company

Eglosphere is the new player on the market for technical lighting. We offer modular lighting systems with a modern look and the latest technologies at reasonable prices. Service and individuality are part of our strentghs.


Mittelwegring 20/23
76751 Jockgrim

Tel: +49 (0)7271/7607-0
Fax: +49 (0)7271/7607-29

Email: inaltfoalt@eikoalt-europealt.de



Our spectrum of services 

  • Electric lamps
  • LED lighting
  • Technical lighting and accessories

Elcom S.r.l.

Via Follo 5 d/e
25070 Caino (BS)

Tel: +39 030/6830559
Fax: +39 030/6830401

Email: francescoalt.rezzaalt@elcomsrlalt.net


ELEKTRA Gesellschaft für elektrotechnische Geräte mbH

Werkstr. 7
32130 Enger

Tel: +49 (0)5223/185-0
Fax: +49 (0)5223/185-364

Email: inaltfoalt@elektraalt.de



Our company

More light - more to see.

Light creates emotions and moods, expresses warmth and colours. We form our life and living environment with light. Light and illumination accompany us through leisure and work time, day and night. ELEKTRA’ s claim is to be part of daily life through its products thereby offering lighting solutions uniting quality, design and energy efficiency to a conclusive entity. Innovation, safety and customer proximity are in the focus totally in accordance with your requirements and lighting tasks. Our objective is the success of our customers. We assist you with ELEKTRA’ s lighting and operating systems in implementing your lighting designs and energy targets. Our lighting systems incl. accessories are convincing in terms of ecologically compatible energy consumption and material input as well as durability and reliability. Welcome at ELEKTRA - Competence in light and function. As a German manufacturer with a worldwide presence we operate on a global scale and define at regular intervals new standards for the market such as, for instance, the mini-plug system or the light shelf. The result is a growing range of products with an unchanging high product quality and safety. On the basis of these efficient and substantial organizational structures ELEKTRA realizes the design, manufacture and distribution of high-quality lighting fixtures and lighting systems for furniture and shopfitting as well as industrial components. Various awards and customer relations of many years’ standing with renowned enterprises of both the German and international furniture industry as well as industrial customers operating on a global scale confirm the high design, construction and manufacturing competence of our company.

Management: Matthias Delius

Location: Enger in Eastern Westphalia

Founding year: 1979

Export rate: 40%

Exporting to: 55 countries

Staff: approx. 100

Sister companies: Germany, Slovakia, China

An EHLEBRACHT AG enterprise

Our spectrum of services

Designing, illuminating and selling – with the innovative lighting systems from ELEKTRA completely new creative possibilities for your point of sale open up. But also for commercial projects we offer you appealingly designed, reliable and flexible solutions which can ideally be used in interior lighting environments for ceiling, wall & floor, for accent lighting as well as for merchandise and luminous displays.


Particularly in the shopfitting sector high energy saving potentials can be achieved by the use of LED lamps. Small and shallow designs, shock and vibration-proof as well as low heat development in the direction of light open up totally new lighting options. The reduced maintenance intensity of LED products due to their increased lifetime is a further advantage covering additional fields of application. Whether radial, SMD or COB LEDs ELEKTRA offers a wide spectrum of LED technologies as well as customized lengths, colour temperatures and designs helping to accomplish the most diverse lighting designs. ELEKTRA is your competent partner for developing customized lighting solutions!


Fits perfectly - right accessories: Electrical tracks, energy boxes, switch and connector systems or replacement lamps – only an extensive range of accessories complement the lighting system and add true value for you. The ELEKTRA accessories are flexible, easy to handle and safe covering all application options. Just in the accessories sector ELEKTRA sends out a clear message in so far as simple handling is concerned – all ELEKTRA products can be connected via the original min-plug system (merely 8 mm bore diameter) fast, simply and in next to no time.

Always the correct voltage – fast and safe: ELEKTRA’s electronic safety transformers provide the correct voltage for installation of low-voltage halogen lighting. Our product range also comprises LED drivers with high safety and quality standards for our constantcurrent and constant-voltage controlled LED lights. The advantages of LED can be fully exploited and guaranteed by using ELEKTRA drivers only under their proper operating conditions.


Via Mario Tognato
35042 Este Padova

Tel: +39 0429/603165
Fax: +39 0429/652796

Email: inaltfoalt@eletalt-plastalt.com



Our company

ELET PLAST  is  an Italian Manufacture Company located in ESTE Padova in the north east of Italy , in Veneto Region .

Our spectrum of services

The Major Business is the manufacture of Plug and socket polarized  connectors for Heating, lighting , industrial Market.

Company can make  tooling and new conectors following customers requirement and order as OEM.

ELGO Lighting Industries S.A.

Zu den Hohlwegen 1
58513 Lüdenscheid

Tel: +49 (0)2351/672737-0
Fax: +49 (0)2351/672737-27

Email: inaltfoalt@brilumalt-lichtalt.de






Our spectrum of services 

  • LED lighting
  • Technical lighting and accessories

ELKOVO - Bohuslav Cepelík

Chutnovka 50
51101 Turnov
Czech Republic

Tel: +420 (0)481/313671
Fax: +420 (0)481/313673

Email: elkaltovoalt@elkovoalt-cepelikalt.cz



Our company

Elkovo Cepelík is a family company founded in 1990. It is situated in a beautiful area called the Bohemian Paradise. Shorthly after its foundation did the firm specialize in manufacturing recessed and surface mounted light fittings equipped with special louvres to regulate the light and remove the dazzling effect. Among other types, the production has also included light fittings with IP54 protection optical covers since the year 2000. Nowadays the company employs approximately seventy people. It uses its own enameling room and a wide range of machinery. Since all the technical operations are carried out by the company itself, the production is very flexible.

A modern laboratory as well as experience gained in production and on exhibitions are a big help in the development of new light fittings. 

Elmark Industries SC

Dobrudja Blvd. 2
9300 Dobrich

Tel: +359 (0)52/575500
Fax: +359 (0)52/575501

Email: offalticealt@elmarkholdingalt.eu





Our company

Elmark Industries SCpart of ELMARK HOLDING SC 

  • A leading Bulgarian producer and supplier of professional low-voltage electrical equipment under the trademark ELMARK in compliance with the applicable European standards, incl. the Directive 2006/95/EC(ex.73/23/EEC) Low Voltage Directives(LVD) and RoHS, ISO 9001:2008 and in reference with the requirements for CE marking. 

  • Reliable supplier of various indoor and outdoor lighting solutions under the trademark STELLAR for home, garden, office, business, industrial premises. We offer our most competitive range of automation and lighting products and accessories for electrical installation systems under the trademark ELECTRIX.

About us:

  • ELMARK HOLDING SC consists of 7 branch companies, covering the territories of Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary and Greece.

  • With own factory in EU, situated on 10 000 sq.m and sufficient warehouse of 5 000 sq.m, we export worldwide by road and sea.

  • We cooperate with Exclusive distributors for the territories of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Poland, Portugal, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, The Netherlands, Jordan, Syria and we are seeking new distributors worldwide.

  • All our products are covered by full warranty and additionally by a special international insurance policy by ALLIANZ against damages due to product function or malfunction of 1 000 000 EUR.

We are a reliable business partner, offering wide range of good quality electrical and lighting products, complying with the European standards, at competitive prices.

Our spectrum of services

Producer and supplier of professional low voltage equipment under the following trademarks:

ELMARK-Miniature Circuit breakers, Switch disconnectors, Isolating switches, Moulded Case Circuit Breakers, Indirect protection devices – residual current devices, surge arresters; low-voltage contactors, reverse contactors, module contactors, auxiliary contact blocks, Complex compensating devices, capacitor batteries, controller for automatic regulation of the capacity factor,Devices for control and protection of electrical motors – thermal relays, thermomagnetic automatic breakers, starters for direct start, star/delta starters, reverse starters, frequency inverters, Soft starters.Elements for automation, monitoring and control – limit switches, proximity sensors, capacitive sensors, photoelectrical sensors, float switches, power supplies, rotary switches, buttons and LED indicators, devices for telpher control, warning lights and towers, security sensors,High power safety devices and isolating switches – bases and fuse links for high power safety devices, isolating switches, switch disconnector, accessories.lectrical switches and sockets, waterproof switches and sockets, waterproof junction boxes,Industrial plugs and sockets for surface and flush mounting Distribution boxes with industrial sockets, plastic distrubution boxes, metal distribution boxes, plastic distribution board Cable connection tubes, insulated and non-insulated cable terminals Voltage transformers, auxiliary devices, consumatives, heat shrinking tubes, terminal blocks, cable ties, Tools - Manual meters, crimping tools, mechanical cutting tools, pliers, screwdrivers, ratchets, wrenches, spanners, saws, hammers, measuring tools etc.

STELLAR-Various lighting solutions

ELECTRIX-Our most competitive series

ELPRO Lichttechnik GmbH

Dieselstr. 15
59823 Arnsberg

Tel: +49 (0)2931/96230-0
Fax: +49 (0)2931/962379-79

Email: inaltfoalt@elproalt-leuchtenalt.com



Our spectrum of services

  • LED lighting
  • Technical lighting and accessories

Elstead Lighting Ltd.

Elstead House, Mill Lane
GU34 2QJ Alton, Hampshire
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1420/82377
Fax: +44 (0)1420/89261

Email: enqualtiriesalt@elsteadalt-lightingalt.coalt.uk


Embedded Systems Ltd.

47 Katolu Str.
1003 Riga

Tel: +371 (0)67648888
Fax: +371 (0)67205036

Email: inaltfoalt@openrbalt.com



Our company

Embedded Systems is a team of dedicated professionals with extensive experience in wireless and embedded systems. We develop and produce step ahead of the market solutions in: 

  • Building Automation,
  • High Definition Audio
  • Renewable energy
  • Machine-to-machine

R&D and manufacturing is done in Europe. We are member of KNX Association and creator of KNX Baltics national group.

Manufacturing process of electronics devices, management and software development are DNV ISO9001:2008 certified.

Our spectrum of services

1. Building automation - development and manufacturing of controllers and sensors based on KNX/EIB, Bacnet, Modbus, Enocean, ZigBee standards:

  • Logic Machine: gives full freedom and interconnectivity between various KNX/EIB, Modbus, Bacnet, Enocean, DMX standards, enables unlimited functionality with integrated logic engine, fulfils IP Router functionality with advanced logging, interactive telegram filtering and tunneling, integrated web-server with SCADA and home visualization systems, special Android and iOS touch visualization on-board, interconnectivity with GSM and WiFi modems through USB ports and lots more.
  • Dimmers: LED dimmer & sequencer, analog 0-10V dimmers
  • IO devices including programmable  analog or binary inputs or outputs, PT1000 inputs
  • Interfaces and gateways to access fieldbus systems, like RS232, RS485, USB, FT1.2, IP
  • Enocean sensors including CO2, humidity, light sensors, thermostat, repeater

2. Development and manufacturing of High Definition Audio Playerswhich play all network music in HD quality staying design wise, powerfull and affordable. UPnP, DLNA, Airplay, FTP support, 24/96 and  lossless formats support, 40W/ch. amp, KNXnet/IP on-board are just few of features charactirizing the players

3. GSM tracking devicedevelopment and manufacturing:

  • Embedded Systems offers customized cost-effective GSM tracking solution with superior connection stability and data transfer security. 
  • The solution connects remote vehicles, equipment and devices with business systems to reduce costs, increase revenues and improve customer service.
  • Superior cost-effectiveness, connection stability and security are achieved with usage of GSM network service channel as data transfer medium.

Endo Lighting Corporation

1-6-19, Honmachi
541-0053 Chuo-ku, Osaka

Tel: +81 (0)6/6267-7055-9154
Fax: +81 (0)6/6267-7056-9199

Email: oversealtas2007alt@m1alt.endoalt-lightingalt.coalt.jp




Our company

ENDO Lighting Corporation is one of the leading manufactures of lighting fixtures with over 40-year’s industry experience in Japan. We have become very well recognized as a company who brings industry leading technology and outstanding quality into the market of commercial and architectural lighting fixtures. After launching the first high power LED series ‘LEDZ’ in 2009, we have evolved as one of leading manufacture in the LED lighting market. Our LED fixtures have unique efficient optical lens designed by experienced technical team, who have been developing conventional lighting reflector for years. Another unique feature of our LED fixture is high performance and a replaceable module. With a complete line of LED products and  more than 700 items, designers are now able to create light spaces without product limitations. Focusing on L+B 2012, we developed a brand new LED series “COB”. This series combines the amazingly high efficiency of light with architectural styling.

Our spectrum of services

As one of leading lighting companies, ENDO has successfully completed many projects in various fields including architectural, commercial and landscape etc. Since 2006, we have been expanding our market world-wide to more than 35 countries throughout the world. We have Technical Centre in Japan and production facilities in Thailand and China which allows to provide our customers with the highest quality product at the most competitive price. Since 2011, we opened operations in Germany and the United States to better serve our customers in Europe and North America.

Energia Europa S.r.l.

Ponte d´Oro 8
36015 Schio

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Enled S.r.l.

Via Cassola 60
36027 Rosa´ (VI)

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Brockhauser Weg 80-82
58507 Lüdenscheid

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Our spectrum of services 

  • LED lighting
  • Technical lighting and accessories


Waldstr. 8
48607 Ochtrup

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Escale Möbel und Leuchten GmbH

Tannenweg 6
74838 Limbach

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Our company

ESCALE Möbel + Leuchten GmbH was founded in the year 1991 as subsidiary of Linus BOPP Leuchten GmbH at Limbach!

Resulting from an acquaintanceship and later friendship between the company director of BOPP Leuchten GmbH, Leonhard Bopp, and the free-lance designer Mosru Mohiuddin – born at Bangladesh and grown up in England – in the year 1988 the idee was born to produce products which

- don´t have to follow a trend

- don´t have to suit a price shema

- don´t have to meet customers´ expectations

- don´t have to follow constructive constraints

Finally they created products at which designer and producer were able to “run riot”. In this start-up period it was not important for them whether the product would sell at all or even well.

After the first presentations of these “special” products in the beginning of the 90s at Frankfurt – at that time still under the name BOPP Leuchten – they realized that the clientele for that kind of product was a completely other one than that one for BOPP products. On this account in the year 1991 the company ESCALE Möbel + Leuchten GmbH was founded (ESCALE = originating from escalate or “to run riot”)! As a start the ESCALE products were still marketed together with the BOPP collection. By the midst of 1995 then the two collections were separated definitely. At that time a steady development of an independent ESCALE distribution channel in the lighting specialized trade and the upscaled furniture sector was started.

Our spectrum of services

Today the ESCALE collection  consists of a good mix of “escalated”  and to a lesser extent “escalated”  - more in line with the market – products which are excellently positioned on the market. As different as the products of both companies might be, they have a common striking feature:

Against the business trend in the German lighting branch which predominantly switched production to other countries in the previous years also ESCALE Möbel + Leuchten GmbH sees the  future precisely in producing their products at their ancestral seat in Germany!

The main reasons therefor  are:

- quality demand of the customers at the goods “MADE IN GERMANY”

- Quality assurance

- Short ways to the suppliers

- Fast delivery time

- Good service

Each ESCALE object is expression of the common search for the better idea, the perfect form und at the same time pioneer for starting to new horizons – horizons where form and function are combined in a perfect manner. 

And the journey will go on  -  as the journey is the reward.

Eschenbach Optik GmbH

Schopenhauerstr. 10
90409 Nürnberg

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Our company

Eschenbach Optik GmbH

Everyone has a dream – of a fulfilled life, or simply a dream of what the future will hold. Our dreams are clear evidence that we are not as reluctant to change as sometimes seems to be the case. And this is also true here at Eschenbach. Our employees bring vitality to our company and are the basis of its success. We call our dream of the future our corporate vision. A common vision develops energy, motivates people and points the way towards the future. As an internationally active company we are one of the leading manufacturers of precision optical equipment, spectacle frames and sunglasses, setting standards in the optical industry.

Esse-Ci S.r.l.

Viale del Lavoro 25
35010 Vigonza (PD)

Tel: +39 049/8959511
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Our company

ESSE-CI: SIMPLE THINKING.   Since 1984, we have been designing and producing lighting solutions born out of a unique philosophy: simplicity. Simple style: a minimalist design with rigorous lines for products that can perfectly fit into any environment, modular to answer all installation needs. Simple to use: state-of-the-art technologies that combine light performance efficiency and maximum comfort. Innovative automation systems, intuitive controls, easy to use and adjust interfaces, fast and simple fixing systems. Simple choice: the search for the best quality/price ratio for products which are always accessible and able to satisfy all needs and possibilities.


Jessenigstr. 2
9220 Velden am Wörther See

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Our spectrum of services

Decorative lighting and accessories


An der Strusbek 40
22926 Ahrensburg

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Our company

About ESYLUX - Performance for Simplicity

The company, which has its head office in Ahrensburg near Hamburg, came into being in 1968. Ever since then, ESYLUX has continued to set international quality standards with its products, including presence and motion detectors, technical exterior lighting, emergency lighting and smoke detectors. ESYLUX products, which all bear the "German Engineering" seal of approval, are sold exclusively through electrical wholesalers. The company is currently represented by eleven subsidiaries in Europe and works with experienced trading partners around the world in 17 locations in Asia, Australia, the Middle East, South Africa and South America. For more information, please visit www.esylux.com

Our spectrum of services

ESYLUX develops, manufactures and distributes electronic products that improve energy efficiency and safety in industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Its range of services is also complemented by benefits such as the ESYLUX Academy or the advisory services offered by the project department, which oversees complex building projects from the planning stage right through to final inspection.

ETAP Beleuchtung Niederlassung der ETAP NV

Maybachstraße 31
51381 Leverkusen

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Our company


For more than 60 years, ETAP has been designing and producing lighting and emergency lighting for offices, industry, schools, healthcare, shops and hotels. Our vast experience, professional approach, innovation and flexibility make us a reliable and solid partner in the European market.


ETAP is actively involved in every step of your lighting project: from lighting study and advice, design and creation through to order processing, production and delivery. Moreover, we always seek to balance the economical, ergonomic and aesthetic aspects of your lighting project.

Our spectrum of services


• geared to your specific requirements;

• in harmony with the architecture of the building;

• energy-friendly;

• perfectly adapted to the people working in the building;

• extremely reliable and safe;

• the most durable in the market.

eu-photon GmbH

Wittlicher Str. 35
54538 Hontheim

Email: inaltfoalt@eualt-photonalt.de



Our spectrum of services

  • Oświetlenie LED
  • Oświetlenie techniczne i akcesoria

euroLighting GmbH

Hauptstr. 56
72202 Nagold

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Our spectrum of services 

  • Decorative lighting and accessories
  • Electric lamps
  • LED lighting
  • Technical lighting and accessories

Eutrac Stromschienen GmbH

Herderstr. 18

40721 Hilden

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Our company

About EUTRAC® Stromschienen GmbH

EUTRAC®  Stromschienen GmbH the specialist in development, manufacture and sales of innovative lighting track and system components for shops, museums, office and other applications, offers the new light management solutions EUTRAC® Intelligent Lighting, with the option of controlling DALI and DMX protocols together, in a cost-efficient and user-friendly way. NetComposer, the first lighting management system with a simple and easy setup, which ends up in a user interface via app.

evado GmbH

Vorbergweg 41
48159 Münster

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Evotec Elektrotechnik GmbH

Allersberger Str. 52-54
90596 Schwanstetten

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Our spectrum of services

  • Decorative lighting and accessories
  • LED lighting

ewo GmbH

Etschweg 15
39040 Kurtatsch

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Wiesenstr. 33
73614 Schorndorf

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Our company

FSIGN - 3 brothers with one vision. light.

Fabas Luce S.p.A.

Via Luigi Talamoni, 75
20861 Brugherio (MB)

Tel: +39 039/2142206
Fax: +39 039/2142208

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Fabbian Illuminazione SPA

Via Santa Brigida 50
31020 Castelminio di Resana

Tel: +39 0423/4848
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Our company

Fabbian Illuminazione was established in 1961 as a company manufacturing lighting appliances for homes and for contract work. This aspect together with tradition and quality has always been evident in the product, with the result that the company has gradually acquired international dimensions and recognition. Results have been achieved through continual research aimed at interpreting market demands, while setting up precise marketing policies and strategies. Fabbian, North East Italy based, manufactures all the components inside its own business units, gives her distinctive touch to new modern design trends through a wealth of styles, using advanced production technologies, interpreting the new concept ideas from a pool of international architects and designers. Research and Design is carried out by a team of qualified experts using computerised processes and control systems. Experience, over a professional and qualified worldwide dealer net, always leads to the consolidation of specific technologies, forming a production philosophy that cannot be separated from new research and constructional methods. Commercially Fabbian is present on the Italian, European and Asian markets through a net of agents and retail shops and sister companies in USA and Brasil. Top quality, reliable components are an essential part of the product. The construction, assembly and wiring are carried carefully out, checked at each stage of the production cycle in order to obtain a product that complies with envisaged safety regulations. Fabbian lighting fixtures, in fact, meet the strictly requirements prescribed from the major and qualified certification organization. Further, the company is UNI EN ISO 9001 certified. The company provides an after-sales service, giving a prompt, suitable response to customers in terms of information and solutions on best use of its products, through an efficient spare parts service and detailed documentation. 

Fael S.p.A.

Via Euripide 12/14
20864 Agrate Brianza (MB)

Tel: +39 039/63411
Fax: +39 039/653868

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Our spectrum of services

  • LED lighting
  • Technical lighting and accessories

FAI S.r.l.

Via Martiri della Libertá 27
24040 Misano Gera D´Adda (BG)

Tel: +39 0363/848111
Fax: +39 0363/341259

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Our company

Distributor of electrical and lighting components, LED lighting

Our spectrum of services

On time service

Electrical and lighting technical support 

Fan Europe Lighting S.r.l.

Agglomerato A.S.I Loc. Boscofangone
80035 Nola (NA)

Tel: +39 0818210771
Fax: +39 0818210600

Email: esteroalt.faneuropealt@yahooalt.it




Our spectrum of services

  • Decorative lighting and accessories
  • LED lighting

FELA Leiterplattentechnik GmbH

Sturmbühlstrasse 180
78054 VS-Schwenningen

Tel: +49 (0)7720/3902-0
Fax: +49 (0)7720/3902-70

Email: inaltfoalt@felaalt.de



Our company

FELA Leiterplattentechnik GmbH with sites in VS-Schwenningen and Solingen produces and sells printed circuit boards and glass input systems. We employ almost 200 members of staff and our main expertise lies in printed circuit boards. Our products fall under the product groups of multilayer, through-connection and single-sided printed circuit boards.

Our customers, most of whom are midsized companies, value our flexibility, short decision-making channels and innovative expertise. Since we come from Swabia, we nurture these virtues.
We mainly supply companies working in industrial electronics, medical technology and EMS service providers.

The company split from the Swiss Photochemie Group in 1999 and has since been wholly owned by the current management team.

We maintain strategic partnerships and cooperate with certified and expert companies around the world covering a wide range of products.
Our main markets are Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France.

As an innovative company, we have developed new products and services:

• FELAM THERMOLINE® are metal core printed circuit boards, made mainly from aluminium. We produce these tailored to the customer’s needs and even use base materials developed in- house.
• FELAM GLASLINE®are input systems made from glass which are ideal substitutes for membrane keyboards, especially for high-quality and design-focused products.

Fern-Howard Ltd.

2 Newman Lane
GU34 2QR Alton, Hampshire
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1420/470400
Fax: +44 (0)1420/489536

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Our company

Fern-Howard has been a market-leading manufacturer of energy efficient, high quality and reliable luminaires for 25 years. With a range known for functinal and stylish designs. Fern-Howard products have an enviable reputation among users, specifiers and installers.

Our spectrum of services

We manufacture over 500,000 fittings every year at our state-of-the-art UK factory, making everything from vandal proof designs to self-testing and DALI control units. Our product ranges include 2D, CFL, LED and edge-lit LED solutions.

First Glass Optics GmbH

Magdeburger Kamp 6
38644 Goslar

Tel: +49 (0)5321/3349515
Fax: +49 (0)5321/3349515

Email: peteralt.czechalt@firstalt-glassalt-opticsalt.de



Our spectrum of services

  • Decorative lighting and accessories
  • Technical lighting and accessories


Via Angelo Faini, No 2
25073 Bovezzo, Brescia

Tel: +39 03024381
Fax: +39 0302438301

Email: inaltfoalt@flosalt.com






Our company

The Company strengths

A catalogue filled with iconic lighting that changed the con-cept of illumination itself.
Strong symbolic appeal.
Collaboration with the most inventive international designers.
Uncanny ability to spot emerging talent.
Courage to be daring and provocative, yet uphold the fun-damental principles of design.
Constant dedication to research into innovative materials and technology.
A vast selection of high quality, innovative lighting designed to fit and enhance any environment, ranging from basic all the way to luxurious.
Products and projects carefully designed and developed, to provide perfectly balanced lighting for any space.
Strong commitment to customer service; time-proven dedica-tion to study and develop lighting systems to fit the style of any environment, indoor, outdoor, public or private as it may be.
The ability to evolve without losing its DNA.
Well structured growth, to support ever increasing sales, keep abreast of emerging socio-cultural trends in keeping with the original principles of the company.
A time-honoured, proven reference. Great design and cutting edge lighting technology that is immediately recognizable.

The origins of the Company

FLOS was founded in 1962 in Merano. Since the beginning it enlisted the aid of excellent collaborators, such as Achille Castiglioni, Pier Giacomo Castiglioni and Tobia Scarpa. One of their first creations was the Cocoon, made from a very pliable material made in the USA and used for packaging by the American Army. In 1964 Sergio Gandini joined the com-pany, and the headquarters were moved to a new site near Brescia. The first FLOS retail store, designed by the Castiglioni brothers, opened in Milan in 1968.

Growth and evolution of the Company

In 1971 FLOS opened its first subsidiary in Germany. In 1974 it purchased Arteluce, a historical brand founded in 1939 by Gino Sarfatti, and opened a new factory in Bovezzo, just outside the city of Brescia.
The collaboration with Achille Castiglioni continued through the ‘80s, and in 1992 he introduced the “family of products” concept to the market with the Brera series. At the same time, FLOS continued to scout for emerging talents at an international level. In 1988 the Company started collaborating with Philippe Starck. Other talented designers followed thereafter: Jasper Morrison, Konstantin Grcic, Marc Newson, Antonio Citterio, Marcel Wanders, Sebastian Wrong, Laurene Leon Boym, Paolo Rizzatto, Piero Lissoni, Rodolfo Dordoni, Tim Derhaag, Johanna Grawunder, Joris Laarman, Patricia Urquiola, Paul Cocksedge, Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, Ron Gilad, until the recent collaborations with Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec and Thierry Dreyfus.
During the ‘90s the Company expanded its contract-related presence, launching a division focused on turn-key solutions, called Light Contract. The FLOS contract division assists architects not only as a manufacturer, but also as a specialty lighting systems designer for a wide-range of challenging environments, such as museums, stores, and theatres.
Piero Gandini, Sergio’s son, became FLOS C.E.O. in 1996, and also Chairman in 1999.
In 2007 Flos opened its first Professional Space in Milan, in Corso Monforte 15. A 574 square meter office and showroom space, on two levels, designed by Jasper Morrison, charac-terized by extremely clean lines. The ground floor, that opens onto an adjacent cloister through large vertical-rising win-dows, hosts the reception, a principal showroom, a technical architectural room and a meeting room. Gray Diamond stone pavers run along both sides of the suggestive cloister to per-fectly highlight its original arcade. The basement level houses a relax room and a highly evocative area where the outdoor collections are displayed.  
The tradition of collaborating with highly-talented profession-als also extended to FLOS promotional activities. FLOS en-trusted its image and advertising campaigns to a famous international photographer, Jean-Baptiste Mondino.

The icons

Through the years, the FLOS decorative catalogues have been showcasing items that now rightfully belong to the his-tory of design: forms, lighting techniques, original design concepts invented by FLOS, readily acclaimed and adopted by consumers across multi-cultural areas and eras. Among these: Parentesi by Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manzù; Arco and Taraxacum by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni; Miss Sissi, Archimoon, the Romeo series and the Ktribe se-ries by Philippe Starck; the Glo-Ball series by Jasper Morrison; Skygarden and Zeppelin suspension lights by Marcel Wanders; the 2097 chandelier by Gino Sarfatti; Ray by Rodolfo Dordoni; Kelvin LED by Antonio Citterio with Toan Nguyen; Nebula by Joris Laarman, Smithfield by Jasper Mor-rison.


Five time winner of the prestigious Compasso d’Oro Indus-trial Design Award with the following lamps:
1955: Luminator by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni
1979: Parentesi by Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manzù
1994: Drop by Marc Sadler
2001: May Day by Konstantin Grcic

The architectural sector

In 1998 FLOS established its presence in the architectural sector by acquiring a share of Antares, a Spanish company specialized in lighting devices. The wedlock between a Span-ish manufacturer of mass-retail products and an Italian pro-ducer of high-class interior design lamps led to the creation of FLOS Architectural Lighting, which combines cutting-edge engineering with suggestive lighting design. In 2005 FLOS acquired the majority share (75%) of Antares. The first FLOS Architectural catalogue made its debut in 2006 at Light & Building Expo in Frankfurt.


In 2010 FLOS introduced one of its most ambitious and avant-garde products, the Soft-Architecture Collection. A natural fusion of light and architecture, a completely new vision of space and light to give settings a new identity. Created using an innovative composite material (Under-Cover technology) which unites light weight and high strength, it delivers performance, durability and perfect integration with normal plasterboard false ceilings. This collection also complies with the latest international safety and eco-compatibility regulations, as it is made with fireproof material and has obtained the ‘Cradle to Cradle’ certification: a design protocol that ensures that companies regard sustainability as a value, not a sacrifice, and offer products which can be recycled eternally.
Soft Architecture is diversified and aligned with needs, dem-onstrating how it can project a specific character and identity in different locations, whether they are intimate or domestic settings, or public spaces like restaurants, spas, stores, meeting points, art galleries, offices, etc. The list of designers that have committed to this new concept confirm the versatility that is a characteristic feature of Soft Architecture: Ron Gilad, Philippe Starck, Sebastian Wrong, Marcel Wanders, Antonio Citterio, and more lately, Thierry Dreyfus.
In 2011 Wallpiercing by Ron Gilad won the most ambitious international awards and was requested to form part of the permanent MoMA Collection from 2012.

FLOS today

Thank to a know-how acquired over fifty years of experience, FLOS is today an international organization that offers a complete range of residential, commercial and even custom-made lighting products that can be seamlessly integrated in any office, hotel, or store. With a constant commitment to research and technological innovation, but always aiming to reach a poetic quality of light, the company has demon-strated how a historic brand can look to the future without loosing sight of its tradition.


Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, UK, Spain, Denmark, Norway, USA, Japan, Singapore and China.

Flos flagship stores across the globe

Rome, Milan, Paris, Hong Kong, Stockholm, London, New York and Lyon. 

Forge Europa Ltd.

Princes Street, The Old Railway
LA12 7NQ Ulverston, Cumbria
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1229/580000
Fax: +44 (0)1229/580000

Email: naltfoalt@forgealt-europaalt.coalt.uk


Forma Lighting (Italia) S.r.l.

Via Europa 35/A
20010 Pogliano Milanese

Tel: +39 02/93540300
Fax: +39 02/93435117

Email: formaaltitaliaalt@formalightingalt.com



Our company


Lighting Innovations and trends are always being researched and developed by the Forma Lighting team. With a clear future strategy, Forma Lighting aims to be at the centre point of the highest quality and design. Forma Lighting continues as a leading lighting producer not only by the use of the most advanced materials and technologies but also by maintaining its standards and refining it’s products ranges as times goes on. Light , Design, Colour and Client Satisfaction is Forma Lighting’s vision of turning darkness into Light. The vision of the company is to deliver all the quality, innovation and design requirements but at prices to suit all world markets. Forma Lighting was first established in UK in 1967; through its 40 years of quality achievement Forma Lighting has recognized the importance of not only innovation with quality design and production utilizing the experienced directors, staff and team members that share Forma Lighting’s drive, passion and vision. Lighting Designers, Architects, Engineers, Marketeers, Production Managers, Directors and Suppliers who are part of the Forma Lighting team all integrate their own experience and dedication to the Lighting industry and market in order to produce and provide the Forma Lighting systems in the best manner possible. Passion, Vision and Experience…these are the ingredients of Forma Lighting’s successful journey of European Design and Quality lighting Production and Engineering at Affordable and Competitive Prices. Forma Lighting invites you to join the ever-growing family of World Class and Innovative Lighting Systems.

Franklite Limited

Snowdon Drive, Winterhill
MK6 1AP Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1908691818
Fax: +44 (0)1908691939

Email: saaltlesalt@franklitealt.ltdalt.uk



Our company

Franklite Limited has been a manufacturer and distributor of decorative lighting for almost 40 years and the Company has built a reputation for quality of product and service. The Company aim is to supply products which offer optimal value for money without compromising on style or quality and this is achieved by everyone in the family run business working together at all stages of the product development. Franklite have a design team who are constantly working to deliver unique products to the lighting market. The in-house assembly lines at the UK head office mean that the Company can ensure all products are handled efficiently and tested to rigorous standards as well as offering bespoke lighting solutions. Franklite has been innovative over the years, firstly with decorative lighting which crossed the divide between domestic and contract projects and being one of the first to offer energy saving solutions to comply with stringent UK building regulations whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing. The Company has also developed a variety of decorative lighting products to suit international requirements in many countries worldwide. For the past few years the dedicated product development team have been working hard to incorporate LEDs into the Franklite range. With the aforementioned reputation for quality, they had to ensure that the LED technology was of the same high standards. The hard work has paid off, and Franklite is now able to offer the new Frankled brand. Frankled offers LED products with high levels of illumination which can incorporate emergency controls and presence/absence detection. This results in attractive, functional and efficient lighting products which can achieve in excess of 80% savings over tungsten lamps and 35% over fluorescent equivalents. Franklite have a dedicated team of lighting professionals who have who have many years experience in the trade. This means the Company can tailor a lighting package to suit the requirement of any prospective client in any country, no matter how large or small. With the new Frankled brand, even a large scale decorative chandelier can be manufactured to run with LEDs without compromising on appearance. As part of the Franklite global expansion programme, the Company is looking to create new partnerships with Agents/Importers in Territories where they currently have no representation. The Export Director will be available, by appointment, throughout the duration of Light & Building.

Fresnel Optics GmbH

Flurstedter Marktweg 13
99510 Apolda

Tel: +49 (0)3644/50110
Fax: +49 (0)3644/501150

Email: inaltfoalt@fresnelalt-opticsalt.de



Our company

Fresnel Optics GmbH - a subsidary of the Reflexite Corporation - is a gobal supplier of plastic microstructured optical components for the lighting, solar power, instrumentation and display industries. As a market leader in the development and fabrication of optical microstructures we assist our partners in finding unique solutions for their specific requirements. Products include optics and lenses that enhance architectural lighting, solar concentrator lenses, optical light enhancing films, and a variety of custom designed optical components that improve the performance and efficiency of systems and devices. We offer standard products and custom fabrication as well as sample and series production. For quality assurance we employ the latest metrology and work according to DIN ISO 9001:2008. To contribute to our partner’s success means confirmation and success for us as well. We thus invite you to utilize our capabilities and expertise for your requirements in the field of microstructured plastic optics.

Our spectrum of services

Our Capabilitites:

  • profound experience in optical design
  • precision mastering (diamont turning, flycutting, linear ruling, laser writing)
  • state-of-the-art tool replication (electroforming and plating)
  • precision polymer replication (compression and injection molding, polymer-on-glass processing)
  • custom finishing (trimming, printing)
  • product enhancement processes (AR-structures / coatings; mirror and hard coatings)
  • subassembly processes
  • final inspection (standard metrology, customized measuring systems)

Furukawa Electric Europe Ltd.

3rd Floor Newcombe House, 43-45 Notting H. G.
W11 3FE London
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20/73135322
Fax: +44 (0)20/73135310

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Our company

Furukawa Electric Co Ltd. is a $10 billion global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of electronic components, power cables, nonferrous metals, and other advanced technology products. Furukawa has been manufacturing futuristic products for more than 100 years and continues to serve our customers with leading edge technology in the 21st century. With our diverse industrial background, pan global presence and size comes security for our customers. Knowing that we will always be there to supply and support them ensures confidence to invest their own time and money to design our materials in to their products. Furukawa Electric is supporting the global lighting industry with our micro cellular reflector technology MCPET consisting of extra fine cell diameters of 10 microns or less. At Light & Building exhibition 2012 (Hall 4.0 Stand E91) we proudly present MC PET which combines high overall & high diffuse reflectivity. For those new to MC PET our standard product is RB Grade, when compared to BaS04 provides in the region of 99% overall reflectivity and 96% diffuse reflectivity. And for those familiar with RB come and hear about our new E Grade that gives even more (Approximately 100.5%) and get the latest news regarding our MC POLYCA with an initial pre release quantity available in May. MCPET (RB grade) is certified UL94-HBF and fully compliant with the RoHS Directive. The material is environment friendly and fully recyclable. By using MCPET, we support Green Initiative projects. MC PET is a highly adaptable material that can be used and processed in a wide range of ways. Over time processors and lighting manufacturers have developed various techniques to convert this micro cellular sheet. They have created a wide range of shapes and dimensions through moulding, perforation, creasing or simply bending, then maintaining a natural curve through pressure. Whilst authorities and society demand greater and greater efficiency levels, an architect’s priority is to have appealing products providing the appropriate and often essential ambience where lighting often plays such an important role. LED’s and fluorescent tubes are frequently used where appearance and efficiency levels are sacrificed depending upon priority. MC PET is the solution to overcome this dilemma giving high reflective performance and thus optimal light efficiency combined with highly diffused light that overcomes unsightly shadows or hotspots achieving a homogenous appearance on diffusers and lenses. Furukawa not only develops the efficiency but also focuses on colour and thermal benefits of MCPET. Thermoformed into complex shapes, is proven as an excellent component of backlight LCD TV systems, fluorescent and LED signage, and progressive LED designs, providing brighter and more homogenous effects. Traditional metallic reflection panels absorb red light, this changes the colour of the reflected light to a darker or bluer tint. In contrast, the white MCPET sheets reflects light in the visible light range from 400 nanometer (nm) to 700 nm. Therefore reflecting blue and red light almost equally, enables uniform and bright panels. Furukawa is now the first in the World to Develop and Commoditize Reflective Sheet MCPOLYCA Optimized for LED Lighting Equipment with the same microcellular foamed structure. Compared to PET, polycarbonate is outstanding not only in terms of formability, but also in terms of heat resistance, flame retardance and weather resistance. With a reflectance ratio above 99%,(compared to BaS04), the reflective sheet features outstanding reflection performance and, at the same time, as a special feature of easy molding has outstanding formability suited to the optical design shapes for LED lighting equipment. Year after year, there has been progress in the development of LED lighting, but in Japan the recent Great East Japan Earthquake has triggered rapid growth. The same trend is also visible outside Japan with accelerating energy conservation not only in the field of light sources, but also in the ingenious use of materials. Using our product is also linked to increased energy conservation as well as a reduction in the number of LEDs.

Future Lighting Solutions, a Division of Future Electronics Ltd.

Future House, The Glanty
TW20 9AH Egham, Surrey
United Kingdom

Tel: 00800/44-388873
Fax: +44 (0)1784275669

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About Future Lighting Solutions

Future Lighting Solutions is a leading provider of solid-state lighting technologies, engineering expertise and online simulation and design tools to facilitate application development and accelerate customers’ time to market. Our comprehensive portfolio includes a broad selection of LED system components, as well as integrated or customized solutions to enable cost effective, energy efficient lighting applications. From retrofitting bulbs to building LED systems from the ground up, we offer industry leading LEDs, optical solutions, power modules and ICs, passive and active thermal solutions, light engines, modular systems, planar lighting and remote phosphor technologies. Our world-class team of lighting experts, along with our global lighting resource centers, supply chain solutions and network of specialized partners, ensures the highest quality solid-state lighting solutions for customers. 

The company is a division of Future Electronics.

Our spectrum of services


Future Lighting Solutions’ innovative approach is built around a team of world class LED lighting experts, along with highly specialized and experienced partners, and an exclusive worldwide relationship with Philips Lumileds Lighting Company. Our mission is to enable leading-edge LUXEON technology by offering:

Solid-State Lighting Expertise
Benefit from the deepest knowledge, most experienced, largest network of specialized Marketing, Sales and Engineers, dedicated to accelerate bringing your products to market. We take an active role in helping you develop and design ‘never before possible’ solid-state lighting fixtures.

Product Concept Development
Leverage our capabilities, proprietary design automation tools and our supporting infrastructure to assist you from concept to design to implementation.

Complete System Solutions
Rely on us to accelerate your time to market, with technical expertise, proprietary simulation and design tools, as well as the largest portfolio of integrated and optimized system solutions in the world.

Sustainable Supply
When LEDs are manufactured, they are binned in three dimensions: flux, color, and forward voltage. We are the experts in working with these three variables and support luminaire manufacturers with product selections that allow for consistency between luminaires. For the lighting community, this gives you confidence that solutions using LUXEON LEDs specified today, will match solutions you specify tomorrow, and ensures that your application will be visually consistent.


SWARCO FUTURIT Verkehrssignalsysteme Ges.m.b.H.

Mühlgasse 86
2380 Perchtoldsdorf

Tel: +43 (0)1/8957924
Fax: +43 (0)1/8942148

Email: officealt.futuritalt@swarcoalt.com





SWARCO FUTURIT Verkehrssignalsysteme Ges.m.b.H.

Mühlgasse 86
2380 Perchtoldsdorf

Tel: +43 (0)1/8957924
Fax: +43 (0)1/8942148

Email: officealt.futuritalt@swarcoalt.com









GA Energieanlagenbau Nord GmbH

Eisvogelstraße 33
39110 Magdeburg

Tel: +49 (0)391/24351-0 
Fax: +49 (0)391/24351-125

Email: inaltfo@gaalt-eanalt.de



Our spectrum of services

  • Power distribution equipment
  • Low voltage equipment
  • Sealed distributors (insulation, cast, steel)

LED lighting

  • Single services, facility management and contracting
  • Single services
  • Commissioning
  • Documentation
  • Installation/erection
  • Planning, engineering
  • Project management
  • Upkeep (inspection, maintenance, repair)

GE Lighting

Vaci ut 77
1044 Budapest

Tel: +36 (0)1/447-6399 
Fax: +36 (0)1/399-1672

Email: gelighalttingeu@ge.com






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GE Lighting

GE Lighting invents with the vigor of its founder Thomas Edison to develop energy-efficient solutions that change the way people light their world in commercial, industrial, municipal and residential settings. The business employs over 17,000 people in more than 100 countries, and sells products under the Reveal and Energy Smart consumer brands, and Evolve, GTx, Immersion, Infusion, Lumination and Tetra commercial brands, all trademarks of GE. General Electric (NYSE: GE) works on things that matter to build a world that works better.

About GE

GE (NYSE: GE) works on things that matter. The best people and the best technologies taking on the toughest challenges. Finding solutions in energy, health and home, transportation and finance. Building, powering, moving and curing the world. Not just imagining. Doing. GE works. 

Georg Bechter Licht

Bach 201/2
6941 Langenegg

Tel: +43 (0)5513/41072
Fax: +43 (0)5574/2099204074

Email: offaltice@georgbechterlicht.at



Our company

Treasures make our lives special and unique. The Atelier Heimatstuden is dedicated to redefining uniqueness through its architecture and design projects. The full spectrum of Georg Bechter’s work offers a colourful portfolio ranging from installations and furniture design to architecture. Founded in Stuttgart in 2007, the Heimatstunden office has returned to its roots in the Austrian Alps in 2010. To inspire his creative work, Georg Bechter enjoys not only the magnificent views of the Bregenz forrest landscape, but also the atmosphere of his office, located in a traditional farmhouse which he renovated himself.

Our spectrum of services

  • Production and disign of hard plastered recessed light moduls.

Gewiss Deutschland GmbH

Industriestr. 2
35799 Merenberg

Tel: +49 (0)6471/501-0
Fax: +49 (0)6471/5412

Email: gewaltissalt@gewissalt.de





Our company

The GEWISS Group is a European leader in the electrical and lighting market; it offers systems and components for low-voltage installations, domotics, circuit breakers and luminaires. More than 80 international patents and 25 trademarks registered all over the world are witness to the company’s innovative power. GEWISS meets the requirements of the electrical installation, as concerns both the design and the product availability, in the most advanced areas and in developing countries. GEWISS SpA, founded in 1970 and quoted on the Milan Stock Exchange in 1988, constitutes the GEWISS Group in 1997 with the takeover of important European companies in the field, such as NOWAPLAST, SCHUPA, MERZ and MAVIL. The GEWISS Group is nearing the new millennium as an international growing business, with about 2.000 employees, 13 industrial sites in Italy and abroad, distribution subsidiaries in France, Germany, England and Spain, agents and distributors in more than 80 countries all over the world. At present, the GEWISS Group is able to present a unique range of products with more than 15,000 items: the broadest range for the international “complete installation system”.


Via Monsuello 211
25065 Lumezzane - Brescia

Tel: +39 030/8925625
Fax: +39 030/8925626

Email: robertoalt.castellottialt@ghidinialt.it



Our company

GHIDINI ILLUMINAZIONE has produced lighting equipment for exterior lighting for over thirty years.


Via B. Franklin 6
21050 Lonate Ceppino

Tel: +39 0331/840937
Fax: +39 0331/840938

Email: inaltfoalt@giplastalt.com



Our company

Specialist in extrusion and co-extrusion of plastic materials like Polycarbonate, PMMA, glass clear, opal or in matt frosted finish and different prismatic & microprismatic versions,  suitable for profiles, sheets, tubes and LED lighting profiles.


Borsigstrasse 9
41469 Neuss

Tel: +49 (0)2137/105-0
Fax: +49 (0)2137/105-230

Email: veraltkaufalt@gifasalt.de



Our company

GIFAS - High End electrical distribution and lighting products!

We offer top quality electrical products for the toughest applications. Technical lights, solid rubber electrical distribution equipment, transformers, and Floor Pits for underground electrical distribution.

Company Portrait

The name GIFAS stands for consistently high levels of quality. In order to guarantee this in the future, we are one of the first companies to be structured and certified in accordance with the new standard DIN EN ISO 9001. We have also introduced an environmental management system and are DIN EN ISO 14001 certified. We can therefore guarantee you reliable products with even more certainty!


We have been developing and manufacturing products and special solutions here in Neuss for fifty years. All solid rubber products are manufactured here in our Neuss plant. The moulds are developed by us, finished and then used in our rubber-injection moulding machines. Only then can we make sure that you always receive the quality that comes with products that are MADE IN GERMANY.

Total Quality Management ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Our spectrum of services

We see ourselves as a traditional service provider and always consider your requirements and needs from the planning and consulting stage, through development and manufacture, to documentation and planning. In this way we create your individual product. 

GIFAS - High End electrical distribution and lighting products!

  • Technical lighting
  • Portable work light / work lights
  • Industrial and workplace lighting
  • LED street lighting
  • LED floodlights
  • Decorative LED lighting / LED marker light system / LED orientations lightings / LED optical guidance system
  • Floor Pits for underground electrical distribution Power columns
  • Solid rubber distribution boards
  • Solid rubber
  • mobile distributions boxes
  • Cable reels
  • Transformers
  • Explosion-proof products
  • Cable and cable ramps
  • Plug connectors
  • Clamp distributor
  • Welding items

Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG

Dahlienstr. 12
42477 Radevormwald

Tel: +49 (0)2195/6020
Fax: +49 (0)2195/602191

Email: inaltfoalt@giraalt.de



Our company

Gira building technology

The modern electrical installation from Gira offers a broad range of intelligent building technology for convenience and security. Devices for networking home technology, music control for all rooms and comprehensive switch ranges, plus numerous functions for door communication, energy and light outdoors - and it all fits together. All functions and devices can be easily combined, and the uniform design lines always offer the right cover frame for every purpose.

Our spectrum of services

Electro-technical installation material such as switches, socket outlets, dimmers, motion detectors, data connection technology, blind control systems, alarm systems, KNX/EIB bus system, radio bus, intercom systems, LED illumination, call system, access control system, music control

Glamox Luxo Lighting GmbH

Von-Thünen-Str. 12
28307 Bremen

Tel: +49 (0)421/485705
Fax: +49 (0)421/4857088

Email: infoalt.dealt@glamoxluxoalt.com



Our company

Glamox Luxo Lighting Ltd.
Glamox Luxo Lighting is a leading supplier of lighting solutions to the professional building market, offering complete product ranges for schools, healthcare facilities, commercial and industrial buildings, retail facilities, hotels and restaurants.

Modern products and solutions
We offer a range of lighting brands, and provide our customers with expert advice and solutions. Our products are engineered for easy mounting, with modern electronic components and light sources for the best energy efficiency and economy. Our lighting solutions help create the experience of comfortable, flexible and stimulating working environments – enhancing efficiency and performance, while taking care of individual needs.

Quality and expertise
Our products and solutions are developed and tested by our engineers at our own research and testing facilities, and manufactured and certified in accordance with all relevant quality and environmental standards. They are based on the latest technology and expertise – and generations of experience.

Our brands
We offer a range of lighting brands, and provide our customers with expert advice and solutions.

Glamox is a leading illumination brand for the professional markets, onshore and offshore, established in 1947. The wide assortment of Glamox products is of superior technical quality, available for a wide range of applications – including challenging environments.

Høvik Lys was established more than 130 years ago, and is one of the world’s oldest brands in the field of decorative lighting. Høvik Lys products are recognized for their distinguished design, in both traditional and contemporary styles.

For more than 75 years Luxo has been offering high quality work station lighting, mainly for public areas such as schools, offices and health care facilities. The Luxo range includes task lights, illuminated magnifiers and medical lighting products, as well as a wide selection of modern, decorative general lighting products.

5 year warranty
From 1st October 2010, Glamox Luxo Lighting Limited gives a 5 year warranty against manufacturing and material defects on all products branded Glamox, Luxo, and Høvik. If the conditions below are fulfilled, Glamox Luxo Lighting Limited will either repair or replace the products with new fully functional products.


65549 Limburg

Tel: +49 (0)6431/204-0
Fax: +49 (0)6431/204-103

Email: inaltfoalt@glashuettealt-limburgalt.de



Our company

GLASHÜTTE LIMBURG specializes in interior luminaires made of glass. The luminaire collection comprises over 2000 models that are unique in the world. The luminaire collection comprises over 2000 models that are unique in the world – luminaires for all areas of interior architecture to solve design and lighting tasks in public and private areas. We design, develop and construct our products with great care. A team of designers, glass specialists, design engineers and lighting technicians work together to produce a long-lasting product of high quality and good design to serve architecture. At a time of declining product quality and increased mass production, high-quality workmanship and long-lasting design are an expression of good taste.  GLASHÜTTE LIMBURG is part of a group of companies which includes BEGA and BOOM. These are medium-sized family companies, managed by the same owners. All the companies in the group manufacture high-quality luminaires, each specialising in its own particular field. GLASHÜTTE LIMBURG is based in »Limburg an der Lahn«. Meandering lanes, steep flights of steps and historic half-timbered houses are distinctive features of Limburg. Its landmark is the Cathedral which stands majestically above the town. Built in 1206, St. George’s Cathedral is considered to be one of the masterpieces of the Rhineland’s late Romantic period. Limburg is one of the few towns where the medieval buildings are almost intact. Many half-timbered houses originating from the 13th to 18th century were restored with great care and appropriately used. Our trademark bears the town’s name, and underlines our commitment to an exacting approach towards our architecture and the development of our products.

Globo Lighting Handels GmbH

St. Peter 38
9184 St. Jakob i. R.

Tel: +43 (0)42/5332050
Fax: +43 (0)42/533205020

Email: offalticealt@globoalt-lightingalt.com



Our company

Globo Lighting is based in Austria and has been registered in 1998. Since then a wide range of lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor use has been developped. Globo runs logistics centres in Austria and Slovakia with a total capacity of 50,000 paletts. Globo´s lighting products are sold worldwide in more than 50 countries and Globo has become known for innovative products - outstanding lighting at outstanding prices. 

Our spectrum of services

For our range of products we offer:

delivery from warehouse

FOB business


POS solutions

Gnosjö Konstsmide GmbH

In der Wässerscheid 44
53424 Remagen

Tel: +49 (0)2642/93620
Fax: +49 (0)2642/936250

Email: inaltfoalt@konstsmidealt.de



Our company

" The Group is concentrating towards products for the home with awareness for the environment and offers products such as Christmas and Decoration Lighting as well as Garden Lighting. We want to be our customers’ first choice by offering a complete and very competitive range with the best quality, service and delivery. "

Goccia Illuminazione

Via E. Fermi 59/65
25020 Poncarale (Brescia)

Tel: +39 030/2640761
Fax: +39 030/2640271

Email: inaltfoalt@gocciaalt.it


Our company

Since more than 30 years Goccia Illuminazione has been applying the most innovative methods for the improvement of its product.Goccia Illuminazione has reached a solid and high-level position in the field of exterior lighting equipment. The products, which are manufactured with constantly updated technologies, are well known in the European markets as well as in many other countries around the world. At the production site of 6500 sq. m. at Poncarale, not far from Brescia in the Northern Italy, Goccia products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. In 1996 the company obtained the admission to ISO 9002 standards and in 2004 the admission to UNI EN ISO 9001 ed. 2000 standards, in order to guarantee the use of appropriate productive and commercial procedures. Any product in this catalogue is manufactured by Goccia in Italy.


Äußere Lohe 2
83512 Wasserburg a. Inn

Tel: +49 (0)8071/903303-1
Fax: +49 (0)8071/903303-9

Email: inaltfoalt@grimmeisenalt-lichtalt.de



Our spectrum of services

  • Decorative lighting and accessories
  • LED lighting
  • Technical lighting and accessories

Griven S.r.l.

Via Bulgaria 16
46042 Castel Goffredo (MN)

Tel: +39 0376779483
Fax: +39 0376779682

Email: grialtvenalt@grivenalt.com



Our company

GRIVEN World Lighting Challenge of Italy, a private limited company founded in 1990, has established itself as one of the world leading manufacturers in the architectural lighting market, featuring a comprehensive catalogue of proven quality, high reliability and fully weatherproofed lighting fixtures capable of offering the industry professionals the most innovative and alternative solutions at all times.

Our spectrum of services

A full range of acclaimed colour changers, sky trackers and a complete collection of products for the theatre market are available worldwide from a well-selected network of specialist outlets. In its quest to keep ahead of a constantly expanding market, GRIVEN has taken on board the LED technology in 2001 for an increasing number of lighting fixtures, which have already become a must in the entertainment and architectural markets. These professional LED lighting solutions incorporate the very latest energy efficient solid state technology and offer high profile equipment for the widest range of applications. A state of the art collection of surface mount, modular, linear, recessed, underwater and visual display projectors that can enhance, with spectacular effects and the boundless versatility of its dynamic and green lighting source, the most demanding lighting shows. Innovation and durability have always been core values at GRIVEN. Nowadays, sustainability and efficiency have become new engineering guidelines for products which are proudly made in Italy and the result of high build and design standards. 

GROSSMANN Leuchten GmbH & Co. KG

Oesterweg 29
59469 Ense

Tel: +49 (0)2938/9703-100
Fax: +49 (0)2938/9703-200

Email: inaltfoalt@grossmannalt-leuchtenalt.de




Our company

The brand name GROSSMANN depicts designer-lighting produced by German quality manufacturing for your individual and stylish interior décor.

Made in Germany – the entire GROSSMANN team stands firmly behind this statement which is the foundation of our premium product. This foundation is essential in order to guarantee totally reliable and long lasting products, accompanied by a comprehensive service. Made in Germany represents for GROSSMANN not only in-house design and internal construction but also the use of only high quality premium materials. Our intensive research and development are guarantees for constant advances, and as a matter of course compliance with all the latest Safety regulations (EU, GOST).

Passion – GROSSMANN operates for you with intricate attention to detail. We are inspired by the idea of using light in combination with practical objectivity to set the scene and to stimulate your emotions.

Design – with our clearly defined style we are a focus in the lighting market and further enhance this by combining style with technical perfection for a long lasting investment, in our lighting development we can call on our experience of over half a century

GROSSMANN clients the world over appreciate the ability to orchestrate their interiors using future orientated fittings from our Company.

Our spectrum of services

  • ceiling lights
  • wall lights

GS di Gasparetti Stefano

Via Sbrozzola 7
60021 Camerano (AN)

Tel: +39 071/959252
Fax: +39 071/959261

Email: giessealt-technologyalt@pecalt.it




Our spectrum of services 

  • Decorative lighting and accessories
  • Decorative lighting Style orientation: Modern - Design
  • LED lighting


Hadler GmbH

Fritzlarer Str. 19
34587 Felsberg

Tel: +49 (0)5662/93990
Fax: +49 (0)5662/939929

Email: inaltfoalt@hadleralt-gmbhalt.de



Our spectrum of services

  • Electrical and electronic components and accessories for lighting systems
  • LED lighting
  • Technical lighting and accessories

HALLA, a.s.

Cerncicka Nove Mesto nad Metuji 43
54901 Krcin
Czech Republic

Tel: +420 (0)286/881758
Fax: +420 (0)283/882417

Email: expaltortalt@hallaalt.cz



Our company

HALLA is a joint stock company, a major producer and exporter of lighting products with headquarters in Prague, the Czech republic and with own factory in Nové Město nad Metují in the northern part of the Czech republic. We actively use modern technology, we work with architects and designers. We employ a professional team of experts at all levels, our products meet the strictest technical requirements and stand a good value for money. We are focus primarily on technical internal luminaires with modern design for offices, administrations, retail premises etc.


Schlehenweg 4
29690 Schwarmstedt

Tel: +49 (0)5071/968111
Fax: +49 (0)5071/96811190

Email: inaltfoalt@cardanlightalt.com



Our spectrum of services

  • LED lighting
  • Technical lighting and accessories

Harvard Engineering Plc.

Harvard, Tyler Close
WF6 1RL Normanton, Wakefield
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)113/3831000
Fax: +44 (0)113/3831010

Email: inaltfoalt@harvardengalt.com



Our company

Harvard Engineering plc is a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of electronic HID ballasts, LED drivers and control products for the lighting industry. We supply some of the most innovative and efficient products for commercial, retail, emergency and street lighting applications.

All research, development and manufacturing takes place at our UK headquarters. Extensive investment in the development of new products and technologies has ensured we are at the forefront of the global LED lighting market.

Our spectrum of services

LeafNut, our multi-award winning street lighting control system is revolutionising outdoor lighting with over 40 successful installations worldwide. LeafNut has been developed by our UK based research and development team and uses ground-breaking wireless technology to cut carbon emissions and reduce energy consumption.

hatec Gesellschaft für Lichttechnik mbH

Belchenstr. 6-8
79244 Münstertal

Tel: +49 (0)7636/7801-0
Fax: +49 (0)7636/7801-44

Email: inaltfoalt@hatecalt-lichtalt.de



Our spectrum of services 

  • LED lighting
  • Technical lighting and accessories

Häusermann GmbH

Zitternberg 100
3571 Gars am Kamp

Tel: +43 (0)29852141-0
Fax: +43 (0)29852141-444

Email: inaltfoalt@haeusermannalt.at



HECKER Glastechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Schleefstr. 5
44287 Dortmund

Tel: +49 (0)231/94550
Fax: +49 (0)231/9455119

Email: glastaltechnikalt@heckeralt.de



Our company

The HECKER GLASTECHNIK is your specialist in glass processing for various applications. We offer security when dealing with heat, pressure, light, water, dust, chemicals and mechanical impacts. Our team has comprehensive know-how and offers you more than glass: high quality, transport- and logistic solutions, international cooperation and technical consulting support our customers to be more successful in their markets. Since its foundation in 1920, the company has developed into the HECKER GROUP. Alongside the Hecker Glastechnik and its Chinese subsidiary Taian Special Glass Co., Ltd. the Group has two additional independent business units: Hecker Glaskeramik and Hecker Kunststofftechnik. We invite you to explore the variety of the products at www.hecker.de.

Our spectrum of services

  • special glass for LED applications
  • safety glasses for luminaires & technical applications
  • energy efficient glass
  • dichroic filters
  • all available glass substrates

HEI Solar Light GmbH

Ameisgasse 65
1140 Wien

Tel: +43 (0)1/9121351-0
Fax: +43 (0)1/9121351-22

Email: saaltlesalt@heialt-solarlightalt.com



Our spectrum of services

  • LED lighting
  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Technical lighting and accessories

HEIBI Metall Birmann GmbH

Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 62
91626 Schopfloch

Tel: +49 (0)9857/7090
Fax: +49 (0)9857/70962

Email: inaltfoalt@heibialt-metallalt.de



Our company

HEIBI gained its reputation by innovative products of outstanding quality, being produced in their own plant in Germany. Experience and tradition for over 75 years, skills and latest technologies build the basis for it.

Now the company is run by the third generation by Ralph Birmann and is meanwhile the leading manufacturer of quality stainless steel articles for your home and your garden.

We exclusively use high quality and carefully selected materials being processed by our technicians with a lot of skills and the feeling for the subject. Our products are conceived on function and practicality. Everything we produce is meant for durability and longevity.

Each collection, each item has its own character pleasantly contrasting with the mass-produced opposite number of today’s frenetic lifestyle.

We manufacture on an area of over 22.000 sq.m innovative and high-quality products.
For over 75 years we are a reliable partner to the specialized trade, the artisan workshops and the industry.
Some figures about HEIBI
- currently 190 employees
- permanently 10 trainees
- our customers:
- over 2000 specialized stores
- over 100 manufacturers we
- are subcontracting for
- production of over 3000 ferent items and parts

Heicks Lichttechnik GmbH

Am Schwarzen Weg 25-31
59590 Geseke

Tel: +49 (0)2942/979260
Fax: +49 (0)2942/97926150

Email: inaltfoalt@heicksalt.de



Our spectrum of services 

  • Decorative lighting and accessories
  • LED lighting
  • Technical lighting and accessories


Vollmer GmbH

Allmendring 29
75203 Königsbach-Stein

Tel: +49 (0)7232/4005-0
Fax: +49 (0)7232/4005-0

Email: inaltfoalt@vollmeralt-gmbhalt.de



Our company

The H. Vollmer GmbH was founded in June 1986 by the company owner Günter Vollmer in Königsbach-Stein.
Our range comprises articles for the fields of lighting engineering. This includes mainly luminaires, recessed spots, installation materials and further electrical accessories. The range is supplemented by complete installation sets for do-it-yourselfers and decorative luminaires for inside and outside so that we are able to position our company successfully also in the DIY store segment.
Due to the dynamic growth of our company, which meanwhile transacts businesses all over Europe, the construction of a new administrative building and warehouse in the industrial area Königsbach was urgently required.
Moving into the new buildings took place in July 2005.
Meanwhile, we employ more than 60 committed staff members who contribute to our success with comprehensive customer advisory services and an immediate delivery service so that we can be a reliable and efficient supplier of quality products at an optimal price/performance ratio.

Put your trust in us. 
We look forward to a successful cooperation!

Helestra Leuchten GmbH

An den Breiten 7
01454 Leppersdorf

Tel: +49 (0)3528/43830
Fax: +49 (0)3528/438344

Email: inaltfoalt@helestraalt-leuchtenalt.de



Our spectrum of services 

Hella KGaA Hueck & Co.

Rixbecker Str. 75
59552 Lippstadt

Tel: +49 (0)2941/38-31230
Fax: +49 (0)2941/38-47 31230

Email: streealttlinealt@hellaalt.com



Our spectrum of services

  • LED lighting
  • Technical lighting and accessories

Hellux GmbH

Nunsdorfer Ring 20
12277 Berlin

Tel: +49 (0)30/7208301004
Fax: +49 (0)30/7208301099




Our company

For more than one hundred years, Hellux has developed highly efficient and future-oriented exterior lighting systems, setting the standard in terms of design and cost effectiveness.

Between manufacture and serial production, between city lights and object lights, between classic forms and futuristic trends.

Our spectrum of services

Our program consists of serial production luminaires for city, building, railroad and look lighting. Our custom design facilities in Berlin use their in depth know-how to develop top quality object lighting. Our designers and engineers create the most modern luminaires for our production facilities in Berlin, Hannover and Budweis (Czech Republic). Specialized lighting engineers design the light spot optimization and proper beam angles. Our marketing department has gathered many years of experience in numerous modernization projects.


Ramsloh 10
58579 Schalksmühle

Tel: +49 (0)2355/509190
Fax: +49 (0)2355/5091999

Email: inaltfoalt@hepgmbhalt.de



The HEP group markets in Europe, managed by HEP GmbH, and technical know-how derives from HEP Engineering GmbH. HEP Taiwan HQ performs group administration, global sales and R&D. The passed decade, HEP Group has been active in lighting electronics, by introducing energy efficient lighting control gears and marketing initiatives that go in sync with the latest lighting trends and solutions towards a greener environment. HEP’s gears cover electronic ballasts for fluorescent, MH and HPS lamps, emergency inverters, LED drivers and RGB control units. HEP’s products strength are dimmable gears; including fluorsecent lamps, LEDs, Daylight Harvesting and KNX solutions, also newly innovated dimmable 250 HPS electronic ballasts seen as further commitment to green lighting. HEP’s KNX products provide a complete solution for home & building control and takes the lighting industry into a new era.

Hera GmbH & Co. KG

Dieselstr. 9
32130 Enger

Tel: +49 (0)5224/911-0
Fax: +49 (0)5224/911-130

Email: maaltilalt@heraalt-onlinealt.de



Our spectrum of services 

  • Decorative lighting and accessories
  • LED lighting
  • Technical lighting and accessories

Herbert Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG

Peter-Henlein-Str. 5
78056 Villingen-Schwenningen

Tel: +49 (0)7720/601-100
Fax: +49 (0)7720/601-290

Email: inaltfoalt@waldmannalt.com



Our company

Waldmann – Engineer of Light.

Waldmann, a company of the Waldmann Group, develops lighting concepts for a wide variety of sectors and applications in the business fields of architecture, industry and medical phototherapy. Light influences the appearance of an office and has an impact on the well-being, performance and health of a person. The objective of an optimal office lighting is an intelligent light, capable of adjusting to a person’s needs and supporting them in their work. Waldmann lighting concepts help reduce energy, due to latest technologies of high lighting quality standards.

Hess AG Form + Licht

Lantwattenstaße 22
78050 Villingen-Schwenningen

Tel: +49 077219200
Fax: +49 07721920250

Email: healtssalt@hessalt.eu


Hoffmeister Leuchten GmbH

Gewerbering 28-32
58579 Schalksmühle

Tel: +49 (0)2355/50410
Fax: +49 (0)2355/5041328

Email: maaltilalt@hoffmeisteralt.de



Our company

Hoffmeister Leuchten is one of the leading European manufacturers of high quality luminaries for pretentious architectural lighting solutions. The product portfolio contains a wide range of spotlights, downlights and pendant luminaries. Many products are high protection rated and can be used in outdoor locations. With its wide product range Hoffmeister Leuchten can realize a lot of different applications like offices, shops and shopping malls, museums, showrooms, industry halls and indoor sport arenas. Hoffmeister has also a competence in outdoor illumination or street- and pathway lighting. Beside an extensive range of standard luminaries Hoffmeister Leuchten has also the professional capability to handle large building projects with customer specific lighting solutions.

Hormen CE a.s

Libusská 8/191
14200 Prag
Czech Republic

Tel: +420 (0)244470408
Fax: +420 (0)241724661

Email: horaltmenalt@hormenalt.cz



Our company

HORMEN CE a.s. is a manufacturer of lights and lighting systems and a leading supplier of applications for offices, hotels, commercial property, public buildings and outdoor applications. The company was founded in 2004 and underwent dynamic development. Our top-class team focus on product development, innovative engineering solutions, sales activities in Europe and the Middle East and provide you with service and support. The company is headquartered in Prague. Further commercial and technical centres are located in Brno, Ostrava and Bratislava. Our factory is located in Vrchlabí.

Our goal is to create energy efficient lighting solutions which are exceptional in terms of technology and design. In order to fulfil this mission, we are equipped with the latest know-how in the fields of R&D, manufacturing technology, logistics, and especially our years of experience. This allows us to create a sophisticated solution for our clients focused on design and optimal electricity use. We carefully monitor trends and new technologies which we then apply to our solutions. Although the requirements of each customer are specific to them, we are able to create a client solution at very short notice.

We perceive a part of the company’s duty is to take shared responsibility for the development of the planet. We develop our products so they are kind for people and for the environment. With this in mind, we offer solutions which require less electricity in operation. In manufacturing lights, we take care to minimise CO2 emissions and maximise the use of materials which do not pollute the environment. Proof of this is our co-operation with the LEED and BREEAM certifying bodies and the creation of projects which meet energy efficient building certification requirements.

Our spectrum of services

  • LED Lighting
  • General Lighting
  • Clean Rooms
  • Basic Lighting
  • Energysavings
  • Energy evaluation
  • Calculation of return
  • Solution proposal
  • Planing
  • Implementation

Hugo Brennenstuhl GmbH & Co KG

Seestr. 1-3
72074 Tübingen

Tel: +49 (0)7071/88010
Fax: +49 (0)7071/87657

Email: inaltfoalt@brennenstuhlalt.de




Our company

The brennenstuhl® group is a top international company within the area of electronics and electrotechnology. We have achieved this by constantly being ambitious and innovative.

Since our inception in 1958, our engineers and technicians have constantly developed new ideas, on the basis of which they create new products of which our customers avail. They give us a head start, which we solidify through national and international patents and trade mark rights, and continuously expand, in cooperation with our partners in retailing.

Our spectrum of services

Our high-quality product series also includes - besides equipment for power distribution ( e.g. cable reels, cable boxes and power outlet strips) - overvoltage protection devices and home and safety engineerings equipment (e.g. video surveillance systems, intercom systems and smoke detectors).

Hugo Honsel GmbH

Graf-Gottfried-Str. 111
59755 Arnsberg

Tel: +49 (0)2932/9890
Fax: +49 (0)2932/989101

Email: inaltfoalt@honselalt-leuchtenalt.de



Our spectrum of services 

  • Decorative lighting and accessories
  • LED lighting


i-save energy GmbH

Friedrichstrasse 191
10117 Berlin

Tel: +49 (0)30/20659135
Fax: +49 (0)30/20659200

Email: salesalt-europealt@ialt-saveenergyalt.com



Our company

i-save energy GmbH is Berlin-based and specialized in developing, manufacturing and distribution of environmental friendly and efficient LED technology, supported by a worldwide network of over 1300 LED specialists.

The i-save-philosophy

"The best way to predict the future is to design it yourself" (Alan C. Kay)
i-save shapes the future actively by creating advanced LED technology which requires little energy, and yet provides all the requirements for high performance and comfortable lighting.

The engineers of i-save predict what the lighting industry will need and promptly develop it. Passionate art of engineering, know-how and our customer’s constant feedback grants excellent products and cutting edge technology at all time.

The products of i-save are the response to the tight resources of the market, forcing a smart and efficient exploitation. i-save wants to make its contribution to our earth and preserve it as a place worth living on, giving also our children and grandchildren a future on this planet. With it in mind, i-save is continually developing lighting products with maximum energy efficiency.

“i-save” stands for what is says and gives our customer a promise of energy consumption reduction. Energy saving is at the same time money saving! Using our products allows everyone to save with a good conscience.


Being  a "One-Stop-shop" ODM / OEM manufacturing service provider,  you can be delivered with:

Prototype and prototype tool: this can be of great assistance to finalize your design in an extremely fast and economic way

Mould Making: with our own mould room in house, the quality and mould lead-time can be strictly controlled  
Special surface finish such as shot blast, painting, anodizing and plating

Design and  manufacturing of transformers up to 30 kVA
CNC Machining, CNC Milling, CNC Turning

Plastic Injection Moulding: good experience of PC, ABS, PP, PBT etc.

References: satisfied customers include Bosch, Emerson Electric, Schneider Electric, NEC Corporation, Sharp Corporation, Toyota and Qantas Airways, to name a few.

You need something?
We deliver it exactly how you want it!

IBV Deutschland GmbH

Am Huxmühlenbach 7
49084 Osnabrück

Tel: +49 0341 25245 65
Fax: +49 0341 25245 61

Email: juergenalt.guellandalt@ibvalt-onlinealt.de



Our spectrum of services 

  • LED lighting
  • Technical lighting and accessories

Idea S.p.A.

Via Parallela 2/4
37049 Villa Bartolomea

Tel: +39 0442/659005
Fax: +39 0442/659278

Email: inaltfoalt@gruppogiordanoalt.com



Our company

In a world where energy resources continue to be misused and therefore unnecessarily dispersed, Gruppo Giordano uses the knowledge of its staff for a depth research and the production of innovative electronic systems designed to save energy, using advanced and intelligent techniques. Giordano Bruno, the Engineer, currently the President of Gruppo Giordano, founded Idea in 2001, a dynamic company that assembles electronic cards and products, designs and develops custom controls in order to obtain integrated technical solutions. Energy saving, research and sensibility towards the customer are the keywords on which Gruppo Giordano have focused to differentiate into the market, in addition to the meticulous care with our team realize the products. Idea in 2005 reach the ISO 9001 certification and later became the first company certified in Italy according to standard EN16001 (Energy Sistem Management). A trained and constantly updated team, ensures hight quality level products. Every single step, from ideation to realization, is controlled by qualified personnel: from R&D department, that design more suitable and accurate solutions to meet customers need, to the production, that realize the products. An excellent “Made in Italy” chain that combines the knowledge with the know-how, that today is a fondamental  concept to obtain a great result in a manufacturing company. We offer to our customers personalized solution, because our aim is the complete customer satisfaction. For this reason we work in collaboration and partnership with most important international groups.

Our spectrum of services

GRUPPO GIORDANO - IDEA SPA develops and produces Power Supply For LEDs, LEDs Modules and Ballast For Fluorescent Lamps.

Ideallux S.r.l.

Via Giovanni Casinghino, 11
27024 Cilavegna

Tel: +39 0381/969814
Fax: +39 0381/96484

Email: inaltfoalt@idealluxalt.it



Our company

Italian manufacurer located at 40Kms from Milan. The Company is celebrating 25 yrs since it was born.

Come and see us...


Birkenweiherstr. 2
63505 Langenselbold

Tel: +49 (0)6184/9319-0
Fax: +49 (0)6184/9319-19

Email: inaltfoalt@megamanalt.de





Our spectrum of services 

  • Decorative lighting and accessories
  • Electric lamps
  • LED lighting
  • Technical lighting and accessories

iGuzzini illuminazione S.p.A.

Via Mariano Guzzini 37
62019 Recanati (MC)

Tel: +39 071/75881
Fax: +39 071/7588295

Email: iguzaltzinialt@iguzzinialt.it



Our company

iGuzzini, established in 1959, makes indoor and outdoor luminaires, and is now the leading Italian company in the lighting design sector and one of the leaders in Europe. Its headquarters are in Recanati, in Italy’s Marches region, and extend over 150,000 square metres. It belongs to the Finanziaria Mariano Guzzini (Fimag) holding company, owned by the Guzzini families, heirs of Mariano Guzzini, who are in charge of the companies: F.lli Guzzini, iGuzzini, Teuco. Production is split into indoor and luminaires and outdoor luminaires. Since the early years, products were designed in collaboration with leading architects and designers, such as: Giò Ponti, Rodolfo Bonetto, Bruno Gecchelin, Renzo Piano, Norman Foster, Gae Aulenti, Piero Castiglioni, Jean Michel Wilmotte, to name just a few. And, since designing lighting requires a knowledge of all aspects linked to the quality of the lighting environment, on these subjects iGuzzini also collaborated with researchers, doctors, sociologists, physicists, from major international research bodies such as: Harvard University (Cambridge), M.I.T. (Boston), “La Sapienza” University (Rome), Milan Polytechnic, Italy’s Preservation and Restoration Institute, Lighting Research Center (Troy, NY). The company operates on the international market with branches and exclusive dealers which offer sales and technical assistance.


Our spectrum of services

Our mission is to improve the quality of light, and therefore people’s quality of life, by making luminaires with top technical quality.

To achieve that we need to always do our absolute best:
a) supplying the best technological solutions to architects and lighting designers, and working in close partnership with them;
b) constantly investing in research and innovation. Seeking, together with creative experts, designers and scientists from all over the world, the best ideas for solving the complexities of our lifestyles;
c) expressing, through the abilities and commitment of the men and women who work for our company, excellence in every sector we work in;
d) creating an open environment, where everyone can participate by making a personal contribution to the development of ideas and projects.


Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 4A
98693 Ilmenau

Tel: +49 (0)3677/46633-0
Fax: +49 (0)3677/46633-14

Email: inaltfoalt@ilexaalt.de



Our company

ILEXA was founded in 2000 as a “spin-off”-company emerging from the special field of Lighting Engineering of the Ilmenau University of Technology. For 9 years now, we have been ensuring the straightforward, direct transfer of Know-how between research and industry in this field. We offer customized, innovative services and special solutions in the fields of applied lighting engineering and optical radiation, with main emphasis being placed on consultancy, development, measurement and software.

• advice on general and specific lighting-engineering questions
• development of lighting-engineering special devices and prototypes for mass production preparation
• development and calculation of reflectors, simulation, metrological validation
• ray data measurement, own software “Ray-Viewer” for the analysis, visualization and processing of ray data
• independent photometric laboratory
• working out of lighting-engineering concepts, dimensioning of devices, implementation of feasibility studies

Our clientele includes: Manufacturers of lamps, LEDs, luminaires and components, development engineers, optics designers and design engineers, light designers, light planners, ergonomics specialists and light users, engineers of the automobile industry and its suppliers, employers  and trade associations as well as registration offices and technical testing laboratories.

IMOS Gubela GmbH

Kniebisstr. 1
77871 Renchen

Tel: +49 (0)7843/99511-0
Fax: +49 (0)7843/99511-55

Email: inaltfoalt@imosalt-gubelaalt.de



Our company

Manufacturer of industrial optics

plastic lenses, metal optics, retro-reflectors, optical sheetings, Fresnel optics, diffractive optic elements (DOE), LED optics

(60 employees)

Our spectrum of services

construction and design of optics,

tool construction for optics,

precision injection moulding for optics,

metal optics for laser,

lighting optics,

optic for measurement,

special optics for the science

retro-reflectors for sensors


Via Quintiliano 43
20138 Milano

Tel: +39 0250731
Fax: +39 0250991500

Email: inaltfoalt@imqalt.it



Our company

IMQ is the leading Italian body for the certification of products - in the electrical, electronic and gas industries - and company management systems, and also rank among the main organisations at European level.

IMQ is accredited by various competent Bodies and designated as a Notified Body for the main European directives.

IMQ is signatory of leading international certification agreements and have stipulated numerous bilateral agreements with bodies worldwide.

IMQ mission is

to value quality and improve the competitive edge of companies

-  to protect the manufacturer and consumer,

to create an “ethical” market.

Our spectrum of services

Certification and CE marking in the lighting sector

The lighting sector represents a competitive, continually developing scenario, so certification is an important factor to underline the safety and quality of production and guarantee conformity to legal requirements.

IMQ issues certification marks for this sector, to meet all manufacturers’ needs:

  • the IMQ SAFETY Mark, demonstrating the conformity of Electrical products to national and EN standards.
  • the European ENEC Mark, certifying product conformity to European EN Standards.
  • the IMQ-PERFORMANCE Mark certifying safety and some photometric characteristics of products such as light output ratio and spatial distribution of luminous intensity.
  • the IMQ-CSV Mark, demonstrating conformity to a particular technical specification.
  • IMQ-GS MARK, certifying compliance with German legislation (GPSG) acknowledging the products general safety directive as well as other directives, such as those on low voltage and machine safety (MSD).
  • CE0051: IMQ provides assistance with standards, testing services and CE declaration of conformity, issuing CE0051 certificates.


IMQ’s photometric laboratory performs tests on lamps, LED equipment and associated components:

  • Photometric characterisation of lighting equipment (indoor/outdoor lighting, lighting for projectors, road systems and signs and emergency equipment).
  • Ageing and photometric characterisation of lamps.
  • Hire of equipment and the services of an IMQ technician for photometric measurements of lighting equipment and lamps, and orientation tests.

Other special tests are:

  • Mechanical tests: (vibration – impact – low atmospheric pressure – sealing tests – UV resistance)
  • Impact tests: IK code
  • Climatic tests (temperature and humidity in corrosive atmospheres: salt fog)
  • Tests on the IP rating of casings
  • Chemical/physical tests


Carretera de Arcas Reales s/n
47008 Valladolid

Tel: +34 983457575

Email: inaltdalalt@indalalt.es





Our company

Indal is one of the best positioned technical and professional lighting companies in Europe. Having a customer solution provider approach Indal is able to provide complete lighting solutions to customers and meet every stringent requirement, however challenging. Indal is specialised in public lighting with focus on application areas; infrastructure, urban beautification and private and large  areas. Indal has a presence in more than 50 countries around the world with 16 sales subsidiaries and about 1.000 employees. Indal is a member of the Philips Group. 

INGE Opava, spol. s r.o.

Stara silnice 3
74601 Opava
Czech Republic

Tel: +420 (0)553/602135
Fax: +420 (0)553/602199

Email: salaltes02alt@ingealt.cz



Our company

INGE OPAVA , spol.s r. o. is recognized as one of the most important Czech fluorescent lighting manufacturers. The company was found in 1991, with the production of lighting systems commencing in 1993.  By 1997 the company had expanded greatly with extensive production premises and 100 employees. We have an internal product design and development centre and an extensive photometry laboratory.
INGE has worked for many years with investors, architects, designers, building services engineering companies and distributors, both in the Czech Republic and foreign countries, to provide a wide range of assistance. Our company frequently exhibits at important trade fairs to meet individuals and companies who are interested in INGE products. Additionally, we organise seminars for experts. INGE engineers at our offices in Opava create lighting designs and calculations and assist clients with any technical questions. The long-term strategy of our company is to be at the forefront of technological advances and innovative lighting design. Only a combination of new technology and quality components will guarantee customers a long-lasting product. This is a rule that our company respects when developing and producing luminaries. Protection of the environment is an important objective for INGE. Luminaries are produced with dedication to the reduction of materials and energy. INGE are prepared to assist with energy audits for your building or project. We are able to propose optimum lighting solutions, taking into account the maximum energy saving and functional cost, while meeting hygiene standards at the same time.


Our spectrum of services

The intention of our company is to develop and produce technical interior and exterior lighting systems for commercial offices, business centers, schools and sport areas, industrial manufacturing plants and storages, transportation complexes, social, historical and ecclesiastical buildings and medical facilities. A large part of our production program is to produce bespoke luminaries that are designed to specifically meet customer requirements. INGE customers can access a dedicated and highly experienced team of product designers and manufacturing specialists ready to answer your questions right away.


Viale del Lavoro 5
31014 Colle Umberto

Tel: +39 0438 433350
Fax: +39 0438 388536


Our company

Inlumina S.r.l. specialises in LED lighting and supplies state-of-the-art residential luminaires, technical and commercial lighting fixtures and control systems. The company has been built upon a long-standing experience in the transmission of electrical power, light control, motor and mechanism actuation up to advanced domotics. Opting for Inlumina means choosing reliable products, high performance, comprehensive services, advanced solutions that provide specific guarantees on electronics quality and performance over time.

Our spectrum of services

Production and distribution of LED lights supplied with their ideal wireless control devices.


TELECO Automation GmbH

Hallbergmooser Str. 5
85445 Oberding

Tel: +49 (0)8122/9563024
Fax: +49 (0)8122/9563026

Email: infoalt.dealt@telecoautomationalt.com



Our company

Teleco Automation as a company is dedicated to development and production of radio and control units for lighting and automation.

Our spectrum of services

Control units for lights

Control units for LED lights

Control units for tubular motors for roller shutters, blinds and awnings

LED lights under the brand INLUMINA

Radio transmitters as handheld version or for wall mounting

Sensors for security and safety inside and outside the house

Innermost Ltd.

2.03 & 2.04 Oxo Tower Wharf Barehouse Street
SE1 9PH London
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)8452/600051
Fax: +44 (0)8452/600052

Email: inaltfoalt@innermostalt.net



Our company

Innermost is a UK-based innovator and investor in contemporary independent lighting design. The founders, Steve Jones and Russell Cameron aimed at building a design brand that collaborated with the huge reservoir of design talent London had to offer. This has led to a distribution network in over 40 countries. Innermost now fields work from emerging and established designers internationally and has designs published all over the world. The company continues to create new work with attention to quality, production and service, innovative construction methods and materials that have deliberately diverse aesthetics.

Our spectrum of services

Innermost offers a diverse collection by designers of many nations, brought together within a brand that stands for innovation, quality and with in our approach to product. Deliberately different styles aimed at a design-focused market that always wants the best and dares to be different mean Innermost will always have a product that will suit you. The range offers pieces across a broad spectrum of price, material and aesthetic. The collection focuses on Lighting and Furniture pieces for the hospitality and domestic interior.

inpotron Schaltnetzteile GmbH

Hebelsteinstr. 5
78247 Hilzingen

Tel: +49 (0)7731/9757-0
Fax: +49 (0)7731/9757-10

Email: inaltfoalt@inpotronalt.com



Our spectrum of services 

  • Electrical and electronic components and accessories for lighting systems
  • Miscellaneous electrical engineering equipment and components

Insta Elektro GmbH Lightment

Hohe Steinert 10
58468 Lüdenscheid

Tel: +49 (0)2351/936-0
Fax: +49 (0)2351/936-1260

Email: vertaltriebalt@instaalt.de



Our spectrum of services

  • Decorative lighting and accessories
  • Electrical and electronic components and accessories for lighting systems
  • Electrical installation equipment/systems
  • House and building automation
  • LED lighting
  • Technical lighting and accessories


Hohe Steinert 10
58468 Lüdenscheid

Tel: +49 (0)2351/936-0
Fax: +49 (0)2351/936-1260

Email: vertaltriebalt@instaalt.de



Our spectrum of services 

  • Decorative lighting and accessories
  • Electrical and electronic components and accessories for lighting systems
  • Electrical installation equipment/systems
  • House and building automation
  • LED lighting
  • Technical lighting and accessories

Instrument Systems GmbH

Neumarkter Str. 83
81673 München

Tel: +49 (0)89/454943-0
Fax: +49 (0)89/454943-11

Email: inaltfoalt@instrumentsystemsalt.com



Our company

Instrument Systems develops, manufactures and markets turnkey solutions for light measurement. The company delivers a comprehensive range of light measuring products for industrial and research applications. These include high-performance array and scanning spectrometers as well as imaging photometers and colorimeters. Key applications are LED and display measurement, as well as spectroradiometry and photometry. Instrument Systems is one of the leading manufacturers for spectral light measurement systems. The innovative measuring systems from the Munich company deliver accurate and reliable results for all optical parameters of light sources in conformity with CIE recommendations. Instrument Systems provides support for the global customer base with backup from a comprehensive network of representatives.

Our spectrum of services

  • LED measurement solutions
  • SSL measurement solutions
  • Display measurement solutions

Product portfolio:

  • Array- and scanning spectrometers
  • Goniophotometers and Goniospectroradiometers
  • Photometers and Colorimeters
  • Integrating spheres
  • LED test adapters
  • Optical probes
  • Spectral Software

IP44 Schmalhorst GmbH & Co. KG

Marienstr. 13
33378 Rheda-Wiedenbrück

Tel: +49 (0)5242/5797-0
Fax: +49 (0)5242/5797-10

Email: welaltcomealt@IP44alt.de



Our spectrum of services


IP44.de versteht sich als Spezialist für die Gestaltung, Konstruktion und Herstellung hochwertiger, technisch wegweisender Außenleuchten im gewerblichen und privaten Bereich.


Hochwertige, innovative, puristische und zuverlässige Außenleuchten. Das Portfolio umfasst Wandleuchten, Deckenleuchten und Pollerleuchten.


Im Jahr 2010 entwickelte IP44.de für die Produktfamilien scap und quantum die WavePipe-technology, ein thermisch-optimiertes Aluminiumprofil zur Aufnahme von Niedervolt-Halogenlampen. Die Neuentwicklung markiert einen wichtigen Fortschritt gegenüber marktbekannten Up- und Downlights aus Edelstahl, die fast alle mit Halogen-Hochvoltlampen bestückt sind und hohe Leuchtmittel-, Strom- und Wartungskosten nach sich ziehen. Mit dem flexiblen Systembaustein WavePipe sind die IP44.de-Erfolgsmodelle bei gleicher Lichtausbeute 60% sparsamer als herkömmliche Hochvolt-Halogenlampen. WavePipe ermöglicht scap und quantum, verschiedene Lampentypen aufzunehmen, wahlweise auch die IvyLight-technology. Das IvyLight-Modell beider Leuchten hält bei 75% Energieersparnis gegenüber der allgemein üblichen Halogen-Hochvolt-Bestückung 20-mal so lange. Mit dieser Neuerung ist IP44.de der einzige Anbieter, der Edelstahlleuchten von hoher materieller Ästhetik im Außenbereich auf einem ebenso ausgereiften, technischen Niveau entwickelt hat.
2009 führte IP44.de exklusiv die innovative IvyLight-technology für Power-LEDs ein: Jede IvyLight-Außenleuchte wird durch das Wärme-, Farb- und Chipmanagement individuell optimiert und abgestimmt. Ohne Vorschalttechnik und Trafos konzipiert, erreicht sie die gleiche filigrane Ästhetik wie viele Interior-Leuchten.
Somit verfügt jedes IvyLight-Modell über
· Ein wärmetechnisch optimiertes Aluminiumgehäuse
· Einen dynamischen Hitzeschutz
· Eine natürliche Farbwiedergabe und eine brillante Lichtfarbe in Warmweiß
· Ein individuelles Platinenlayout
· Leistungsstarke Power LEDs 

Italian Lighting - Compolux - Staff Editoriale snc.

Via G. Rossetti 9
20145 Milano

Tel: +39 02/48007449
Fax: +39 02/48007493

Email: stafaltfedialt@staffeditalt.it



Our company

Staff Editoriale is a publishing house which print two magazines leader in the world of lighting

- ITALIAN LIGHTING : bilingual magazine (Italian/English) is the first Italian magazine which deals in interior and exterior lighting products and Italian industrial design

- COMPOLUX : bilingual magazine (Italian/English) is the first Italian magazine which deals exclusively with the field of components and accessories for the lighting industry.

iv.sys Gesellschaft für innovative Systeme mbH

Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 55
59425 Unna

Tel: +49 (0)2303/2589930
Fax: +49 (0)2303/2589939

Email: inaltfoalt@ivsysalt.de



Our spectrum of services

  • Cable and leads/cable routing systems/distribution and joining material
  • Network technology


Via Buozzi 15
20060 Liscate (MI)

Tel: +39 029500121
Fax: +39 0295001205

Email: infoalt.exportalt@ivelaalt.it



Our company

Born in the 80s, Ivela Spa is currently a worldwide leader in the production of professionalfunctional and high quality lighting fittings. The Company is situated in Liscate (MI), where it covers a production area of more than 20000 mq.

Ivela offers all the advantages of an industrial and commercial organization, able to support the customer from product selection to project consulting, working together with well-known architects and designers.

The Company is able to answer to the new requests of a market which is more and more demanding about energy saving.
Its production, totally Made in Italy, covers professional, architectural and residential  areas and it is able to provide solutions for any kind ofindoor or outdoor illumination, as required in hospitality,  retail, offices and in residential settings.

The internal organization of Ivela totally fits the guide-lines and the philosophy of the company, highlighting the quality and the accuracy of production, together with the absolute safety of workers and the protection of the environment.

Its fittings are the result of a constant research, of functionality and computer engineering studies for every single piece. A quality present in the whole production cycle: from the choice of materials and the design studies made by the Technical Office (IMQ certified), from the photometric data of the fittings thanks to the high precisionphotogoniometer, to the market analysis and to the customer care of the Marketing and Sale Departments.

Our spectrum of services

Ivela has managed to preserve its wide production capacity and a strong competitiveness over the international market, thanks to its far-sighted investment policy. Its continuous development is the result of a management policy marked by innovation, respect of strict production processes, and by the punctual and full correspondence of fittings to the customer’s needs.

Ivela offers its customers high-level skills and know-how, besides acomplete range of fittings and accessories. Every day the Company is able to produce:
- 2500 mt of electrified tracks,
- 400 architectural floodlights,
- 800 professional downlights,
- 4000 outdoor ceiling fittings,
besides being one of the three biggest manufacturers of globes worldwide.

Ivela is successfully present with its lighting fixtures in most of the countries worldwide and about the 75% of its turnover is made by export.


J. Auer Signalgeräte GmbH

Sperberweg 11
41468 Neuss

Tel: +49 (0)2131/298686-0
Fax: +49 (0)2131/298686-6

Email: inaltfoalt@aueralt-signalalt.de




Our company

J. AUER Fabrik elektrischer Maschinen Ges.m.b.H. was founded in 1910 as a private industrial enterprise and offers a wide range of Signal Equipment as well as individually specified signalling solutions for costumers all over the world.
Our products combine state-of-the-art technology with high product quality, approvals for the world market and attractive, competitive pricing. The constant enhancement of our range by new, innovative signalling solutions is the strategy we pursue constantly. We serve industry/OEM in various industrial sectors and the electrical whole and retail sale, particularly in the area of building engineering.

Our spectrum of services

For our customers we offer a comprehensive range of visual and audible signalling products (signal towers, stack lights, flashing beacons, strobe beacons, rotating mirror beacons, steady beacons, LED beacons, panel mount beacons, horns, sirens, sounders, buzzers etc.) and our explosion- and weatherproof telephones and accessories.
This year we present many new products to our clients. For example an additional series to our signal tower programme, called “ECOmodul” with 3 new models/sizes (70/60/40 mm).  Another novelty is the multi tone sirens “A” and beacons “Q” in a cubic design. The electronic multi tone sirens (5 models, 4 sizes) cover a range of sound pressure from ~100 to 127 dB and are therefore suited for practically all purposes of industrial use. There is also a complete set of LED steady/flashing and strobe beacons as well as classic xenon strobe beacons in the same 4 sizes.

Jake Dyson LLP

Crawford Passage 1
EC1R 3DP London
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)2077130188
Fax: +44 (0)2077130183

Email: inaltfoalt@jakedysonalt.com



Our spectrum of services

  • Decorative lighting and accessories
  • LED lighting

JENOPTIK Optical Systems JENOPTIK Polymer Systems GmbH

Am Sandberg 2
07819 Triptis

Tel: +49 (0)36482/45128
Fax: +49 (0)36482/45226

Email: lightingalt-oesalt.osalt@jenoptikalt.com



Our company

The Optoelectronic Systems business unit is a provider of integrated optoelectronic system solutions and part of the Jenoptik Optical Systems division. The business unit has expertise in the development of optics, electronics and software and in manufacturing technologies for the production of polymer-based optical and electronic components and modules as well as in the assembly of entire devices. All important value adding stages for system integration can be implemented by the Optoelectronic Systems business unit from development and design to prototype manufacturing, supply chain management and series production.

The Jenoptik Group, together with its Optical Systems division, is one the few manufacturers worldwide to produce precision optics and systems designed to meet the high quality standards. Besides offering systems, modules and assemblies, the Optical Systems division is a development and production partner for optical, micro optical and coated optical components made of optical glass, IR materials as well as polymers. The division possesses outstanding expertise in the development and manufacture of micro optics for beam shaping used in the semiconductor industry and in laser material processing.

The product portfolio also includes systems and components for the life sciences, lighting and energy applications, optoelectronic systems for digital image capture and processing as well as cameras for digital microscopy.

Our spectrum of services

LEDs open up new dimensions for illumination. The unity of light source, optics, sensors and electronics creates lighting systems in which limitless variations of color, brightness and light distribution can be created.

We are your partner for the development and production of precise components and optoelectronic modules for various lighting applications.

Advantages of polymer optics for LED-based applications include:

  • Targeted light control to reduce light pollution
  • Creative freedom to design and realize innovative products
  • Reduction of size and weight
  • Efficient replicability of optical components

Jordan Reflektoren GmbH & Co. KG

Schwelmer Str. 161-171
42389 Wuppertal

Tel: +49 (0)202/60720
Fax: +49 (0)202/6072347

Email: saaltlesalt@jordanalt-reflektorenalt.de



Our spectrum of services

  • LED lighting
  • Technical lighting and accessories


K.B. Form GmbH

Industriestr. 8b
25462 Rellingen

Tel: +49 (0)4101/59990
Fax: +49 (0)4101/599955

Email: inaltfoalt@kbformalt.com



Our spectrum of services 

  • Decorative lighting and accessories
  • Technical lighting and accessories

Karl Jungbecker GmbH & Co. KG

Bruchstr. 89
57462 Olpe

Tel: +49 (0)2761/93540
Fax: +49 (0)2761/935442

Email: inaltfoalt@jungbeckeralt.de



Our company

Founded in the late 90s, Jungbecker Optics has set a new standard when it comes to diffusing and light guiding precision optical sheets. The technique, originally developed for fresnel lenses applied in the solar energy sector has now made its way into the world of lighting.
Jungbecker Optics offers embossed sheets and injection molded applications from an existing range of products, while we would like to find out your specific need and function to challenge our Research and Development team to tailor fit a lighting solution around your specific needs and specifications

Our spectrum of services

Our specific way of embossing Acrylics, PC and other transparent material enables us to offer you precise light guiding solutions while ensuring the greatest possible efficiency. You can choose from our many existing structures or decide to challenge our R&D team to tailor fit an individual solution according to your specifications. Our injection moulding includes thermo- and duroplastic materials, filled or unfilled to transparent, for optical lenses. Our own tool shop with construction department generates high performance tool with optimal availability of replacement parts offering flexibility and maintenance. Our experienced research and development team is here for your needs. No matter if you need a solution to an optical issue or a specific electromechanical function. Jungbecker R&D is here for your innovation.

KATHREIN-Austria Ges.m.b.H.

Sparchner Str. 14
6330 Kufstein

Tel: +43 (0)5372/64363-291
Fax: +43 (0)5372/64363-5291


Email: angelinaalt.scharmeralt@kathreinalt-austriaalt.at



Our company

As a part of the worldwide operating KATHREIN-group, KATHEREIN-Austria (www.kathrein-austria.at) in Tyrol is mainly engaged in the development, production and sale of antenna systems, filters and combiners for mobile communicationassemblies of RF products, professional electronics and RFID. The new business unit „LED light & electronics“, founded in 2010, is focused on LED lighting products and customized OEM-projects for LED systems, luminaires, electronics and control technology.

Our spectrum of services

Our competences

Engineering, Production and Sales of
- Antenna systems
(data communication, RFID antennas, customized OEM products)
- Filters and combiners
(for mobile networks, customized OEM products)
- Components for RF applications and professional electronics
(RFID modules and devices, LED electronics, terminations and waveguides for RF applications, ...)

Business units
- Antenna systems
- RF systems
- Testing
- Filters and combiners
- Microwave and waveguide systems
- Mobile networks
- Data communication
- Automotive electronics
- Professional electronics
- RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
- Mechatronics
- LED systems


OEM solutions

Research and development
- Customized development of OEM products and applications like
     - RF applications and antenna systems
     - RF and standard electronics
     - Mechatronic
     - Embedded software

- CNC prototyping
- 3D rapid prototyping
- PCB design and assembly

Process automation
- Manuel assemblies
- Half and full automated assemblies
- Serial production
- Assembling, testing, documentation

System solutions
- Planning, project management
- Feasibility studies, economical studies
- System competence and responsibility

Khatod Optoelectronic S.r.l.

Via Monfalcone 41
20092 Cinisello Balsamo

Tel: +39 0266013695
Fax: +39 0266013500

Email: khaalttodalt@khatodalt.com






Our company

Khatod Optoelectronic is a real innovator of LED Lighting Systems, able to deliver immediate solutions when new requirements from the ever-evolving LED Industry are posed. We pride ourselves in that fact that since our start in 1985, all of our products are invented, designed, and manufactured in our own facility, employing the latest in designing,  production methods, testing and control, assuring our customers products of the highest quality. Khatod specifies and develops the entire product process 100% in-house, Milano, Italy. All the operations are held on site: a full optical service - from project to object - encompassing optical and mechanical designs; optical simulations and experimentations carried out in our photometric laboratory; the entire injection moulding production process including mould fabrication; test and inspection. This makes our quality control as well as the time to market, under our full control. New ideas as well as investments in new projects have been Khatod’s philosophy since ever. In this spirit, Khatod has recently expanded its facility into a nearly double surface including cutting-edge equipments for the optics technology: new  150 sqm dark room provided with hi-tech photogoniometer for accurate measurements of light scattering; vacuum treatment plant based on the most advanced Vacuum Coating Technology, customized for specific optical  treatments …. just to mention some of our latest innovations. We firmly believe that only continuous research and development enable to meet the most demanding requirements from LED Industry. Our aim is to deliver our customers the best in LED lensing, products and technologies that far surpass the traditional ones while  guaranteeing the highest quality level. Khatod’s optical experience started with optoelectronic devices. Since then, Khatod  has been successful in developing and producing optical die cast products, from custom optics for industrial applications to the most cutting-edge optical systems for the LEDs of latest generation from the major producers of Power LEDs. Khatod’s quality begins with excellent materials and close collaboration with selected suppliers, world leaders in plastic materials. Also, control instruments, innovative machines for polymers transformation process, high technology, extensive research and development, are fundamental elements for the realization of Khatod first class products. Years ago, Khatod was first to use the NJC Technology™ for the manufacturing of secondary optics for Power LEDs,  leading to the production of  the widest range of single, triple, quad and multiple lenses - MR16, MR11, AR111, all realized in NJC Technology™ -  for most of the major LEDs manufacturers. In recent years there has been a sharp rise in the use of LED Technology due to the growing responsibility  for Energy Conservation. By nature, LED lighting makes energy-wasting traditional lighting technologies obsolete,  and the use of LEDs in wide area lighting is growing strongly. After pioneering developments in the LED general lighting, Khatod expanded into Wide Area Lighting  with the creation of optical systems for Street Lighting; Outdoor Lighting; Indoor Lighting; Industrial Lighting; etc. Khatod Optical Systems are ready-to-use modules ensuring superior performance. What makes these systems exclusive is the design itself: they allow an easy customization of the optics by acting on them while each module is injected; as well, the simple combination of standard modules allows to customize any final applications. Now more than ever, Khatod is in the front line with the most innovative optical solutions developed for the latest evolution in LED Technology : High Brightness LEDs and COB LEDs. The high-level luminosity produced by these modern LEDs achieves high intensities and need proper optical solutions, such as reflectors , in order to maximize their efficiency. Recognizing this new important requirement from the LED Industry, Khatod has equipped its Production Department with the most advanced vacuum treatment plant based on the innovative Vacuum Coating Technology, essential for the creation of optical reflector systems perfectly matching the high luminous intensity from the HB LEDs. Khatod’s revolution in lensing, however, never stops and meets a new challenge by unveiling the most innovative Ultra Clear Silicone Optic for High Brightness LEDs  and COB LEDs. This new optical solution from Khatod is engineered to meet the typical requirements of  High Brightness LEDs which achieve very high temperatures. The typical characteristics of silicone make this new Lens from Khatod high flexible, so allowing  an easy fit to the final application. Khatod is able to meet the expectations of the most demanding individuals looking for the latest in LED Technology .They can always count on exclusive products as well as cutting-edge engineering, advanced technologies, continuous research and experimentation.

KIRRON Light Components GmbH & Co. KG

Zuffenhauser Str. 83
70825 Korntal-Münchingen

Tel: +49 (0)711/838896-870
Fax: +49 (0)711/838896-888

Email: inaltfoalt@kirronlightcomponentsalt.com



Our spectrum of services


The Leather Market, Unit 9G1, 11-13 Weston Street
SE1 3ER London
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20/31426825
Fax: +44 (0)20/30022712

Email: kathaltarinaalt@kkdcalt.coalt.uk



Our company

KKDC is a design and manufacturing company operating at the forefront of LED technology.

Our spectrum of services

We produce a range of specialist LED lighting solutions for high end architectural markets worldwide.

KKDC is recognised by lighting professionals for its High CRI, consistent linear warm white LED and the design of innovative LED luminaires.

KLB GmbH & Co. KG

Daimlerstrasse 6
61449 Steinbach/Ts.

Tel: +49 (0)6171/291504-2
Fax: +49 (0)6171/291504-9

Email: konalttaktalt@klbalt-lightalt.com




Our company

KLB is active across Europe and offers innovative solutions for lighting in businesses and public facilities with a focus on economic and ecological sustainability, as well as compatibility with people and the environment.

Our spectrum of services

  • LED T8 Röhren (Retrofit)
  • LED Combi Light Leuchten (Luminaire)
  • LED Panels
  • LED Down Lights
  • LED High Bay Lamps

Kny Design e. U.

Ramingdorf 22
4441 Behamberg

Tel: +43 (0)7252/81414
Fax: +43 (0)7252/8141475

Email: offalticealt@knyalt-designalt.com



Our company

Kny Design - A small, but highly specialized Austrian family company that will meet your requirements and expectations.

We move with the times!

We set standards in areas of:

  • Lighting design
  • Glass design
  • Metal construction

We are exclusively bound to the Austrian production site and create a unique niche of products in unprecedented quality.

Satisfaction, trust and openness to all parties involved are the pillars of the company. The satisfaction of our clients, suppliers and employees is our highest goal. Maximization of profit is only second in rank.

The company was founded in 1956. Currently, the company in third generation, has Harald Kny at the helm, grandson of the founder. He was appointed managing director in 1989.

In the beginning the focus was on living room lighting and particular on Maria-Theresia chandeliers.
Today the program has a much wider spectrum. Today we offer master plans for villas, hotels, restaurants, ships and public buildings. Our production and supply capabilities include high quality furniture, decorative lighting for indoor and outdoor use and ornate metal and glass for interior and exterior architecture


Our spectrum of services

• Lighting Design

Modern lighting design is as much our competence as the maintenance of traditional chandeliers.

From lighting fixtures of over 6 meters to standard wall lights, everything is in our wide assortment.

Our services:
- Classic Lighting
- Modern Lighting
- Ship Lighting
- Bridge Illumination
- Park Lighting
- Special Designs

• Glass design

Kny Design is your partner in a diverse range of services in the area of glass-technology.

Using different techniques glass is processed and designed.

  •  Laser-Technology
  •  Sandblasting
  •  Color-Fused-Glass
  •  Glassfusing

Our services:
- Glass-Facades
- Glass-Dividers
- Glass-Doors
- Shower-Dividers
- Wash-Table-Plates
- Special Designs

• Metal Construction

Our company is well established in sophisticated metal construction. Steel staircases and glass canopies are
manufactured as well as a wide range of special items for any indoor and outdoor use.

Our products have gained a reputation, especially in modern architecture, but also the interiors of
private facilities.

Our services:
- Cantilever-Roof-Slab
- Staircase-Hand-Rails
- Fire-Protection-Doors
- Light-Sculpture
- Special Design

Komar Design GmbH

Hagenrain 1
83543 Rott a. Inn

Tel: +49 (0)8039/408212
Fax: +49 (0)8039/408211

Email: maltkalt@komarlichtalt.de



Our spectrum of services

LED lighting

Konica Minolta Sensing Europe B.V.

Werner-Eckert-Str. 2
81829 München

Tel: +49 (0)89/4357156-0
Fax: +49 (0)89/4357156-99

Email: infoalt.germanyalt@seualt.konicaminoltaalt.eu



Our spectrum of services
Spectrophotometer for Illuminance Measurement



Illuminance Spectrophotometer

Kowa Optimed Deutschland GmbH

Immermannstr. 43B
40210 Düsseldorf

Tel: +49 (0)211/1793540
Fax: +49 (0)211/161952

Email: laltedalt@kowaoptimedalt.com




Our spectrum of services 

  • Institutions, authorities, organisations, publishers, associations, training and further education
  • LED lighting


L&L Luce & Light S.r.l.

Via della Tecnica 42
36031 Povolaro di Dueville (Vi)

Tel: +39 0444/360571
Fax: +39 0444/594304

Email: lucealtlightalt@lucelightalt.it



Our company

L&L Luce&Light is an Italian company highly specialised in the design and manufacture of LED lighting systems for the civil and industrial sectors. L&L Luce&Light offers products manufactured exclusively in Italy, ensuring a high standard of quality through the skilful use of light and the striking effects it can create. L&L Luce&Light has always been strongly committed to quality and research, the result of which is a meticulous production chain that safeguards a value of paramount importance to the company: authentic Made in Italy. The finished product is the result of focused and skilled expertise, accompanied by careful planning and cutting-edge design that epitomises the way Italian creations are made, and which has helped make L&L Luce&Light an increasingly reliable benchmark in the field of Made in Italy products.

Our spectrum of services

Lighting design

L&L Luce&Light can even assist the customer in the design process, offering a consultancy service that proposes specially designed lighting projects based on a precise analysis of the requirement.

Custom products

L&L Luce&Light is the perfect partner for the study, design and manufacture of special custom products, created according to the needs of the customer. Product customisation comes about through consultation with the sales department combined with the expertise of the lighting design department, both of which support and guide the customer in the creation of a customised product.


L&L Luce&Light offers solutions for the retail sector through its re-lamping service. This solution provides the option of re-using existing equipment, adapting it to new LED technology without having to replace the entire lamp body. The re-lamping service transforms a traditional lighting system into a source of high colour rendering “digital light”, guaranteeing considerable financial savings which result in the elimination of maintenance costs, redevelopment of the existing product and energy savings.

Lackwerke Peters GmbH + Co. KG

Hooghe Weg 13
47906 Kempen

Tel: +49 (0)2152/2009-0
Fax: +49 (0)2152/2009-70

Email: petaltersalt@petersalt.de



Our company

Lackwerke Peters GmbH + Co KG in Kempen has been specialised in the production and sale of high-tech lacquers for the fabrication of printed circuit boards, conformal coatings and casting compounds for electronics, optoelectronics as well as photovoltaics for more than 40 years and is well prepared to offer market-driven, customer-specific and qualitatively challenging solutions for all manner of requirements. In Europe, renowned companies of the aerospace, automotive, traffic engineering, medical technology, industrial and telecommunications industries belong to their direct or indirect users. ELPELIGHT® products for optoelectronics/lighting technology enable the reliable use of LED applications in outdoor areas. Signal lamps, information boards, vehicle lighting and other optoelectronics outdoor applications are exposed to special weather conditions. For this application area special products are available that do not only protect against environmental influences but also meet highest functional optical requirements such as very high transparency, light dispersion and UV stability. In order to avoid or to specifically generate different light effects such as dispersion or absorption, e.g. under LEDs, different lacquer systems for the substrate coating were developed. The wide, partially tailored product programme is completed by a comprehensive technical service.  

Langmatz GmbH

Am Gschwend 10
82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Tel: +49 (0)8821/920-0
Fax: +49 (0)8821/920-159

Email: inaltfoalt@langmatzalt.de



Our company

Langmatz is a dynamic and innovative plastic and metal
processing business. Our customers include businesses in the

   Electrical Power Supply
   Street Lighting
   Road Traffic Technology

Our core competencies are the design, development, production
and marketing of state-of-the-art products. A broad vertical range
of manufacture guarantees the flexible and cost efficient
production of our systems.

Our customers and their requirements needs our top priority.
We also meet this demand through the customised development of system solutions.

Our spectrum of services

Langmatz develops electronic devices and corresponding software and products in the range of plastics and metal processing. Apart from marketing of standard products the developing of customer-specific solutions is an important guarantor for the successful expansion of the product range. Here our most important product groups:

- Manholes made of PC
- Underground distribution systems
- Covers for manholes
- Outdoor cabinets and bases
- E-charging stations
- House feed-ins
- Fuse boxes
- Radio ripple control receivers
- Signal request equipment


M. Gorkeho 33
05201 Spisska Nova Ves

Tel: +421 (0)534188811
Fax: +421 (0)534188818

Email: saaltlesalt@leaderlightalt.sk



Our company

LEADER LIGHT design and manufacture LED fixtures and electronic control devices for professional entertainment and architectural applications from the heart of the Slovak region Spis in Spisska Nova Ves.

LEADER LIGHT guarantees the quality of its products. All components and products meet the latest trends and technology requirements. The product‘s quality is carefully checked throughout the production process several times and all products are thoroughly tested.

LEADER LIGHT has established a network of dealers worldwide. Technology and high-quality products are being developed very quickly, and training of dealers and customers is regularly provided.

LEADER LIGHT respects the environment. Production processes and products themselves are friendly to the environment. 

LECAR Lichtsysteme GmbH

Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Str. 23-25
51503 Rösrath

Tel: +49 (0)2205/920090
Fax: +49 (0)2205/9200910

Email: inaltfoalt@lecaralt-lichtalt.de



Our spectrum of services

  • LED lighting
  • Technical lighting and accessories

LED Light for you

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH

Leibnizstr. 4
93055 Regensburg

Tel: +49 (0)941/850 1700
Fax: +49 (0)941/850 3302

Email: supaltportalt@osramalt-osalt.com





Our company

OSRAM is one of the leading manufacturers of optoelectronic semiconductors for the lighting, sensor and visualization sectors.


FAI S.r.l.

Via Martiri della Libertá 27
24040 Misano Gera D´Adda (BG)

Tel: +39 0363/848111
Fax: +39 0363/341259

Email: inaltfoalt@faialt-srlalt.com



Our company

Distributor of electrical and lighting components, LED lighting

Our spectrum of services

On time service

Electrical and ligthign technical support 

Led Luce Dintorni S.r.l.

Strada Molini 50
36100 Vicenza

Tel: +39 0444/040857
Fax: +39 0444/923464

Email: maltktalt@ledlucedintornialt.it



Our company

LED Luce e Dintorni, born as a company specialized in LED lighting for the nautical field, then it devoted itself to the civil and architectural area affirming itself with professionalism and competence. Respectful of the environmental issues, nowadays it is a leading pro-tagonist in the energy saving sector. The choice to use Italian raw materials allows to achieve very carefully conceived items and guarantees that high qualitative standard which distinguishes MADE IN ITALY products. The manufacturing of the mechanical parts takes place directly into our factory as well as the assembly of the fixtures and the electronic circuits they’re equipped with. Before being introduced into the market, each part undergoes careful analyses so that the final result turns out to be excellent in terms of reliability, functionality and safety. Research and innovation are among the elements which distinguish our team whose strength is given by the same passion in creating the best lighting fixtures. The solutions we offer come from the will to fully satisfy the needs of the market and are the result of a careful study of light, intended as an essential element in the definition of space. A team composed of highly qualified and skilled personnel is at our customers’ disposal to follow technical-commercial issues and assure the due assistance during the lighting project planning. Furthermore, our company relies upon a modern show-room conceived as a displaying space where our guests can evaluate the technical aspects of our production and be captured by the emotions they may stir up.

LED-Linear GmbH

Pascalstr. 9
47506 Neukirchen-Vluyn

Tel: +49 (0)2845/984620
Fax: +49 (0)2845/98462120

Email: Martinalt.Braschokalt@ledalt-linearalt.de



Our spectrum of services

LED lighting

LEDO LED Technologie GmbH

Ludwig-Eckes-Allee 6
55268 Nieder-Olm

Tel: +49 (0)6136/95379-0
Fax: +49 (0)6136/95379-66

Email: inaltfoalt@ledoalt-ledalt.com



Our company

LEDO LED Technologie GmbH is a young company from region Mainz, which has specialized in the development, production and marketing of high-quality LED luminants. Partners and managers are Norbert Harkam and qualified designer Jürgen Honold. Our product range includes the retrofit LED light bulb "BULLED CLASSIC", which is shaped to resemble the conventional incandescent bulb, as well as the follow-up models "BULLED MODULAR" and "BULLED STAR".

We have always followed a simple, clear vision at LEDO: We design and produce conceptually unique LED luminants. Of high quality, design-oriented and extremely durable. Optimum light quality and a high degree of functionality are just as important to us as stylish design and environment-friendly efficiency. Our luminants consume up to 85% less energy than others, after all. We believe that this makes our products appealing to society and the environment in equal measure.

Our spectrum of services

BULLEDs by LEDO - excellent lighting in brilliant shape

BULLED retrofit lamps are the only known light bulb substitutes with LED technology producing the same brightness as a conventional 60 watt light bulb at a similar size and lighting quality - but with a lifespan of 80,000 hours and a consumption of only 11 watts. BULLEDs do not merely imitate the light bulb, but represent a new, functional archetype. 


Höchster Strasse 8
6850 Dornbirn

Tel: +43 (0)5572/50953000
Fax: +43 (0)5572/509953000



Our spectrum of services

ledxon gmbh

Opalstraße 32
84032 Altdorf

Tel: +49 (0)871/9746155
Fax: +49 (0)871/9746156

Email: inaltfoalt@ledxonalt.de



Our company

The ledxon group.

is an internationally operating company group of LED experts. For over five years, the ledxon gmbh has established itself as a manufacturer of advanced LED products for industrial applications on the market. With over 25 years of experience, trust us both well-known industrial customers, as well as the world‘s leading electric distributions.

Market position.

because of the strong growth in the LED retrofit range we have established since early 2010, our subsidia­ry ledxon replace gmbh as one of the top five LED bulbs suppliers represented in the electrical wholesa­le trade. Our sub office in Scotland, ledxon Ltd. serves the entire Western European market since 2007


Through close cooperation with leading European companies in the lighting industry continually creates new and successful collaborations. Future-oriented technologies, 25 years experience and a European presence makes the ledxon group to a reliable and stable partner for industry and commerce.

Our spectrum of services

Special OEM.

In addition to our very high quality standard range, we also offer customized product solutions. You be­nefit from over 25 years experience in the industrial area LED. Of the individual LED application through to the final mature mass we always strive to meet the specific needs of our customers.


All quality-related production processes are subject to constant monitoring and review so that we can offer you a consistent quality. Because in the end it is not our product, but your product. We are not just on paper about our warranties.


As an international group of companies, we can draw on a wealth of expertise and advanced technologies. So we have the opportunity to present you with constantly new innovations in our product range. Through training and lectures to inform not only our customers but also research institutes and universities across the LED technology.

Lee Filters

Central Way, Walworth Business Park
SP10 5AN Andover
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1264366245
Fax: +44 (0)1264355058

Email: saaltlesalt@leefiltersalt.com




Our spectrum of services

Decorative lighting and accessories 

LEiDS GmbH & Co. KG

Donaustr. 22-24
71522 Backnang

Tel: +49 (0)7191/3230-20
Fax: +49 (0)7191/3230-29

Email: lealtdsalt@leidsalt.de



Our company

We are sure that you have LED lights not only today, but after 50,000 hours can turn on and are just as happy as on the first day. Through the interplay of its own LED production, optimally matched to the LED Cooling system, highly effective lens technology and design their own lights, we are Able high-quality LED lights and LED bulbs offer you. This is also the foundation as a young company through the development and sustainability from long-term customer relationships to be successful. Not just talking about LEDs, but use LED lighting and energy saving. For this reason we have our office in 2008, manufacturing and warehouse area converted to LED lighting.

You are cordially invited to get to know us and our LED solutions!

Our spectrum of services

LED lighting solutions from one source. Modern LED technology with low power consumption and high light output for large areas. Maintenance free and highly durable.

Ideal for commercial space, warehouses and industrial plants.


Heiterblickstr. 42
04347 Leipzig

Tel: +49 (0)341/245613-0
Fax: +49 (0)341/245613-99

Email: inaltfoalt@leipzigeralt-leuchtenalt.com



Our company

Outdoor Lighting and urban furniture bespoke and contemporary – all one-stop

LEIPZIGER LEUCHTEN has a long tradition of producing period-style luminaires for exterior applications. In Leipzig luminaires have been produced since 1889, making LEIPZIGER LEUCHTEN the successor of the oldest luminaire manufacturing company in Germany. Well known for its German quality engineering and being firmly stablished in the domestic market LEIPZIGER LEUCHTEN has been continuously expanding its activities into international markets. Consciously the German company is expanding its horizons while developing smart, responsible and passionate new lighting concepts for individual demands. Aware of the increasing demand for its custom made luminaires, LEIPZIGER LEUCHTENhas intensified production of custom made lighting solutions for the urban environment. Further, the requirement of sophisticated designs and the capability to address any requirements have resulted in a broad range of luminaires and urban furniture.

less´n´more GmbH

Rommerskirchener Str. 21
50259 Pulheim

Tel: +49 (0)2238/9699558
Fax: +49 (0)2238/9699559

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Our company

As we see it, our name stands for an attitude: less means more. We develop products for our customers and ourselves that have been holistically designed and reduced to their essentials. Top quality, modern technologies and our love of detail create lasting aesthetic value. We manufacture products that give pleasure and conform to our idea of responsibility. They stand for the perfect symbiosis of sustainability and design. State-of-the-art LED technology: All our athene and zeus luminaires are based on a unique technology that is protected by patent: the solid aluminium luminaire head with its state-of-the-art LED lighting technology that can be focussed allows you to adjust the beam of light from 25 to 100 degrees. The light created this way is warm and cosy. The luminaires are available in various colours and thus fit in perfectly with any surroundings. 

LeuchTek GmbH

Im Hegen 6c
22113 Oststeinbek

Tel: +49 (0)40/2269710
Fax: +49 (0)40/69456432

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Our spectrum of serices

Electric lamps

LED lighting

LG Chem, Ltd.

LG Twin Towers, 20, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu
150-721 Seoul
Korea, Republic of

Tel: +82 (0)2/37733088
Fax: +82 (0)2/37736950

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LG Innotek

Wollong Industry Site, Naepo-ri, Munsan-eup
413-901 Paj-city, Gyeonggi-do
Korea, Republic of

Tel: +82 (0)319371319

Email: ledlialtghtingalt@lginnotekalt.com




Licatec GmbH Licht u. Kabelführungssysteme

Alfred-Nobel-Str. 2-14
50226 Frechen

Tel: +49 (0)2234/955660-50
Fax: +49 (0)2234/95566-933-966

Email: inaltfoalt@licatecalt.de



Our company

The provision of optimal solutions for industrial lighting and cable conduit systems - both in the electrical installation trade as well as in mechanical engineering and switch cabinet construction. The owner-managed medium-sized company LICATEC has been meeting these requirements for more than 40 years with its high degree of flexibility and short decision-making paths. More than 5000 customers world wide place theit trust in our products an our service, and that with a increasing tendency - this is a great motivation for us to consistently continue along this road.

Our spectrum of services

We develop and produce innovative and easy to install systems which make our client`s work easier. Our well-developed international sales network enables us to guarantee competent local advice and our central logistics secures the fast on time delivery, often directly onto the construction site. 

Lichtprofil UG

Blienshaldenweg 133
73734 Esslingen

Tel: +49 (0)711/75874032
Fax: +49 (0)711/75874033

Email: inaltfoalt@lichtprofilalt.com



Our spectrum of services

  • Decorative lighting and accessories
  • Technical lighting and accessories

Lichtwerk GmbH

Hellinger Str. 3
97486 Königsberg

Tel: +49 (0)9525/98270
Fax: +49 (0)9525/9827300

Email: inaltfoalt@lichtwerkalt.de



Our company

Lichtwerk GmbH is a subsidiary company of Regiolux GmbH, and has established itself as a competent partner for sophisticated lighting tasks in the area of project lighting.

Our spectrum of services

The portfolio of Lichtwerk GmbH consists of individual project luminaires incorporating advanced technology for innovative lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor deployments. The implementation of these custom projects is based upon our engineering experience, our quality of workmanship and our experience in the manufacturing, planning and sale.

LifeEnergy Systems GmbH

Mühlheimer Str. 33
63179 Obertshausen

Tel: +49 (0)6104/45254
Fax: +49 (0)6104/45255

Email: schalteidalt@lifelitealt.de




Our spectrum of services

Electric lamps

LED lighting

Light & More GmbH

Röntgenstr. 1
74670 Forchtenberg

Tel: +49 (0)7947/91000
Fax: +49 (0)7947/910025

Email: veraltkaufalt@naevealt.de




Our spectrum of services

LED lighting

Technical lighting and accessories

Lightcycle - Sauberes Licht, sauber recycelt.

Landsberger Str. 155 (Haus 2)
80687 München

Tel: +49 (0)89/57959120
Fax: +49 (0)89/57959244

Email: inaltfoalt@lightcyclealt.de



Our company

Lightcycle Retourlogistik und Service GmbH is a non-profit organisation founded in 2005 in order to organise the nationwide collection of end-of-life lamps in Germany and to properly dispose of and recycle these products in line with producers’ legal obligations. Manufacturers and importers can thus meet those legal requirements (WEEE directive and the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act named ElektroG) by joining a system that is both ecologically and economically sustainable. Lightcycle is the take-back system that collects the largest volume of end-of-life LED and gas discharge lamps in Europe. The company delivers the collected lamps to certified recycling plants, ensuring that they are professionally recycled.

Our spectrum of services

The two main aspects for a successful collection are the nationwide set-up of an easily accessible collection network as well as intensive and ongoing information and awareness-building campaigns. Alongside the municipal collection network, Lightcyle has established an extensive voluntary network with disposal companies and partners in the wholesale channel and at retail outlets and electrical installation companies. In addition, we have been running campaigns aimed at both private and commercial consumers since the operative start of the system in the year 2006 to create awareness of the use of energy-efficient lighting technology as well as its proper disposal. We have been able to significantly increase knowledge about this subject, resulting in sustainable annual growth of our collection volume. A further focus of the company is the creation of a level playing field and fair market conditions by conducting extensive market-surveillance activities. Producers who are not fulfilling their legal obligations according to the German ElektroG are prosecuted and forced into registration and compliant market behaviour. As an additional service, Lightcycle is responsible for the administration of Garantiegesellschaft Lampen OSRAM GmbH, Philips GmbH und Andere GbR. This company provides manufacturers and importers of lamps an easy and economically competitive guarantee system. It has the necessary accreditation of the German authorities and serves as the required basis to be registered by the national German register “EAR” (Stiftung Elektro-Altgeräte Register). Last but not least, Lightcycle offers manufacturers and importers of lighting products competent support to help them meet their time-consuming and complex legal obligations.

Lighting Innovation Group AG

Mühlentalstrasse 28
8200 Schaffhausen

Tel: +41 (0)52/6202850
Fax: +41 (0)52/6202849

Email: inaltfoalt@ligalt.ht




Our company

Our roots are in the untiring search for innovations. To this day, these innovations are the driving factor for our actions. We draw new impetus and expand our technological power from the cooperation with our customers, research institutes, and associations. Our strengths are our engineering know-how that has grown for more than a decade, our creativity, and our target-oriented ingenuity.

Our spectrum of services

Our service portfolio is divided into two business units, the management of R&D projects and individual lighting solutions.
 • The development projects, which we, if needed, manage from the design phase to production, focus on the areas of lighting technology, electronics, design, and prototyping.
 • On request, we manage architectural LED property solutions, which we create based on customer requirements and implement in terms of technology, from the conceptual phase and development to production and on-site commissioning.

Lightnet GmbH

Zollstockgürtel 63
50969 Köln

Tel: +49 (0)221/222526-0
Fax: +49 (0)221/222526-99

Email: inaltfoalt@lightnetalt.de



Our company

DESIGN – We create light
Puristic and free from unnecessary details - Lightnet orientates itself on the clear geometric forms of contemporary architecture. The light takes center stage, becoming an integral component of design. Our collection is distinguished by concentration on the essential. Forms, surfaces and dimensions have been attuned to suit each other perfectly. This means that all Lightnet products can be combined in a multitude of ways.

SUSTAINABILITY – Not purely a trend, but a maxim
The responsible handling of resources determines our work processes and is an expression of our ecological awareness.
For instance, we run our works on power from renewable energies and lay great priority on the most modern and resource-saving technologies. We exclusively produce lights with LED technology or for energy-efficient lamps. As a company with over 100 staff, we take our social responsibilities very seriously, are creating jobs and are committed to vocational education and training. Together with our constantly growing commitment to social projects, both at home and abroad, these are the pillars of the system of goals aimed at sustain-ability which we are continually optimizing.

IN-HOUSE MANUFACTURING – Made in Europe, made by Lightnet
Lightnet produces its own goods. The greatest possible in-house vertical range of manufacture guarantees short dis-tances and the uninterrupted monitoring of all processes.
On more than 6,000 square meters of production area with assembly lines for metal and acrylic glass processing, powder-coating plants and tool construction, we process more than 150 tons of steel, 100 tons of aluminum and 10,000 square meters of acrylic glass each year. Due to own SMD-assembling lines we are able to implement the specifications of our customers also in LED-technology in a prompt, flexible and independent way.

SERVICE – Perfect lighting emerges from dialogue
We listen, advise professionally and develop the optimal lighting solution in close contact with our customers. We accompany lighting concepts emerging in this way during every phase of development, from analysis of requirements via planning of lighting and visualization, right up to production. Always committed and unconventional in the best sense of the word. Lightnet headquarters in Cologne, sales personnel throughout Germany and our partners in over 30 countries leave no question unanswered. 

Linea Light S.r.l.

Via della Fornace, 59, Z.I.
31020 Castelminio di Resana

Tel: +39 0423/7868
Fax: +39 0423/786999

Emai: markaltetingalt@linealightalt.com





Our company

The story of Linea Light Group goes back to 1985 when Minulamp, Eva Stampaggi and Linea Light, three acknowledged companies in the lighting sector, merged to create a new reality. Since then Linea Light Group has constantly evolved in response to market changes, anticipating them and focusing on research and collaboration with planners and light designers, in order to develop an ever-greater offer of products dedicated to all sectors. In fact the Group’s innate ability to understand what the best new products are to offer to energysaving and environmentally aware consumers allowed it to recognise the extraordinary potential of LED technology. Dedication, determination and passion are the qualities that made Linea Light Group what it is today: a modern company that is a leader in the lighting sector, an international organisation with plants that are still located in Italy, where the Group has decided to continue growing and investing in the “made in Italy“ concept both in terms of manufacturing and research. It is not until you understand the underlying reasons for the Group’s decisions that you can really comprehend its success and its motivations for opening its many offices, strategically located in major cities abroad: these offices play a vital role in allowing Linea Light Group to work closely with planners, advising them on the choice of the best products to use in what has become leading architectural projects of our times.

The Linea Light Group concentrates on constantly innovating the lighting sector with high quality design fixtures, integrated by cutting-edge technological solutions. The results obtained so far have encouraged the Group to proceed with this approach, in order to successfully compete at international level with the lighting multinationals, and to offer an ever-wider range of products and services promoting the pleasure and functions of light, without ever losing sight of technological, ecological and aesthetic criteria

Linea Light Group intends to reach its aims while continuing to cultivate its passion for light, technology and materials. The Group is true to its values and mission: to experience the great opportunity and meet the responsibility of providing products that do not just meet needs but satisfy people, both final customers and partners in distribution and planning. It has succeeded in its ambitious intent of growing without losing sight of its innate tendency to place itself at the service of those interfacing with its sphere of activity, building market and technological leadership through expertise, capacity to innovate and dynamism. 

Linergy S.r.l.

Via de Gasperi 9
63075 Acquaviva Picena (AP)

Tel: +39 0735/5974
Fax: +39 0735/597474

Email: inaltfoalt@linergyalt.it



Our company

Linergy is an Italian company which manufactures emergency lighting and centralized supervision systems.

Led and fluorescent fittings  cover the full range of products in the catalogue along with the diagnostic systems called Spy System and Spy Center.

LiteXpress GmbH

Dülmener Str. 92
48653 Coesfeld

Tel: +49 (0)2541/967870
Fax: +49 (0)2541/967871

Email: vertaltriebalt@litexpressalt.de



Our company

We are are German trading company operating in the sector of mobile lights. Our Premium line offers a wide range of high quality LED flashlights, headlights and camping lanterns. Our persistent aim is to combine advanced technology with high utility and attractive design in practical, user-friendly products. As only the best is good enough, we use only LEDs from renowned manufacturers, selected to meet our stringent requirements for the quality and finish of all components.

For more product infortmation please see our website: www.liteXpress.com

Our spectrum of services

To provide every user the light he needs we offer a wide range of LED flashlights made of high quality aluminium or plastic, headlights and camping lanterns as well as spotlights equipped with a large variety of lamps.

LMT Leuchten + Metall Technik GmbH

Dieselstr. 5
91161 Hilpoltstein

Tel: +49 (0)9174/4797-0
Fax: +49 (0)9174/4797-15

Email: inaltfoalt@lmtgmbhalt.de



Our company

LMT Leuchten + Metall Technik is a medium sized company, based in Hilpoltstein, Germany. Since 1984 we develop, produce and install high-quality solutions for projects comprising illumination and metal construction:


We develop our products by means of 3D-CADand programs for visualisation and lighting design. If required it is also possible to generate exact simulations of illumination sceneries, as well as constructing prototypes or carrying out on-site tests.


The complete production proceeds at our facility site in Germany. The implementation of innovative technologies in construction design and production guarantees dimensional accuracy and longevity of our single pieces, sub-assemblies and serial products.

We are looking forward to your project!

Due to our extensive experience in developing and manufacturing special lighting fixtures and housings, our modern production facilities and and our expert workforce, we meet our customers increasing requirements to the full extent.

Since our formation we have been supplying more than 150 metro and railway stations worldwide with more than 100 different types of our lighting tube systems. Our clients are for example: lighting designers, architects, engineering and planning offices, design studios, municipal authorities, building and electrical industry companies...

Our spectrum of services

The range of services we offer covers the full spectrum, from planning and design to manufacturing and installation of the following customer- and project-specific products:

Lighting tube systems and illuminated handrails
Our lighting tube systems are developed conform to project specifications together with customers, architects and planners.

Our great variety of products meets also high demands on lighting tube systems. In addition to standard equipment as there are luminaires, loudspeaker and wiring it is also possible to integrate e.g. data cables, surveillance systems, destination displays, pictograms and systems for emergency stops and fire protection.

The range of applications of our lighting tube systems includes e.g. platforms, distribution levels, underpasses, waiting areas, staircases and access ramps of train and metro stations, bus terminals, airports etc.
Most of our lighting tubes are made of extruded aluminium profiles, which are chromated and powder coated in RAL or DB colour as requested, or eloxadised E6/EV1. Our product line comprises also continuous-row lighting systems made of stainless steel.

Special lighting fixtures
Our special lighting fixtures and projector-reflector-systems for various technical and architectural applications, for indoor and outdoor use, are tailor-made to the demands of our clients and their projects.
Our range of services covers the full spectrum, from expert advice, development, prototyping, production of different quantities: from one single piece up to small series, to the installation of our products. It is also possible to get specially developed technical components and reflectors, tailor-made to project-specific requirements.

Metal casings and structures
Our fabrication spectrum comprises metal structures and housings for applications in industry, medicine and interior work: e.g. housings for medical appliances or metal woking machines as well as panellings for walls and ceilings, metal installations and artwork.

LOBS.LED Deutschland GmbH

Stockholmer Str. 2
67346 Speyer

Tel: +49 (0)6232/673921
Fax: +49 (0)6232/673931

Email: palt.canipealt@lobsledalt.com



Our spectrum of services

LED lighting 

Technical lighting and accessories

LTS Licht & Leuchten GmbH

Waldesch 24
88069 Tettnang

Tel: +49 (0)7542/9307-0
Fax: +49 (0)7542/9307159

Email: inaltfoalt@ltsalt-lichtalt.de



Our spectrum of services

LED lighting

Technical lighting and accessories

LUCAS components GmbH

Hermann-Löns-Str. 2
07745 Jena

Tel: +49 (0)3641/6686-0
Fax: +49 (0)3641/6686-124

Email: compoaltnentsalt@lucasalt-jenaalt.de



Our spectrum of services

LED lighting

Technical lighting and accessories

Lucent Lighting UK Limited

The Old Station House, 7A Coppetts Road
N10 1NN London
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)208/4420880
Fax: +44 (0)208/4446998

Email: inaltfoalt@lucentalt-lightingalt.com



Our spectrum of services

LED lighting

Technical lighting and accessories


Herspicka 813/5
639 00 Brno
Czech Republic

Tel: +420 (0)543/248 881
Fax: +420 (0)543/248 882

Email: inaltfoalt@lucisalt.eu



Our company

LUCIS Company is reputable European manufacturer of interior light fittings for private and public places.The company is based on the quality brand; top – class production of the Czech origin, modern timeless design and the high diversity of the products with wide possibilities of usage. The quality, functionality, originality and satisfaction of customers are the main values of the LUCIS Company. LUCIS luminaries  fits very well into interiors of family houses, flats, guest-houses  as well as hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals, retirements homes, schools, etc. LUCIS company has three production ranges: Standard Catalogue, News LED Catalogue and ViaLucis Catalogue. Standard Catalogue – main feature of light fittings from this catalogue is hand blown three-plied opal glass. Products have simple elegant modern design. News LED Catalogue – first products from Standard Catalogue with LED sources ViaLucis Catalogue – products from this catalogue are characteristic by its dynamic, playful and unconventional design. In this catalogue is used not only hand blown three –plied opal glass but also materials as Corian, Chintz, Perlatex or Fiberglass.

Our spectrum of services

LUCIS company offers you a lighting production programme for resolving the illumination of various interiors in both private und public life.

Ludwig Leuchten KG

Frühlingstr. 15
86415 Mering

Tel: +49 (0)8233/3870
Fax: +49 (0)8233/387200

Email: zaltenalt@ludwigalt-leuchtenalt.de



Our company

For more than 60 years now, Ludwig Leuchten KG specializes in the manufacture and marketing of indoor luminaires, predominantly for use in industry. 

Our spectrum of services

Thanks to ongoing development, we are not only able to offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of interior lighting fitted with LEDs as well as with fluorescent lamps, but also to implement special lighting solutions on a large scale.Our emphasis lies on the implementation of state-of-the-art lamp technology such as Light emitting diods, in combination with top-quality design. Production facilities based on the very latest technology and specially adapted to our manufacturing requirements, together with a computer system for lighting technology and planning, mean that we are able to offer a product range that is tailored to the needs of our customers and the market. Our products are manufactured in accordance with the state-of-the-art in lighting and electrical engineering and conform to the latest safety standards. In addition to the series production of luminaires, a further area of expertise lies in the development of special-purpose luminaires, which are designed and produced to order. Thanks to a high level of flexibility in all areas of the company, we are able to respond very quickly to the special requirements of our customers.

Lumi-Con Lighting Technologies

Setheweg 12
14089 Berlin

Tel: +49 (0)30/36431189
Fax: +49 (0)30/36431192

Email: conalttactalt@lumialt-conalt.de



Our company

Lumi-Con develops and sells high-quality and innovative LED lighting products. We are concentrating on the development of our own highly integrated electronic DIMMER modules for LEDs. In addition we offer modern and high efficient LED-Units and LED-Luminaires. Our DIMMER modules are high reliable and efficient electronic components, which are controlled by touch-sensors. Thus, mechanic switches or potentiometers are avoided which improves reliability. The modules are operated directly from mains voltage (230V/50Hz). The integrated efficient switch mode controller adjusts voltage and current to the needs of LEDs. The design is micro controller based hence adaptation to other driving conditions or applications are quite easily possible. The life tests of our dimmer modules show a possible operating time of more than 40000 hours under normal operating conditions. Thus, highly reliable maintenance-free luminaires with a lifetime of more than 30 years can be designed using our Touch Dimmers. For operation with High, Medium and Low Power Dimmers we offer various LED Modules. Innovative, modern and high efficient lamp concepts are completing our product spectrum. Together with the highly reliable dimmer modules our luminaires reach a maintenance-free lifetime of up to 30 years. 


Haigerlocher Str. 42
72379 Hechingen

Tel: +49 (0)7471 96014-0
Fax: +49 (0)7471 9601499

Email: maaltilalt@ledsalt.de



Our company

LUMITRONIX® LED-Technik GmbH stands for industry-neutral sales of quality and service in the area of LEDs and LED solutions. Together with our customers and partners we develop products specific to the respective application or upon request tend to your needs using our high-grade standard portfolio. We are manufacturer impartial and create standards which also still remain competitive and upgradeable for years to come. Due to the rapid industrial development we are constantly required to keep up to the latest technology by means of internal and external training and advanced training and to respond flexibly. This high flexibility and technical competence of our employees is a requirement for a successful and longterm collaboration with customers, partners and distributors.

Lunaled® GmbH

Saffiger Str. 2
56299 Ochtendung

Tel: +49 (0)2625/959950
Fax: +49 (0)2625/9599559

Email: falt.kohnzalt@lunaledalt.de



Our company

The LUNALED ® GmbH is specialized in importing and sales of LEDlighting technology.

Our product portfolio includes lamps for professional use.

We are with our LED bulb in a position to replace almost any standardbulb.

With up to 90% energy savings!

Our spectrum of services

LED bulbs of all kinds (including food for lighting)
Sourcing and QC in China
LED light framework for advertising
LED lights complete

Luxeta GmbH

Graf-Zeppelin-Str. 61
33181 Bad Wünnenberg-Haaren

Tel: +49 (0)2957/98429-0
Fax: +49 (0)2957/98429-29

Email: inaltfoalt@luxetaalt.de




Our spectrum of services

LED lighting

Technical lighting and accessories

Luxstream GmbH

Hilpertstr. 16-18
64295 Darmstadt

Tel: +49 (0)6151/3684880
Fax: +49 (0)6151/3684879

Email: konalttaktalt@luxstreamalt.de



Our company

Luxstream is a German manufacturer of innovative and high-quality LED lamps. Through comprehensive quality assurance procedures we ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards and achieve unrivalled customer satisfaction. Using technologies developed specifically for the LED lighting market, Luxstream delivers innovative products that increase the comfort of our customers and at the same time help to reduce the impact on the environment. Innovative quality is our top priority. Quality and sustainability applies to our production techniques, our company philosophy as well as to to our products. With our modern and energy-saving products, we help to protect our environment. At Luxstream, we only use the best materials in the manufacturing process of our LED lamps. So we ensure that our products are both long-lasting and reliable.

Luxx Lichttechnik GmbH

Abelbachstr. 13
33142 Büren

Tel: +49 (0)2951/93838100
Fax: +49 (0)2951/93838199

Email: inaltfoalt@luxxalt.com



Our company

Since founded we have established ourselves successfully in the market. Our customers from many different industries know and appreciate us as a specialist in LED lighting solutions.

In addition to extensive technical advice, we also support you in implementing your projects.

Function, design, environmental friendliness and efficiency are the requirements for the development and implementation of new LED lighting solutions.

We accompany you throughout the whole design and manufacturing process. From product development through volume production to quality control and delivery in time, you can get everything from one hand.

Our spectrum of services

With our products in commercial lighting, we focus specifically on architects, lighting designers, restaurants, retail, shop fitting and exhibition building.

The products are characterized by high quality workmanship and excellent electrical and optical properties.

We offer the following product groups:

LED ceiling panels

LED lighting fixtures

track Lights


LED replacements

shelf lighting

industrial lighting (High Bay, Low Bay)

and much more


M+R Multitronik GmbH

Niels-Bohr-Ring 28
23568 Lübeck

Tel: +49 (0)451/609950
Fax: +49 (0)451/604695

Email: inaltfoalt@multitronikalt.com



Our spectrum of services

• Gründungsjahr: 1981    
• Mitarbeiter: 9
• Produkte Elektronik:
    -    DC/DC-Wandler
    -    AC/DC-Netzteile und Adapter
    -    Piezo-keramische Signalgeber
• Produkte Lichttechnik:
    -    Elektronische Starter für Leuchtstofflampen
    -    LED-AC/DC-Schaltnetzteile
    -    LED-Treiber
    -    LED-Retrofit-Röhren

Maberry GmbH

Am Steinacker 2a
40670 Meerbusch

Tel: +49 (0)163/6700689
Fax: +49 (0)2159/81329

Email: inaltfoalt@maberryalt.de



Our company

Founded in 2010 Maberry is a company, specialized in the manufacture of LED lighting solutions of any kind. It has completely dispensed from conventional lighting technologies such as incandescent lamps. Born out of the problem that LED lights to date, even from reputable manufacturers do not meet the quality requirements of demanding customers needs, Maberry has specialized in producing products that counter any criticisms of LED technology, such as durability, color and brightness. A combination of puristic design, best materials and the latest LED technology identifies the products that are developed by Maberry from the first draft through to maturity phase. In addition to our product range we also offer customized lighting solutions that are developed according to customers preferences and to the same quality standards as our existing products. The company is located in Meerbusch near Duesseldorf. Here there is the development, assembly, shipping, service and sales of all products. 

Mackwell Electronics Ltd.

Vigo Place
WS9 8UG Aldridge
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1922/458255
Fax: +44 (0)1922/451263

Email: kevinalt.mccannalt@mackwellalt.com



Our company

With over 30 years of experience in the emergency lighting market Mackwell has to become one of the most prominent component suppliers to the global lighting industry. Mackwell’s experience in this sector has helped develop our ties with major international businesses and evolve our export market which now stands at 60% of the company’s turnover, supplying into over 40 markets. Having a wealth of experience in lighting markets across the world enables us to work closely with our clients to help them create solutions that suit their target markets. Mackwell operates from purpose designed premises of over 40,000 square feet (3800 square metres) in the West Midlands, UK. We operate a fully automatic assembly plant, with 4 surface mount lines and 9 auto-insertion machines. We develop all of our products in house and have a wide and innovative product portfolio which now includes emergency modules incorporating DALI interface and a range of LED conversion kits. All of our products are available with the option of automatic testing (AutoTest®) to the latest European Standards (EN 62034). Our emergency products are designed to operate with either NiCd or NiMH batteries and are designed to consume as little energy as possible. The new Mackwell strapline “Light the Way” gives obvious connotations when it comes to emergency lighting but after becoming an independent business at the back end of last year we can’t help getting a feeling “Watch this space” may apply as well….

Our spectrum of services

LED Solutions

Mackwell has invested heavily in the LED area, developing flexible driving technologies in some of the smallest packages on the market, AutoTest and DALI emergency options are all standard solutions across the range. Being an early adopter and developer of LED technology has helped drive the LED proportion of the business to over 45% of the company’s turnover. Mackwell has recently established mack-LED, a division focused upon solving the challenges faced by OEM’s moving from traditional light sources to LED designs. From our UK facility we offer a full development service of LED based solutions, which clients can select from its standard mackLED portfolio.


As a member of the AG DALI working group, Mackwell has established itself within the DALI community as World leaders in the development of DALI emergency lighting control products. Mackwell is also represented on the technical working group for the DALI standard which allows us to be at the forefront of new developments with AG DALI. All Mackwell products; including our LED Drivers are available with DALI functionality. N Light is a DALI emergency monitoring system, designed and developed to facilitate every requirement from basic emergency monitoring, through to multi-site remote systems management.

The Future

At Frankfurt Light + Build we are introducing an array of new innovative solutions and fully unveiling the new Mackwell brand and some slight changes to the philosophy of how Mackwell operates.

MAL Effekt-Technik GmbH

Tromagstr. 1
36179 Bebra

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Fax: +49 (0)6622/91388-18

Email: inaltfoalt@malalt-effektalt.de



Our spectrum of services 

LED lighting

Mareco Luce S.r.l.

Via Santa Croce 121
47032 Bertinoro (FC)

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Email: expaltortalt@marecolucealt.it



Our company

Mareco Luce offers to the talent and creativity of the architects and lighting designers a wide and complete range of lighting fittings and accessories that redefine outdoor space at the light of design.

Lighting is our business.
We do it with passion and competence. MADE IN ITALY since 1973.

From the rational use of plastics to the adoption of new materials, from the battle against light pollution to a high social sensibility, from the continuous technological updating to the collaboration with prestigious designers: our research pushes us to always explore new territories and never be content with the results which we have obtained.

We invest in quality. Not just product quality, but also manufacturing techniques, service and marketing.
In a modern company everything must say quality and it is for this reason that we have worked long and hard, in spite of the difficulties and temptations towards an easier route.
In December 1996 we obtained the UNI-EN ISO 9002 certification (now know as ISO 9001:2000), recognition of progress made and the commitment towards the future.

Our spectrum of services

Outdoor lighting manufacturing, specialising in solar/photovoltaic lighting systems.

Martini S.p.a.

Via Provinciale 24
41033 Concordia sulla Secchia (MO)

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Fax: +39 053548216

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Our company

The Martini Illuminazione group

Martini Illuminazione is an industrial group – which also includes Sames and Sothis – which has been developed over the years to provide advanced and focused lighting technique solutions to the architectural and performative requirements of the architect. Thanks to the expertise and experience developed by the company, it is able to offer products that are in the vanguard both as to technical performance and to coherence in terms of design quality, aimed at the pursuit of an absolute formal rigour. Martini directly provides for designing, developing, industrializing, producing and assembling all the products in its own plants, subjecting every single part, electronic or otherwise, to an attentive and constant quality control. By consulting the catalogue, every architect may ascertain what a wide and complete range of apparatuses the company offers, for indoor and outdoor use, verifying the great and specific attention dedicated to the development and experimentation of high-performance LED systems. However, the quality which Martini and its technical staff is best known for is its ability and willingness to assist architects and customers in finding innovative and personalized solutions. Moreover, Martini has dedicates itself for many years to the identification of environmentally friendly production solutions and methods and sustainable products and processes, by means of investments that have enabled it to pass the most demanding international standards of reference. The company’s dream and purpose coincide with the desire to make the fascinating effects and experience of light a part of every project, by sharing not only the passion but an advanced lighting technique culture with all those who see light not only as a functional necessity but, above all, as a means of eliciting emotions. 

MaxPoint Handelsges. mbH

Kurt-Fischer-Str. 50
22926 Ahrensburg

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Goeschwitzer Str. 32
07745 Jena

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Our spectrum of services

  • Industrial controls
  • LED lighting
  • Single services, facility management and contracting
  • Technical lighting and accessories


Balthasar-Schaller-Str. 3
86316 Friedberg

Tel: +49 (0)821/600990
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Our spectrum of services

  • Decorative lighting and accessories
  • LED lighting
  • Technical lighting and accessories

Merten GmbH

Fritz-Kotz-Strasse 8
51674 Wiehl

Tel: +49 (0)2261/702-01
Fax: +49 (0)2261/702-284

Email: infoalt.mertenalt@schneideralt-electricalt.com





Our spectrum of services

  • Electrical installation equipment/systems
  • House and building automation

METALMEK Illuminazione S.r.l.

Via Ramazzotti 10
20020 Lainate (MI)

Tel: +39 029373157
Fax: +39 029371016

Email: inaltfoalt@metalmekalt.it



Our company

For more than 35 years Metalmek Illuminazione Srl has been the leaderin the lighting technique sector. Its location in Lainate (Mi) includes offices, a showroom, research laboratories and a complete manufacturing cycle. The production includes the complete process from the sheet and aluminium, to painting and assembly of the end product. The quality of the finished product is continuously tested throughout the various phases of production.

Our spectrum of services

This product is mainly intended for tertiary, civil, commercialand furnishing use. Thanks to its experience and managing system, the competitive advantage of the company is based on the rapid satisfaction of customers’ needs. This, together with distinguishing competences in choosing scrupulously raw materials and deciding how they are processed, identifies the company as the most reliable partner in the sector of lighting with energy conservation.

Mode Lighting (UK) Limited

The Maltings, 63 High Street
SG12 9AD Ware, Hertfordshire
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1920/462121
Fax: +44 (0)1920/466881

Email: saaltlesalt@modelightingalt.com



Our company

Mode Lighting is part of a privately owned group of five companies which has an annual turnover approaching 28 Million UK Pounds. In line with the Mode Lighting philosophy of keeping services in house, each company provides a relevant complementary service to the group. As a group, Mode Lighting has built an enviable reputation for design innovation and quality engineering, on a stable foundation of re-investment and acquisition. Mode Lighting was founded in 1970 producing colour change dimming systems for the discotheque lighting market. In the early nineties, Mode diversified into architectural lighting systems. As an early adoptor of technology, Mode has seen a steady stream of new innovations launched from it’s extensive research and develoment program including the first electronic transformer for lighting in 1989 that could be dimmed by any dimmer to eDIN and EcoControls the latest Ethernet based Architectural and Energy Management Lighting Control systems.

Our spectrum of services

Mode Lighting designs and manufactures electronic control systems and dimming components in the UK, primarily for the global commercial and residential lighting industry.

MODUS, spol. s.r.o.

Zizkova 273
25225 Jinocany
Czech Republic

Tel: +420 (0)242/410240
Fax: +420 (0)242/410249

Email: salealtspromalt@modusalt.cz



Our company

MODUS started in year 1994. From this time belongs to most importnant producers of lighting fitting in central Europe. Our main goals are wide range of products, where we using components from worlds supplier, and we are ready to offer our products for friendly and reasonable price. Our export ratio is 70 percent.

Our spectrum of services

We are producers of office, industrial, outdoor fittings, which we are manufacturing at our production plant in Ceska Lipa (north bohemia). Trade department is situated in Prague.

Molex Deutschland GmbH

Otto-Hahn-Str. 1b
69190 Walldorf

Tel: +49 (0)6227/3091-0
Fax: +49 (0)6227/3091-8100

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Our company

Molex - Innovative solutions for LED Lighting
Molex manufactures some of the most innovative and reliable interconnect products in the world. We are committed to delivering innovative solutions for the Lighting industry that enhances design flexibility and lower product cost. Our extensive product range includes a series of standard interconnect systems and user interface solutions. We also offer custom solutions that meet our customers’ requirements, ranging from tailored wire and cable assembly designs to fully assembled LED modules that we can co-design, develop, manufacture and test to customer specific  needs.

About Molex Incorporated
Molex delivers complete interconnect solutions for a number of markets including data communications, telecommunications, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, medical, military, lighting and solar.  Molex was established in 1938 and operates 40 manufacturing locations in 16 countries.


Europastrasse 45
4600 Wels

Tel: +43 (0)7242/6980
Fax: +43 (0)7242/60376

Email: offalticealt@moltolucealt.com



Our spectrum of services

  • Decorative lighting and accessories
  • LED lighting
  • Technical lighting and accessories

Mulder-Hardenberg GmbH

Nordring 13
65719 Hofheim am Taunus

Tel: +49 (0)6192/979185
Fax: +49 (0)6192/979187

Email: infaltodealt@malt-halt.biz



Our company

MH Group has been serving the industry for over 80 years and has offices in Benelux, Germany and USA. As a family owned company, with headoffice in the Netherlands, we have specialized ourselves on the Data- and Telecom market with high quality products and tailor-made solutions.

Our spectrum of services

Fiber Optical products

LED lightning and LED boards

Cable management

Industrial Monitors High Resolution

Health Management Systems

MÜLLER-LICHT International GmbH

Goebelstr. 61/63
28865 Lilienthal

Tel: +49 (0)4298/9370-0
Fax: +49 (0)4298/9370-555

Email: seraltvicealt@muelleralt-lichtalt.de



Our spectrum of services 

  • Electric lamps
  • LED lighting
  • Technical lighting and accessories


NARVA Lichtquellen GmbH & Co. KG

Erzstr. Industriegebiet Nord 22
09618 Brand-Erbisdorf

Tel: +49 (0)37322/17202
Fax: +49 (0)37322/17203

Email: offalticealt@narvaalt-belalt.de





Our company

NARVA Lichtquellen GmbH & Co.KG is an international manufacturer of light sources and vacuum tubes and a leading specialist in the light spectrum, supplemented by the ultraviolet and infrared spectral regions. With three product segments (light, UV, solar), the company offers its customers a wide range of lighting products, with an emphasis on fluorescent lamps, as well as special solutions for special requirements in the lighting business. The company has 40 years experience in the physics of light, in the manufacture and processing of glass and in the development of specific light colors and customized solutions. Narva is a fair partnership with customers and suppliers and strive for high customer satisfaction and excellent quality of products and services through innovation and continuous value creation processes. The long-term demands of the company is a responsible use of raw materials and supplies as well as resource-saving production of all products documented. Narva is a global player. 450 employees at its brand Erbisdorf and distributors around the world care by professional lighting solutions and seamless service for the satisfaction of the global customer base.

Neo-Neon-Europe GmbH

Kaiserswerther Straße 85d
40878 Ratingen

Tel: +49 (0)211/561599-0
Fax: +49 (0)211/561599-10

Email: inaltfoalt@neoalt-neonalt.de



Our company

Founded in 1978, the Neo-Neon company has branches on every continent. The ISO 9100 and 14001 certified group is not only the biggest manufacturer worldwide of decorative lighting on a traditional as well as LED basis, but it also covers all areas of LED lighting and illumination technology. The strict implementation of the standards and regulations of each respective country is checked and ensured by external testing institutes, for example “Tüv Rheinland.” The production depth of the company is up to 90%, which encompasses everything from the manufacturing of the LED chips onto the MOCVD machines, to the packaging of all production stages, which additionally makes the Neo-Neon company a successful OEM / ODM manufacturer. The “Research and Development” department has more than 350 engineers with various university degrees who have the most recent and highest quality equipment available to them. Cooperation with different universities guarantees that the most current state of the art technologies are always able to be implemented.

Neo-Neon is the owner of numerous global patents and industrial designs for Neon-flex, among others. The integration of the Lexington GmbH, whose team has been operating successfully for 20 years in the areas of development, manufacturing and marketing of electronic products, has laid the foundation for the expansion of Neo-Neon in Europe. The synergy effects arising from this association guarantee the competent implementation of customer preferences, requirements of the European market, and the European legal requirements.

Our spectrum of services

We are manufacturers of energy efficient and environmentally friendly LED lighting technology. Our spectrum of services ranges from the production of LED chips onto MOCVD machines to the production design of lighting. Our palette of products cover indoor and outdoor areas for the efficacy of a few lumens up to more than 10 thousand lumens. Based on your individual requirements we are offering you additional tailored solutions – from analysis of planning, implementation and financing, to lighting installation services and technical support after the installation of the lighting equipment.


Via Emilia 1622
47020 Longiano (FC)

Tel: +39 0547/652111
Fax: +39 0547/54074

Email: nealtrialt@nerialt.biz



Our company

NERI SpA, based in Longiano (Cesena - Italy), is Italy’s top manufacturer of lighting systems and street furniture solutions. Lighting items play the main role in the catalogue range. Benches, shelters, bollards, kiosks, posts and custom-build urban architectural features complete a constantly evolving selection of products. By pursuing the same efficiency and quality targets, guaranteed by a nationally unique dynamic research and development laboratory, NERI also makes the ideal partner for custom lighting and street furniture projects, tailored to meet the requirements of architects, master planners and lighting designers. NERI also devotes strategic resources to restoration and reproduction. This area not only caters for functional renovation but it also offers the great opportunity of upgrading light fixture technology by means of innovative applications (like high-comfort and low environmental impact LEDs).

All of this, while respecting the aesthetic features of the original items. With Italy’s 8000 cities and towns, and several international signature landmarks (Hotel Bellagio in Las Vegas, Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong’s Disneyland, the Louvre in Paris, the Piazza del Campo square in Siena, to name but a few), featuring at least one of its products, NERI has created a unique industrial approach in the field which, starting from conventional design, has led it to develop groundbreaking illuminating engineering concepts, in tune with the latest, and increasingly sophisticated, global city and urban landscape needs. The implementation of such targets has called for the essential collaboration of partners of the standing of Philips and Osram, as well as for that of globally renowned industrial designers, including Makio Hasuike, for shape/function balance in applications.

Constant progress in the field of high light technology, combined with a long-standing mission focusing on making cities more beautiful and functional, has created solid corporate foundations, whose outcome, in 50 years of business, is a commitment to fully and extensively develop the company’s potential. Today NERI, stimulated by the great chances generated by global change and by the new challenges involving the environment, architecture and smart management of the power resources of large built-up areas, has intensified its global strategy by setting up representative offices in Asia (Singapore), Russia (Kiev), Qatar (Doha) plus companies in Miami (Neri North America) and Bangalore (India).

Neumüller Elektronik GmbH

Gewerbegebiet Ost 7
91085 Weisendorf

Tel: +49 (0)9135/73666-0
Fax: +49 (0)9135/73666-60

Email: inaltfoalt@neumuelleralt.com





Our company

Neumueller GmbH was established in Munich in 1952. Today it conducts business in all German speaking countries in the areas of sales and development of electronic high-tech products that are focused on opto-electronics. Together with Seoul Semiconductor who is one of the leading LED suppliers, worldwide, and who holds about 6,000 LED technology patents, both companies form a unique LED competence partnership.  As a result of their first class engineering and top support, together they deliver innovative and commercial LED system developments.

Our spectrum of services

We develop standard- as well as customer-specific LED-modules. Besides a big variety of matching components, we do as well calculate and measure the corresponding luminance intensity of the application.  
We do in-house layout-preparation. By optimizing the layout and  selecting the best fitting PCB we take care of minimizing Rth on LED-PCB. We definitely reduce the response time  on customer requirements by fast ways of decision and short development-time. We decide – if requested also together with the customer- which components will be the best choice for the application like LED, PCB, power supply, optic, heat sink, LED-diver (linear and switching regulator)  as well as modules for light control (touch dimmer, motion detector, light sensor).  

Nichia Chemical Europe GmbH

Westerbachstr. 30
61476 Kronberg im Taunus

Tel: +49 (0)6173/96700
Fax: +49 (0)6173/967024

Email: inaltfoalt@nichiaalt.de





Nimbus Group GmbH

Sieglestr. 41
70469 Stuttgart

Tel: +49 (0)711/63301420
Fax: +49 (0)711/63301414

Email: inaltfoalt@nimbusalt-groupalt.com



Our company

At Nimbus, LED luminaires and LED lighting solutions are created as a result of direct and intensive involvement with architecture. The experience we have gathered in realizing over 7,000 LED projects from homes, doctors’ practices, schools and kindergartens – including Waldorf kindergartens – through to office buildings and corporate headquarters clearly shows the lead enjoyed by LED.next luminaires in terms of design, energy concept and technology as well as the high level of expertise within the Nimbus Group. Nimbus is considered the market leader in LED interior lighting and is currently the only manufacturer offering an extensive range of LED luminaires covering almost every type of lighting job: cosy lighting for the home, efficient workplace lighting and wide-area general lighting. As far as the Nimbus Group is concerned, sustainability and responsibility are more than mere trends; they have been firmly anchored principles in the corporate philosophy we have been putting into practice so demonstrably since Dietrich Brennenstuhl founded the company over 20 years ago. For example, the Nimbus Group has encouraged and supported regional children’s, youth and education projects for many years now. All the company’s activities – such as product development, design, production, sales and logistics – are concentrated at our location in Stuttgart and over 90 % of our suppliers are situated within a radius of 200 km.

nobile AG

Wächtersbacher Str. 78
60386 Frankfurt

Tel: +49 (0)69/962205-0
Fax: +49 (0)69/962205-99

Email: nobaltilealt@nobilealt.de



Our spectrum of services

  • Electrical and electronic components and accessories for lighting systems
  • LED lighting
  • Technical lighting and accessories

Nobile Illuminazione S.r.l.

Via Portuense, 1555 Isola P Modero 21/2
00148 Roma

Tel: +39 06/65002524
Fax: +39 06/65002861

Email: davaltidealt@nobilealt.it



Our company

Since more than 25 years Nobile Illuminazione has been realizing lighting fittings, constantly developing and improving both the quality and quantity of its products. This is the mirror of the heart of the Company that – based on values and passion – invests in research, innovation and aesthetical designs. Four years ago, Nobile Illiminazione realized the LED division and a new line of products expressly studied for LED lighting market. These fittings are realized with high-quality components, including for example electronics and optics.

Our spectrum of services

At the present time, when Led lighting fixtures represent a real technological

revolution, Nobile Iluminazione introduces NOBILED, a new brand representing all LED fittings, including LED Strip Lights, recessed fittings, signal light fixture and high-power projectors replacing T5 lamps. This line is synonym of innovation, high-quality and care for details, three features that distinguish the Company from its competitors. NOBILED’s aim is the quality of light and Ecotech, its new line, follows this purpose, keeping the balance between eco-sustainability and visual comfort. NOBILED enhances LED well-known quality: energy saving, high Light Output Ratio, luminous efficacy, long life time (more than 50.000 hours), no maintenance, compact dimensions, no mercury, no IR and UV radiation in compliance with environmental norms.

This catalogue is a confirm of what said until now: a perfect realization of Nobile Illuminazione’s know-how, particularly successful in LED technology.  

nojiberlin Gbr

Holbeinstr. 42
60596 Frankfurt am Main

Tel: +49 (0)172/9702023
Fax: +49 (0)69/21667385

Email: inaltfoalt@nojialt-berlin